Chapter 48 – Salt Making….First Thing First

I went home with the new giant ant companion.

I’m kind of worried since my residence doesn’t look like a cave but it looks like the giant ant doesn’t care.

There’s no problem then.

When Chai saw the giant ant, its tail suddenly fell.


You don’t have to be that scared. Are you alright?

I looked at the giant ant, it’s not doing anything.

I still don’t get what’s happening but there shouldn’t be any problem.

Chai, it’s okay. It’s our new companion.

I decided to name the giant ant. One that’s kind of difficult to say.


I want to believe that it likes its name.


I have to do something about the stump field but my apologies, first thing first.

Today, I would want to make salt from the salty fruit before anything else.

Can I even crystalize it after juicing it?

If I want to use it as a seasoning, the crystalized form will be easier to use.

And so, I went straight to the kitchen.

As for everyone else, they are free to do what they want to do.

The number of fruits we harvested is 65.

That’s quite a lot so there shouldn’t be any problem.

I cut the fruits and filtered them using a cloth to a bowl made of silver ore.

The fruit is more watery than I thought so it fills the bowl enough with just five.

Let’s try this much first.

I warm it little by little to remove water using magic.

I was worried if it got dirty when it was evaporating earlier so I filtered it again.

I warmed it up little by little until it became sherbet-like. I stopped since I’m afraid that it will get burnt.

I poked it with my finger and tasted it.


Haa, I’m a little moved.

I filtered it again with a clean piece of cloth and used wind magic to dry it.

I finally managed to get salt.

Who would have thought that I made this using fruit juice?

Today is a good day. I met Shuri and got salt.

I made my magical power flow through the gold ore.

I imagined a container with a lid.


I worked hard to turn all the remaining fruits into salt.

I made a total of 4 containers.

The salt that I wished for, get!

After that day, my ability to fine-tune magical power has improved.

Making salt needed a deep level of concentration which made me skillful in fine-tuning.

A good example of someone who got the carrot by working.

Now, eating meat with salt gives me a moment of bliss.

The usual meat tastes several times better.

Next, I want eggs.

I want mayonnaise, garlic….dashi, and so on.


When I went out, I couldn’t find any tree stump.

….how can those massive tree stumps disappear?


In the place that I reclaimed, there’s a hole.

A big hole.

Shuri’s face suddenly pops out from there.

….ah, ant nest.

It looks like the stumps were taken by the antlings.

They took it on the hole…what are you going to use it for?

Whatever it is, thanks for reducing my workload.

It looks like they are surrounding the hole with wood.

Ah, they are making a roof in order to prevent rainwater from entering the hole.

It’s great that they even know how to build it.

… the way, how did they know how to build a roof? I didn’t teach them.

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