Chapter 546 – Model, Day 65

I’m processing a wooden board using the AFT to make a model.

It is a model of the underground shopping street that is being built in Village Five.

Though it will only be for visual purposes, having a model of what it will look like and not having one makes a big difference.

However, making a model is more troublesome than I thought.

I might make an error in measurement.

The width is 60cm and the length is 2m.

I should have made it smaller.

However, I can’t throw this now.

When I was thinking about what to do in order to not cause delay, I saw the mountain elves.


I decided to ask the mountain elves to help me in order to accelerate the progress.

I should have asked for help earlier.

However, we don’t need any pitfalls for the underground shopping street.

There’s no need for spears to suddenly poke anyone too.

What’s that waterway?

Water attack measure?

No, it’s literally a shopping street and not a fort.

However, the waterway is not a bad idea considering drainage for rainwater.

Keep that waterway.


Ah, that’s a rail.

A truck moves over it.

This is a truck.

This is something I made.

There are two types: a plate-type truck which is basically a plate with wheels and a box-type truck which is basically a box with wheels.

They’ll move on the rails like this….

The eyes of the mountain elves are shining.

I wonder if they understand my problem.


Two rails must be laid neatly according to the width of the wheels.

The rails will wear because of the wheels.

The rails of the underground shopping street will be fine because they will be made from the wood of the trees of forest of death processed by the AFT but it will be hard to make something similar elsewhere.

「How about making just one rail? 」

I thought of a single thick rail, like in a monorail, but imagining it being used on the underground shopping street, it will definitely get in the way….

No, wait.

How about putting the rail above like a hanging monorail?

However, that would mean that we have to make the tunnel bigger….

And there might even be a problem with the strength….

It will also be dangerous if something is to fall.

Then, why don’t I put it on the ground then?


I got into it too much.

The completed model is a four-story building with a width of 60cm, length of 2m, and height of 1m.

It’s a masterpiece.

Moreover, it is something I’m familiar with.

A large shopping mall.

The center is open though.

Its difference from a normal shopping mall is the first floor.

There are four rails on the first floor.

They are not for monorails but for the original trucks I designed.

The reason for dropping monorail is because of power.

Manually pushing something on a monorail requires more power and effort.

On the other hand, if it’s a normal rail, the resistance is small.

We made some models as experiments so there’s no doubt with that conclusion.

That also made me give up elevating them and just leave them on the first floor.

The first floor will be a space for moving trucks.

Those trucks that will use those four rails will carry luggage to the stores.

The stores are located on both sides of the second, third and fourth floors and there are also bridges connecting each side.

There are also a considerable number of stairs that can be used to move up or down each floor.

It’s a pity that there are no elevators or escalators.


Now, I got pumped up with this model.

I would like to show it off.

And so, I brought it to Village Five and showed it to the planning officials of the underground shopping street.

No one said anything aside from Youko.

Can you say at least a few words?

That’s a shame.

Youko requested us to keep this model there.

I don’t mind so I left it there.


At a later date.

Under Youko’s order, the underground shopping street plan was greatly revised.

The current plan is nothing like the model I made.

She ordered to make it look like the model.


That model is just a sample I made and I did not let you see it for you to follow.

Also, don’t make those pitfalls.

I’ll also help with the fundamental construction.

When I said that, I was taken to the site.


The site is in the middle of Village Five.

At a busy part of Village Five.

A hole was drilled in that densely packed part and it is now regarded as a tunnel.

The length of the tunnel is about a hundred meter.

It’s straight because I dug it using the AFT.

The width of the tunnel is six meters.

I made it wide enough that two carriages can pass by.

The plan for the underground shopping street came into light to make full use of the tunnel.

Rather than underground shopping street, it is really a shopping tunnel but it was already named underground shopping street since I called it like that at first.

The main source of the plan is the effective use of the tunnel. Youko thought that this tunnel might solve the problem Village Five is facing.


Village Five is now facing the lack of land problem.

Since Village Five is located on a mountain, the land where buildings can be built is limited.

At the beginning of Village Five’s construction, land and roads for important facilities were secured to some extent but the lack of land became obvious because of the construction rush for those who migrated. There are more migrants than expected.

The foot of the mountain is already being utilized to eliminate the land shortage but for some reason, the residents prefer to live in the densely packed mountain area so it’s not very effective.

In addition, living in a high place is similar to a status.

And what’s more, they already came to the point where rebuilding Village Five will be extremely difficult.

The buildings are on a slope and almost no space from the road.

It is difficult to expand and renovate and if you are dissatisfied with your current residence, you have no choice but to consider moving.

Given that situation, it’s difficult for restaurants or any other stores to be built aside from the foot of the mountain.

The one that is expected to eliminate that is the underground shopping street….

Are you sure that you want to build a big shopping mall?

No, you can do what you want with the tunnel.

You already calculated the space so there shouldn’t be any problem.

You’ve also already taken care of ventilation and lighting so I won’t stop you.

However…..can I add something?

Then, I would like to propose installing elevators and escalators.

It’s hard to move up and down.

The mechanism is not so difficult so the only problem is safety and power.

I continued expanding the tunnel while thinking about the elevators and escalators.


By the way.

There’s not only one model.

We tried a lot of things so there’s something similar that we made for experiments.

I think that it’s better to bring perfection to Village Five but my main purpose back then is playing.

The spiderlings liked the model.

In the space planned for a store can lie one spiderling.

Seeing them crossing bridges looks like moving in an apartment complex too.

Truck….in this model, I can also see the spiderlings riding on the monorail truck.

Don’t fight.

Fall in line.

Next to the model, thrusting her head into a box-type truck is the aneneko Miel. She no longer can take it and asked me with a pitiful meow.

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