Chapter 2.8 – Disappointing Ancestors

Twenty days after Cornelia’s birthday party, when Eseria was relaxing in her room, Najek’s maid visits her and says that her lord is calling for her. Because of that, she raises her hips while tilting her neck.

「Aniisama? I heard you were calling for me but don’t you have a guest to entertain?」

As she enters the reception room led by her brother’s maid, her brother, Najek, twists his body while sitting on the sofa.

「Ah, Eseria, come here. I’ll introduce you to my guest.」

That said, Eseria walked up to the sofa obediently but when she saw the child sitting opposite to her brother, she was lost in thought secretly.

(Ara? This person, I remember seeing him somewhere….didn’t he come to aneesama’s birthday party the other day?)

As if reading Eseria’s inner thoughts, Najek told her to sit down and introduce her to him.

「You probably have seen him during aneue’s birthday party the other day but I think he was not introduced to you. He is Izfein van Tiad. He’s the heir of Count Tiad and he’s the same age as me. I’ve known him for a long time.」

「Lady Eseria, nice to meet you. I’ve seen you for the first time at Lady Cornelia’s party last time. I greeted her and Najek but I wasn’t able to greet you. I apologize for that.」

The other party bowed and smiled radiantly. Eseria hurriedly bowed in response.

「N-no! I was too focused on explaining and teaching every one of kashis and Pteranodon that were shown that day. It is impossible for me to greet all the invited guests. Izfein-sama, please take care of me from now on.」


After greeting each other, Eseria sat next to Najek but she was deeply upset in her heart.

(Geh!? Izfein, the eldest son of the knight’s order captain, was at that party!? I didn’t notice him at all! Certainly, he looks young but I was too careless to not recognize him!)

Eseria encountered a capture target of “Crystal Labyrinth” again. She desperately tried to fix her smile but Najek just got to the point without noticing the strangeness of his sister.

「That’s the reason why Izfein came here today. He wants you to help him with kashis.」

When she was told something unexpected, Eseria was surprised.

「Yes? Help him with kashis?」

「Yeah, I’m sorry. I would like you to help me with it.」

「I don’t mind but why do you need my help?」

She wants to find out why but Najek and Izfein looked at each other.


「Then, I’ll explain it to you.」

He hesitated for a moment but Izfein stared at Eseria and started talking.

「Lady Eseria, the truth is, our Tiad family has been fighting with our rivals for the last three generations.」

「Fighting with rivals? Why?」

「Three generations ago, the head of both families like the same woman….」

There, Izfein hesitated to continue for some reason but Eseria is delighted with his story.

「Eh? A fight for a woman!? Did it turn into a duel or something?」

「Eseria, you suddenly became disrespectful.」

Najek reminded her but she acted like she didn’t care and answered back.

「But aniisama! That will surely stir my curiosity desu yo!? So, which one won the battle of love in the end?」

Although she was really excited while urging the other party to continue the story, Izfein continued indifferently.

「The woman became the consort of his majesty the king at that time so both of them lost.」

「…..I’m sorry.」

「No, Lady Eseria has no need to apologize.」

Eseria instinctively apologized in which Izfein calms her gently. Eseria quickly regained consciousness and began to ask naïve questions.

「However, don’t the two of them hit off by licking each other’s wound?」

「Licking each other’s wound…..」

「It seems like they began to quarrel with each other more since they can’t turn their anger and jealousy towards his majesty the king saying to each other “If only you haven’t obstructed me.”.」

After hearing his sister’s statement, Najek can only hold his hand while Izfein explains what happens with a troubled expression. In the end, Eseria instinctively said her honest impression.

「….your ancestors are disappointing.」

「Eseria….you should be a little more careful with your words.」

「Najek, it’s okay. I agree with what she says. I’m disappointed with them too….」

The guys both think the same. Izfein somehow moved on and continued to talk.

「After that, the heir of both families was born almost the same age and they contested every time.」

「If that is the case, then Izfein-sama too?」

「Yes. My opponent is Marquis Chrysade’s heir, Ryell van Chrysade-dono desu. He’s five years older than me.」

After she heard that, Eseria asked something with a difficult expression.

「Five years older….I might sound rude but isn’t he almost an adult? How can a child fight against him?」

「Yeah. And as expected, both our fathers knew it well so they did not try to have us compete with each other but…」

「What’s wrong?」

Seeing Izfein unnaturally close his mouth, Eseria asked curiously. Najek hesitated for a moment then quietly told his sister about the situation.

「During the presentation at the party, aneue, who had heard the conflict between two families said “Even if you have physique and age difference, it wouldn’t matter if you use kashis. It is more gentlemanly and peaceful compared to slashing and beating each other.” as she recommends it to them.」

When she heard it, Eseria’s face visibly twitched.

(Anee-sama, why are you selling like that….can’t you see where this will go?)

Eseria thought so but she still asked to confirm it.

「So, did Count Tiad accepted her recommendation and challenged Marquis Chrysade for a match?」

「Yeah. They even asked for a customized set where the crest of both families is on each side of the piece.」

「Ano….so, Izfein-sama lost….」

「….total defeat.」

When she timidly asked Izfein, he told her honestly the result with a very gloomy expression. Eseria can only bow and apologize.

「I’m sorry! I didn’t expect that to happen, my apologies!」

「No, it’s not Lady Eseria’s fault that I lost. In addition, I also think that Cornelia-sama’s recommendation is reasonable. A kashis match is certainly not as barbaric as slashing and beating each other.」

Though Izfein tried to calm Eseria with a wry smile, Najek summed up the topic with a troubled expression.

「However, Izfein was tragically scolded by Count Tiad. The count was enraged and told him to sharpen his ability and go for a rematch. Since it was publicized in the party that Eseria is the inventor, he seems to want you to guide him.」

After hearing that, Eseria nodded immediately and agreed to teach Izfein.

「Is that it……? No problem! I’ll make Izfein-sama swallow his opponent whole. But I’ll be hard on you, okay?」

「Music to my ears. Thank you in advance.」

While looking at Izfein, who’s smiling and thanking her, Eseria secretly thought of something.

(Uhuh, this is kind of strange but I feel sorry for him for being harshly scolded for losing a game. I don’t mind teaching him since there should be no problem in getting along with other capture targets.)

While telling that to herself, Eseria had Misty bring the kashis from her room and began teaching the older Izfein without hesitation.

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