Chapter 558 – Wilcox

My name is Wilcox.

I’m one of the elder dwarves.

However, we are called dwarves by village chief.

For village chief, there’s no difference between a dwarf and an elder dwarf.

Perhaps Donovan’s first introduction was bad.

But we’re already used to it so there’s no problem.


After dinner.

I went out.

It’s cooler compared to noon.

The wind feels good.

It’s still bright outside but it will be dark soon.

During this season, the starry sky is beautiful.

It is also quite fun to wait for it.

I sat on a log chair set up at a key point in the village and placed my luggage on the log table.

My luggage was alcohol made from rice and several triangular rice balls prepared by one of the oni maids.

This is a type of onigiri that has no other ingredients aside from salt.

This is my personal request. The oni maid was not stingy.

I took a bite on the onigiri.

After that, I took out a small cup and poured the alcohol made from rice into it and drank it.


I wonder if I was born for this moment.


When I thought so, Donovan came before me.

Donovan sits silently in the chair opposite to mine.

And gently put something on the table…..

「Pickled radish and pickled cucumber. Onigiri is not bad but these are the best for rice wine.」

What are you talking about?

Its best partner is rice balls with salt.

Maa, I won’t deny it’s good with pickles too…..hands down.

How about you try it with salted powdered rice hull?

I poured some alcohol made from rice into Donovan’s cup.

There are still rice balls so why don’t you take one too?

Ah, hey, don’t split the onigiri in half. Just take a bite.

No, don’t bite everything in one go.

You won’t be able to taste it.

You should savor the harmony of rice, salt, and alcohol.


Village chief came after Donovan.

Village chief is carrying a brazier….and other necessary things.

He began warming something using that brazier.


I knew that smell.

「That’s sly.」

Donovan blurted out those words.

But I agree with him.

Village chief is grilling salmon skin.

It’s still too early for its season so it should be last year’s salmon.

It can usually be tasted during fall but village chief won’t allow it.

He fully utilized freezing magic tools to refrigerate it so it can be eaten even though it was last year’s salmon.

I don’t know how they did it but it seems like they are using some sort of vacuum pack.

As expected of village chief.

However, village chief.

「That’s only skin, right?」

He heard it.

He said it can’t be helped.

Salmons are big but someone peeled their skins off so they’re the only thing that’s left.

Ah, the dragons ate everything else?

Ah, Dors-sama.

I don’t think anyone will dare to complain.

Though Dors-sama freely eats anything in the village, he paid the exact amount of price for them.

He also cooperates with alcohol brewing in terms of providing equipment.

It’s kind of disappointing but let’s just put up with salmon skin.


When I, Donovan, and village chief were drinking, the wine slime came.

Is it attracted to the smell of alcohol?

I usually give you alcohol but today, you can’t drink unless you bring something….soy sauce?

The wine slime brought soy sauce.

Where did you get it?

Village chief took the soy sauce and looked at the triangular rice balls in front of me.

Then, look at the brazier.


Grilled onigiri.

The wine slime joined us.


Following the wine slime is….Youko-dono.

Everyone can only praise how she handles things in Village Five.

I don’t think I can do what she’s doing.

However, Youko-dono.

What did you bring for tonight….?


Inside is cooked rice.

Do you think that the onigiris I brought are not enough?

That’s not it?

She put a small container inside the ohitsu that has hot cooked rice inside.

Next, she poured alcohol into that container.

That’s called atsukan, right?

Isn’t atsukan a bad choice for a hot summer night?

You’re not going to drink it as it is?

Then, what are you planning to do…..she poured the atsukan on the cooked rice!?

Sake chazuke.

Is that delicious?

I can’t imagine the taste.

Youko-dono placed the sake chazuke in front of everyone.

The first one that dabbled it was the wine slime.

Next is Donovan, then village chief.

Ugh, I can’t escape.

I also reached out.


「This is a place where everyone has a preference of their own.」

I want to try it using cold rice and cold alcohol.


Under the starry sky, I enjoyed alcohol and side dishes.

Ah, village chief was taken by his wives and left.

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