Chapter 14 – The Dismantler’s Reaction is Movie Level

On the way back to the guild…….

We stopped by the material dismantling shop.

And since we are bringing the corpse of a gigantic arch dragon, I naturally store it in my item box.

It should be the guild who’ll handle all material after we receive the money.

They are supposed to decrease the burden of adventurers this way along with minimizing the chance of materials to be stolen.

Maa, because of my own kindness and the guarantee of Marx-san….I undertook transporting the materials to the dismantling shop.

Of course, we’ll also receive commission so let’s just treat this as a pocket money job.

It is a very large building and the workshop can be easily seen in the reception.

There, I saw a tweezer-like tool that is around 5 meters but is being used by only one person.

—-ooohhhh….I would never see something like this in Japan.

When I was checking out the strangeness of this world, a muscular old man with white beard came out from the back of the workshop.

「Hey boy! Do you find dismantling unusual?」

「Yeah, it’s my first time seeing someone dismantling….it’s interesting.」

I’m always one of those guys who look around DIY and carpentry tools at Home Center.

It’s really fun to look at different tools while imagining how you use them yourself.

「Ah, I see. So, you’re a rookie who begged the guild for material transportation commission…?」

No, that’s not it but…..maa, if I deny it, it will only complicate the story.

「Let me tell you this. The reward money has already been paid by the guild which means everything else from now on will be the responsibility of the dismantling shop.」

Wait a minute.


We were brought to the office of the dismantling shop and they served the three of us tee and sweets.

「You’re hungry, right? I had a hard time when I was just starting out too. Maa, I can’t give you a big deal but you can accompany this old man and I can even take care of you.」

Ah, this old man is a good guy.

Looking at him, he’s not a wealthy person but….yeah, he’s surely a good guy.

「Thank you.」

「Sweets desu♪」

「This tea is fragrant.」

Then, after the three of us have some tea and sweets, I cough and cut to the chase.

「Well then, I’ll take out the materials to be dismantled.」

When I took out the item box, the dismantler gasped and said “Hou”.

「You have a rare skill. You’re lucky. A lot of people will hire you for it. Even though you’re just a youngster, you will not be troubled with money.」

「Maa….I’m not really troubled with money. 」

「So, what’s the material? 」

Death hawk desu 」

I put the death hawk on the workbench.

「You hunted it? 」

「Yeah, you can say that. 」

The dismantler opened his eyes wide.

「If that’s true….it seems like you don’t need my backing. 」

The dismantler begins to inspect the death hawk and is bewildered.

「It’s certainly a death hawk. Normal newbies can’t deal with it. Even in this place, I’ve only seen one every two weeks at most. It’s a high-grade material so I have to work hard for it too. 」

「There are two more.」

Two more death hawks are placed on the workbench.

「….seriously. You are an outrageous group. It looks like I have to put my spirit on it too– 」

「And lastly, arch dragon. 」

The head of the arch dragon came out of the item box

–the dismantler froze while his mouth was constantly opening and closing.

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