Chapter 556 – Golems Uses

A golem is powered by a magic stone and executes pre-stored commands.

A magic tool can cast specific magic using a magic stone.

Basically, a golem and a magic tool are two different things but some people say one is a branch of the other.

Combining them won’t cause any problem either.


I gathered the people who are interested in vending machine golem in the conference room.

I was surprised to see that there were a lot of people.

The mountain elves are of course here and there are also the civil servant girls.

There are also a lot of beastgirls and high elves.

The dwarf Donovan, Daga, Gulf, and Doraim came too.

Loo, Tier, and Ann…..

Are you interested in vending machine golem too?


You just joined because you thought I’m obsessed with vending machine golem?

That doesn’t matter.

The more attendees the more brains we have.

There are also a lot of spiderlings and there’s Kuro and Yuki too.

Thank you for coming.


I think no one here knows the potential of vending machine golem since it was collected immediately after the theft incident in Village Five and was installed in the mansion thereafter.

The product it sells changed from jewel to something that you can put in a bamboo tube.

However, in this village, coins or money are not used so the style was putting a box of coins in front of the vending machine golem and whoever wants to use it will only need to take the coins from there.

Anyone can buy there so the twenty bamboo tubes I put there were sold out in no time.


Can I really say sold out?

Maybe “taken” would be a better term.

Maa, let’s think positively and thank that we were able to highlight the use of vending machine golem to the point that the spiderlings imitated it.


But first of all, I cut a watermelon.

As there were a lot more people than expected, there’s not enough watermelon prepared.

It was good that I kept chilled watermelon in advance.

Spiderlings, you can take your share too.

Kuro, if you’re not satisfied with the sweet middle part, you can eat a little more.

In the old days, you even ate the skin but now, you’ve become a gourmet.


After everyone got their own share of watermelon, we proceed to the main topic.

I gathered them today to consult about the installation location of the vending machine golem and what to sell.

However, the first discussion was the strong demand of the civil servant girls.

It’s about the slider-type coin calculator which is a part of the vending machine golem.

They want to improve and mass produce it.

The performance improvement they want for it to be used by pouring a large number of coins.

In this regard, it can easily be resolved by adding a device that you can pour all those coins too along with a stirring device to make sure it won’t clog.

No, it was already resolved.

The mountain elves have already made one.

The rest is mass-producing it….

I can hear them saying a hundred or two hundred.

There’s that much demand?

Isn’t it fine to just have one in Big Tree Village, one in Village Five, and one in Shashaato City?

They said that it can’t be.

One of the most important works of a merchant is to check and count coins.

Coin handling can’t be given to trainees with low credit and people with high positions are too busy to do it.

It can be said that the slider-type coin calculator will be welcomed with both hands by all merchants.

The nobles will be like that too.

Checking and counting coins is a task of a butler.

However, no matter how high the position of that butler is, he’s likely a busy person. The slider-type coin calculator will be a big help.

That’s what they told me.

I thought, I guess so.

I looked at the mountain elves.

Other than manufacturing horse-drawn carriages equipped with suspensions, they can only produce one in three days because accuracy is necessary.

For now, making one for Big Tree Village is their highest priority.

Then, three each for Village Five and Big Roof Shashaato.

It was decided like that to cope with how busy the mountain elves are.


I felt like I was led by my nose so let’s continue.

I explained my thoughts on the vending machine golem.

First type will be the juice vending machine.

You can buy and drink something anytime you want using it.

I think it’s very convenient.

As for how to sell that juice, the problem was its container but it was already solved by using bamboo tubes.

A disposable paper cup would have been perfect but paper is valuable.


Next will be a big goods vending machine.

It will be similar to a locker where individual products will be placed on shelves.

By making the product visible, it will stimulate the desire to buy.

The jewel vending machine is a good example.


The last model is a cup ramen vending machine.

That vending machine can even put hot water with the press of a single button.

I want to make it.

Of course, there’s no cup ramen here but I want to believe that golems can pour hot water.


Aside from the first one, the juice vending machine, I have prepared a visual presentation since it is hard to imagine them.

And so, I asked the spiderlings to demonstrate.

They demonstrated a big goods vending machine and spiderlings came out of individual doors and even said hi.

Yeah, cute.

Then, they demonstrated the cup ramen vending machine.

However, what they demonstrated was not cup ramen but green tea.

The spiderlings set a cup in place, pour powdered tea, pour hot water, and stir. Cheers can be heard while they are doing it.

Yeah, it’s a little hot but it’s good.

「Mou, is the taste okay?」

Ann, it’s not like that.

The spiderlings are doing their best.

And I’m glad they were able to do it.


Juice vending machine golem has already been made.

According to the mountain elves, the big good vending machine golem won’t be that technical to do.

The cup ramen vending machine golem, on the other hand, will still have to be discussed. More specifically, the food it will serve.

Given that it’s about food, it will likely take a long time to discuss so let’s put it aside for now.


「What if we set up a vending machine golem and be targeted by a band of thieves again?」

In response to Tier’s opinion, the mountain elves were already considering measures.

「It is a golem so let’s put a hand so it can defend itself.」

「In addition, if we put legs on it, it will be possible for it to escape.」

I see.

If we put legs on it, it can move from the place it was vending when the item runs out.

Replenishment will become easier.

Since it has a hand, can it refill itself?

「Village chief, the more complex actions it can do, the harder it is to make….」

I have troubled the mountain elves.

I’m sorry.

「Fufufu. If you are using the magic stones that are sent before, that would be the case, however….if you use the rabbits and boars of this forest’s magic stones, it will be okay.」

Loo puts out a magic stone that is about 10cm big on the table.

「Given its size, you don’t have to worry about any complex movements or even long-distance running.」

I see.

「You are right but….it will be difficult for us to incorporate complex actions into the magic stones….」

The mountain elf Ya says with a slightly troubled expression.

Simple actions can be incorporated but it seems like complex actions need a higher degree of technical expertise.

In the whole village, the only ones who can do that are Loo, Tier, and Flora.

「It’s alright. I’ll help you not only during the development phase but even in the mass production phase. 」

It seems like there’s a master of incorporation action in magic stone in Ifrus School of Shashaato City.

「Oh, that would be great. 」

It seems like she has seen hope.

However, Kuro and Yuki.

The magic stone that Loo put on the table.

Don’t glare at it.

When you start eating something, it is troublesome to stop you.


The mountain elves have come up with several more ideas as many things can be done using a golem.

Meanwhile, a beastgirl raised her hand.

Don’t hesitate, you can say your opinion.

「Ano, it’s not about vending machine…it’s about golem. 」

She asked if it can be used for processing crops.

More specifically, threshing and milling.

After seeing how the vending machine golem moves, they thought it was possible. It can be said that those are complex movements but it is possible.

I think there’s nothing it can’t do.

No, there might be some.

Now, I’m thinking if it is necessary to prioritize making vending machine golems.

We should prepare them for the next harvest.

I want one of each in each village by autumn.

Mass production, sales….the mountain elves are in despair.

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