Chapter 561 – Coin Calculator

Slider type coin calculator – Prototype

Prototype was made from the forest of death materials.

Simple design and supports all coins but uses a lot of magic stones.

Had a dispute about whether to deploy them or not and the civil servant girls won.


Slider type coin calculator – Advance Mass Produced Type

The mountain elves dropped all their current projects in response to the demand and managed to complete this second type.

The design became simpler compared to the prototype and there’s also a boost in performance.

Eight units were made. Three for Village Five and three for Big Roof Shashaato.

The other two were deployed in Big Tree Village.


Slider type coin calculator – Mass Produced Type A

The royal family and nobles of the demon king’s kingdom saw the Advanced Mass Produced Type in Big Tree Village. Pretending to be calm, they asked “How much?”. As a result of the bullish negotiation, production was started.

To increase the mass production speed and lower the costs, part of the previous model’s functions were deleted.

It became a computer that counts coins circulating in the demon king’s kingdom.

24 units were produced.

Twenty units were given to the demon king’s kingdom and four units were given to the Goroun Company.


Slider type coin calculator – Gift Type

A version of Mass Produced Type A but with luxurious exterior design.

In order to satisfy noble users, opinions from the said type of people were adopted before manufacturing started.

The exterior design was made in the newly established workshop of the mountain elves in Village Five.

Sold with handmade special boxes worth 2 gold coins by the Goroun Company but it is always sold out.

Even if you make a reservation, you need to wait for at least a year to get one.

There are also several redesigned and personalized versions.


Slider type coin calculator – Mass Produced Type B

Mass produced model made for commoners. To decrease the price, durability and design were omitted.

Materials were collected around Village Five and some parts were made ordered outside.

Low cost target.

However, it still costs around 15 silver coins and future sales is worrying.

Although not related to production, wealthy merchants who were not able to get their hands on gift type tampered it without permission resulting in computational performance problems.

Remodeling and repair can only be done in licensed workshops.


Slider type coin calculator – Special Type

A calculator designed for reward medals.

It is installed in the hall of my mansion and anyone can use it…..

No one has used it so far.

Next spring, village chief will use it upon distribution of medals.


A certain human country.

Conversation between the Finance Minister and his subordinates.

「This is the coin calculator from the rumor in the demon king’s kingdom.」

「Yes. It’s quite an item desu.」

「Can we produce it in our country?」

「It is possible but….that」


「It uses magic stones in order to work….mass production would be hard」

「I see.」

「And the coins that are circulating in our country are not being recognized. Adjustment is quite difficult.」

「Mou, then, we can’t even use it.」

「Right. At the time of purchase, we already requested the seller if they can customize it per region but they refused.」

「…..why did they refuse?」

「They asked “from what country were you” and you probably can imagine what happened next.」

「Right. That’s certainly troublesome. But….」

「If you bring it to the designated workshop, it seems like it can be customized. It will only cost one large copper coin….」

「What a headache… It’s like declaring our technology is inferior to the technology of the demon king’s kingdom. That can’t be. Gufufufufu……eh, eeeiiii! We have to show the ability of our country!」

「I know. That’s the plan.」

「We can’t waste the purchasing fee. Continue the research.」


At a later date.

A customized gift type for their country’s coins was delivered from the demon king’s kingdom so the Finance Minister declared that the goods had no sin.


Another human country.

Conversation between the Finance Minister and his subordinates.

「Fake money?」

「Yes. There is a coin that was flipped by the coin calculator and when I looked it up….I found that it was cleverly made.」

「How much?」

「When I checked 1000 pieces of silver coins in the royal palace, I found that 12 pieces were fake. 」

「You managed to check a thousand?」

「Only because there’s a coin calculator.」

「I see. That’s convenient.」

「Though I don’t like that it came from the demon king’s kingdom.」

「That doesn’t matter. A good product is a good product no matter where it was made. Don’t forget that.」

「My apologies.」

「However, 12 out of a thousand are fake? That’s too many.」

「I agree. It’s great that we realized it at this stage.」

「Certainly not. Meet all the large commercial companies and alert them. Check the source of that fake money. It could be a conspiracy of another country.」


「Also, check all the gold coins in the royal palace using that coin calculator. The royal palace must never use fake money.」


The economic turmoil caused by fake money planted by another country was handled in advance because of the quick response of the minister.

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