Chapter 560 – Summer Stroll


Majority of the mountain elves have gone to Village Five so this place feels empty. With no workmates, I feel lonely here.

While I was doing something, Kuro and Yuki sought my attention so I patted their heads.

There there.

Do you want me to stop working and play ball with you outside?


You don’t want to since it’s hot outside.

I know how you feel but where did your wildness go?

Okay, I understand.

Then, let’s play in the hall of my mansion.

It’s cool and spacious.


In the hall of my mansion, a large amount of luggage had been piled up.

What’s that?

Ah, parts made by the mountain elves.

Are they going to bring them to Village Five?


The mountain elves have gone to Village Five to set up a workshop.

The mountain elves are currently conducting research, development, and mass production but we now want to outsource the mass production part….

There are no craftsmen with the skill level of the mountain elves and even if there are, those guys are certainly not free.

Given that situation, the mountain elves have no choice but to gather artisans and teach them.

These piled-up parts here are probably teaching materials of the mountain elves.

Ah, they are parts being checked by the mountain elves if they are of good quality….

Are you telling me that all of these are all the same parts? What are you going to do with all of these?

It looks like they are already adjusting the production.

Maa, I don’t know how much time it will take to make those artisans skilled but I guess it can’t be helped….

I’ll check these with them at dinner.


For now, let’s focus on Kuro and Yuki.

Given that there’s a large amount of luggage here, it will be hard to play ball in the hall.

What shall we do?

When I asked Kuro and Yuki, Kuro said into a room.

Yuki proposed to walk around the reservoir.

Now, which one do you prefer….

With Yuki’s persuasion, it was decided that we’ll walk around the reservoir.

Got it.

I’m wearing a straw hat.

I had Kuro and Yuki wear one too.

The straw hats I made last year were already in tatters so I made new ones.

It suits you.


On the periphery of the reservoir, the pond turtles are all lined up, sunbathing.

Twelve of them, both small and big.

It looks like their population increased.

Was that little one born this year?

Ah, don’t mind us. Just keep on sunbathing.

We continued to walk avoiding the pond turtles.

I follow Kuro and Yuki and walk around the perimeter of the reservoir.

Because we are by a body of water, it’s a little cool.

Ah, it’s because of the ice magic that the pond turtles casted in the reservoir?

I told you you can keep on sunbathing.

But, thanks.


The small pond on the north side of the reservoir is a hatching ground of the lizardmen.

A fence is made around it so it is not easy to get close to.

Though it has no eggs during this season, it’s not a place anyone can approach carelessly so we took a detour.

When we arrived at the west side of the reservoir, several kuros greeted me.

They might be patrolling the perimeter of the village.

Thank you for your hard work.


The kuros look enviously at the straw hats worn by Kuro and Yuki.

You want one too?


Okay, I’ll make you later.

However, it is impossible for me to make one each.

You should pass it to the next shift.


On the west side are a waterway and a road to the river.

There is a pool for slimes in the waterway where the water is purified….

The slime pool was full of slimes.

The slimes are also suffering from the hot weather.

They are using it in turns.

The road leading to the river was well maintained and beautiful.


These footsteps….


It is almost time for the regular report.


The centaurs are contacting us regularly and there’s always three of them.

After greeting me, they reported that there’s no abnormality and headed for my mansion.

In my mansion, there’s someone, whose role is to receive their regular report, waiting for them.

I can’t stop them here.

After the centaurs left, two kuros appeared.

I think they were the centaurs’ escorts.

Thank you for your hard work.


They move along chasing the centaurs.

The road leading to the residential area is on the south side of the reservoir.

Since it was a little away from the perimeter of the pond, I thanked the pond turtle for the ice and left.

In the residential area, there are a few people walking outside.

Most of them are on their way to the pool.

What remains are spiderlings, the silkworms of the world tree, and the nyunyu-daphnes.

The nyunyu-daphnes are resistant to heat.

However, that doesn’t mean you can overdo things.

Do you want to use hats… don’t?

But why?


You only want it if it’s a straw hat with crude mesh?

The straw hats from Village One are not good because they’re too tight?

The one I made is okay?

You’re good at requesting.

Got it.

I’ll make them for you and send them later.


The spiderlings and silkworms of the world tree….do you know a good windy place?

You nap at those places.

You’ll only start your full activity once the day slips a little more?


Apologies for interrupting your nap time.


When I was crossing the residential area on my way back to my mansion, Hakuren, the children, and Helze came over.

Helze and Mark have been here ever since they came to the village.

Do you like this village that much that you no longer want to go home?

Mark is also staying here.

Even in this summer heat, Mark still soaks in the hot spring.


The children and Hakuren had finished studying this morning so they are heading to the pool.

And Helze’s helping her with them?

By the way, she has this thick book.

A book I’ve never seen before.

When I was thinking so, Helze flipped through the book while looking at Kuro and Yuki.

「I was right」

Helze seems to have made a new discovery and happily reported it to Hakuren.

It seems like Kuro and Yuki are not ordinary inferno wolves.

To be precise, Kuro is an inferno wolf emperor and Yuki is an inferno wolf empress.

Quite a grand name.

Does that mean that I should have put a crown on their heads instead of straw hats?

By the way, how about their firstborns and their partners….

Kuroichi, Kuroni, Uno, and Kuroyon are inferno wolf kings.

Aris, Iris, Kurosan, and Eris are inferno wolf queens.

I see but for me, a kuro is a kuro.

They’re not different from each other.


I parted with Hakuren’s group and arrived at my mansion.

After all, my mansion is cool inside.

In the hall, the mountain elves, who had just returned, were carrying their luggage to the warehouse.

The mountain elf Ya reports to me.

「It looks like only us can make slider-type coin calculators.」

I see.

That’s going to be rough.

However, it is not good to outsource everything.

It is dangerous to spread technology easily as noted by the civil servant girls.

Do your best.

The mountain elves only came back temporarily to clean up the luggage. Half of them immediately return to Village Five.

The other half started mass-producing slider-type coin calculators.

I know.

I’ll help too.

Kuro, Yuki…follow me.

It doesn’t matter.

Ah, before that, I have to deliver the straw hat to the nyunyu-daphnes.

I also had to make straw hats for the kuros.

…..I’ll do my best.

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