Chapter 13 – Melancholy of the Adventurer King

As a conclusion, the next morning — the three of them came back to the inn I’m staying unscathed.

Upon hearing what happened, it seems like the terrain destruction was enough to remake the map of this region….

I mean, I already heard it from the guild members yesterday but Marx-san’s is really on a whole new level compared to others.

The other two are also ridiculously strong so they can fight side by side.

By the way, the corpse of the evil cyclos is…..surprisingly 50000 gold coins.

Maa, if I put it all on the donation box, it will be 50,000 yen….

Even for me, that’s a lot of money.

Good, when we get home, I’ll buy a decent level red wine. I heard that Sonja and Maria are good drinkers.

When I was thinking of that, Marx-san asked me to go out to the courtyard of the inn.

「Eh? In the courtyard? Why?」

「Just go.」

And so, we went out to the courtyard.

The courtyard of the inn has fallen leaves dancing on it. There, Marx-san looked at me seriously.

「Hold your weapon」

Weapon? I don’t have any….for the time being, the only weapon-like thing I have is a hoe.

As I was told, I held it.

That moment, Marx-san opened his eyes wide. After a while, he made an expression that he had just eaten a bitter worm.

Then, finally, gently smiled and tapped my shoulder.

「It seems that it’s true」


「I’ll leave Maria to you. As you can see…..she’s a delicate woman. Please treat her with care.」

What are you talking about?

「What do you mean?」

「Don’t mind it. Also, if you encounter any trouble, come visit me.」

Since he presented me with a business card, I took it with both hands.

I don’t know what’s happening but he doesn’t seem to be a bad person.

「Well then, I’m going shopping with Tatsuya and Maria desu ♪」

—And so, we went shopping in the city. When we received the money from yesterday’s transaction, we returned to our house in the forest.

By the way, Marx-san received the money for the cyclops at a later date and we took our share from him later.

-Marx’s POV-

After leaving the guild, we explored the vast forest of no return.

And we found the evil cyclops soon.

It’s because it’s fucking gigantic. It’s about 50 meters high.

If I fight with this thing alone, the chance of winning is 50/50. This is the reason why there are three of us. This will make things easier.

And it was a landslide victory.

I mean, the hand-riding rabbit queen was a cheat grade.

And what surprised me the most was that Maria is much stronger than she used to be when she was still adventuring with me.

Then, that night, we made a camp. The hand-riding rabbit went to bed early after eating a carrot she brought.

While watching the bonfire, I asked Maria.

「Maria, what happened to the demon realm?」

「In the end, I had no choice but to return to the human world….desu wa.」

「That time, you got involved in a power struggle of the demon realm so you had no choice but to go to the human world even though you’re still a young girl.」

「If I wasn’t picked up by your adventurer party….I would have probably died. You also taught me how to fight.」

「At first, we only planned to leave chores to you. However, you’re too talented especially in fighting arts….the great mage even happily taught you magic. “Are you really human” that’s what I thought back then.」

「Maa, I’m from a duke’s family of the demon realm….I think my bloodline has an innate talent for fighting. The 15 years I spend with you…it’s not bad.」

「—these last five years since you’ve returned to the demon realm is painful.」

Marx’s eyes were teary and Maria agreed to what he said.

He gently pats her head just as he did to Maria as a child.

 「Hey, Maria.」

「What is it?」

「You’ve become a fine woman.」

That’s my honest thought.

This child was a beauty even when she’s still a girl much more now. Well, that’s natural because she’s a succubus.

That time, when we picked her up when she’s still a girl, everyone thought the same….that she’ll grow up to be a fine woman who would struck any man’s heart.

「Even if it’s only flattery, I’m glad.」

Maria and I laughed but I lowered my head.

「I’m sorry.」

「What are you apologizing for?」

「…’ve returned to the demon realm alone. Everyone has various opinions and ideas but it was me who told you to go back in the end. And for me, that still struck sadness and repentance.」

「You’re the same as before….desu wa. Marx-sama, I’m not a child anymore. I’m the one who decided to go back five years ago and I did not regret that.」

「………No, however…… your guardian…..」

Then, Maria laughed happily.

「Marx-sama is not my guardian anymore. But I’m really happy with how you feel.」

Yes, this girl is already in her late twenties.

She’s not the less than 10-year-old girl we picked up before.

Right, I’m not her guardian anymore.

Then—the world I wasn’t able to say that time….now….

「Hey, Maria, if you don’t have anywhere to go to after being banished from the demon realm, why don’t you come with me?」

「Again….are you going to make an adventurer party?」

「No, I’m not going back to being an adventurer anymore. I’m only going to live my life normally.」

「Then, why?」

「—I want a child. I’m also….in my sixties. You’ve become a fine woman….No, to tell you the truth, when I saw you before, I already wanted to adopt you as my daughter….before I knew it, you’re already a fine woman. Don’t you want to live with me?」

That moment, Maria became obviously surprised.

「To tell you the truth, I only see Marx-sama as a man and not as a father.」


Maria shook her head.

「If you had asked me before I returned to the demon realm….I would have been very happy. I would also consider it positively.」

「What do you mean?」

「—-the reason I’ve become much stronger than before….are you not curious?」

Now that she mentioned it…

Even though five years have passed, she becomes twice as powerful and she’s even comparable to my power now.

「Succubus gets magical power from life. A succubus’s horniness is strong but that doesn’t mean she can easily be subdued. Once she has given her body to a man, she will be dyed by the magical power of her first night and it will affect her for the rest of her life.」

「That means….you…..?」

「—yes, I’m already dyed. When I saw him at first glance, I instinctively understood. I knew that I would be blessed by that man’s magical power….」

「What kind of….man is he?」

「Marx-sama should have already met him in the adventurers guild.」

Are you talking about that dull niichan?

Oi oi, seriously….I instinctively thought so.

「….is he strong?」

「A succubus instinctively tries to gain magical power from the strong. So, I…I guess that’s the reason why I was attracted to Marx-sama in the old days. And Sonja….the hand riding rabbit queen also instinctively realized something similar to mine and live with that man.」

「…I see」

Then, I said to Maria after sighing lightly.

「Can I try him?」


「Ah, if we are only fighting for a woman….as a man, I would have withdrawn already. However….as a father, I will not easily back down. I want to check his ability myself.」

Then, Maria made her sweetest smile today and giggled.

「Your overprotectiveness hasn’t changed.」

「Ah right. That’s right. ….a long time ago, you were so mischievous….but I really love that little brat Maria back then and even the grown-up Maria now.」

「Yeah, I love you too—Uncle Marx.」


The next day.

I called that guy called Tatsuya at the courtyard of the inn he’s staying at.

「My apologies but I would prefer if you hold your weapon now.」

With my words, Tatsuya holds a hoe.

What is he thinking….is what I thought first but the next moment, I immediately understood what Maria had said.

—I don’t feel like I can win.

No, I’m sure I’ll lose.

At first glance, he’s full of gaps. As a swordsman, I can kill him a million ways.

However, I understood it with my instinct as a swordsman.

—the moment I attack, I’ll die.

If there is something like the world’s strongest ranking, I’m sure that I’m at a high place.

Even so….I realized my complete defeat against this man without an actual battle.

「It seems that it’s true」


If it is this guy, I can let him take my Maria.

He completely convinced me—I’m saying this as a warrior.

「I’ll leave Maria to you. As you can see…..she’s a delicate woman. Please treat her with care.」


Then, the three of them returned to their house in the forest of no return.

When I part ways with them, I continue looking at their backs as I wave my hands—

—I’m looking forward to my grandchild.

When I noticed what I was thinking, I could only smile wryly.

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