Chapter 2.9 – Unexpected Result

As expected of the birthday party of the heir of an influential duke, Najek’s birthday has more guests compared to Cornelia’s. However, despite having so many guests, Najek is not nervous. He greeted and thanked the guests with their parents.

「Today, you gathered to celebrate my birthday, you have my thanks. Just like my elder sister’s birthday last month, we prepared some new toys for you. Please enjoy them.」

For some reason, he glanced at his little sister standing diagonally behind him. After that, he continued to talk.

「Ehto, right….in particular, we have prepared several kinds of books that children and young women will find delightful to read. If you are going to read them, we would be happy if you could tell us your impressions. Then, everyone, please take your time to relax.」

When Najek finished his speech with a smile, the guests started moving. After looking at them, he looks back at his little sister and asks something in a whisper.

「Eseria, is that alright?」

Eseria nodded as she smiled.

「It’s perfect, aniisama. Since it was you who said that, those young carnivorous ladies, who are eyeing the seat of being your fiancée, will go towards the books first in order to give you their impressions later desu wa.」

「I’m sure it will really be like that later but….is that all you want me to do?」

Najek, who had been disgusted with the way mother and daughter huddled together in order to appeal to him even a little, asked her. However, Eseria grins and smiles as she says her prediction.

「Aniisama, aren’t you being sweet to me desu wa? Now that they are busy with the books, there will only be a few people that will stick to you, right? 」

「No, that’s not the reason. 」

Najek, who was being looked at by her little sister with a smug face, can only look at her with astonishment. Suddenly, someone calls out to the two of them.

「Najek, happy birthday. Lady Eseria, you are as cute as ever. 」

When the brother and sister turned around, they returned the greeting with a smile.

「Ah, Izfein, thanks for coming. 」

「Maa, Izfein-sama, welcome. 」

Eseria looked up to the person who’s with Izfein.

(Ara? Who is this guy? He’s in his early teens so it can’t be his father, is it his older brother? However, I don’t remember Izfein-sama having an older brother?)

Her doubt aside, they began to talk softly.

「As I wrote in my last letter, I wanted to introduce a friend today so I had him accompany me. 」

「Then, this is? 」

「Ah, he is from the Marquis Chrysade’s family, Ryell van Chrysade. This is Najek and Lady Eseria. 」

Then, the other party, who was worried about what kind of person Eseria is, bows down and apologizes.

「It’s my pleasure to meet you, Najek-dono and Lady Eseria. I’m Ryell van Chrysade. I heard about the two of you from Izfein. I apologize for the inconvenience our house caused you. 」

「No, Ryell-dono did not bother them directly. It was I who caused trouble to Lady Eseria for some time. 」

「Don’t say that. 」

Seeing the two are laughing “ahahaha” together, Eseria was surprised.

(Eh? Doesn’t Marquis Chrysade’s house have a bad relationship with Izfein-sama’s house?)

Eseria, who doesn’t understand what’s happening in front of her, decided to ask frankly.

「Ano….I heard that your houses’ relationship has deteriorated to a certain level, was it not true? 」

Hearing that question, it was the two’s turn to be surprised.

「Areh? Najek, did you not tell her? 」

「Yeah, I want to see Eseria’s expression. 」

「Is that so? Lady Eseria, actually, my house and his house have reconciled thanks to kashis. 」

Eseria, who was informed by Izfein with a wry smile, was surprised with the sudden development.

「Huh!? What on earth does that mean? 」

「After receiving guidance from Lady Eseria, it seems like my skill has increased considerably. When we had a rematch, I won one-sidedly against Ryell-dono. 」

「Maa! That’s good…….ah, no, that………. 」

After remembering that the said opponent was with them too, Eseria quickly shut her mouth. Ryell, who saw her reaction, smiled wryly.

「You don’t have to mind it. It is true that I suffered a crushing defeat. However, I’m really surprised that Izfein improved so much in a short period of time. Truly surprising. 」

「My apologies. 」

Eseria has no choice but to smile wryly back. Izfein sighs and begins talking in a hearty tone.

「It was good that I managed to win, however, my father became so excited that he is so unsightly. He began saying “The last victory was just a fluke” and “Losing to someone five years younger is humiliating” to Marquis Chrysade.」

「So it is not just the ancestor, even the current generation is disappointing….」

「Eseria, can you think first before saying something!?」

Najek scolded Eseria who unintentionally said what she had in mind. Since it has become comical, Izfein can only continue with a wry smile.

「Like I said, my parents became unsightly so I said “This match is not fair. I was taught by Lady Eseria, the one who created kashis, before this match.”」

「Izfein-sama is so honest. If you stayed silent, no one would know.」

Eseria spoke as if she’s impressed while Najek already gave up and said nothing to her. Ryell nodded and agreed with her.

「I think the same so I said “Losing is losing. I’m sure you put equal effort. However, I’m glad to have fight against an honest man, I admit defeat.”.」

「Ryell-sama is the same. Unlike your fathers, who only know how to fight each other, I’m sure your families will have good relationship in your generation!」

Eseria’s favorability with Ryell has increased as she smiles at the two of them.

「Actually, it is already like that.」


「I told him “If Ryell-dono’s okay with it, I would introduce you to Lady Eseria. Let’s have a rematch after you receive her guidance.” he said yes and then we’re here.」

「Since the sons agreed mutually, the parents can say no more. Now, we’re treating each other like what ordinary noble houses would.」

After hearing the explanation, Eseria smiles and nods..

「So that’s what happened….then, does Ryell-sama want my guidance?」

「Yes. My house has hardly associated with Duke Sjogren so far. I would like to use this opportunity to get close to you. That’s my only ulterior motive.」

「Maa! Ryell-sama is really an idiot and honest person. I’m sure you’ll get along well with Izfein-sama.」

「Eseria! As your older brother, I demand you to watch your tongue!」

The two, who had just become friends, laughed loudly as they watched Eseria and Najek.

(I never thought that kashis would resolve the conflict between two houses. What an unexpected side effect.)

Even though their ages are a little apart, Eseria was deeply impressed with them as she saw them exchanging words. Najek calls her out while she’s thinking that.

「Then, Eseria, I still have to something to talk with these two, you can greet other guests.」

「Okay. I’ll be over there to explain how the toys work again.」

After leaving his brother’s group, Eseria went to Milan, who’s demonstrating how to properly use the toys the same way he did during Cornelia’s party.


「Good job, aniisama.」

「Ah, Eseria, thank you for your hard work.」

The party ended up with no problem and all the guests were sent off. She spoke with his elder brother and confirmed something with a smile.

「At today’s party, there were far fewer young ladies bothering you compared to before, right?」

Hearing that question, Najek nodded with a straight face.

「Yeah, it was a little creepy.」

「They were crazily reading the books I put near the wall. They only greeted you when they were reprimanded by their mothers but immediately return to reading after greeting you.」

「….that’s right. At first, I thought I would be flooded and wouldn’t be able to pull it off today.」

Although Najek is thankful that he was not entangled consistently by the young ladies today, his confidence took a slight hit thinking that he’s far less than the books. And Eseria, who hadn’t thought of what’s running in his elder brother’s head, continues to talk in a good mood.

「Milan observed the whole situation and said “As soon as I returned home, I had to put out the whole stock” with a serious expression. At first, he has the “Will it sell?” face and even full of doubt. After all, he never knows how a maiden thinks. Moe is something that transcends both age and status! I’m sure new talents will bloom thereafter! 」

「….right. Good luck, Eseria.」

「Yes! I will do my best with my partnership with Lamia-san!」

In response to Najek, who had already given up, Eseria made a powerful declaration.

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