Chapter 593 – Civil War


「How’s the war going?」

Upon hearing the demon king’s question, Ursa answers.

「The enemy divides into three and advances south. We have equal strength so we don’t know who’s winning or losing.」

「I see. Dividing into three is his favourite. It’s an assisting each other style which Glatts is good at.」

「Good at? Assisting?」

「It’s a strategy where if one of the three is losing, the other will assist.」

「Will that work?」

「All three of those will be attacking like they are the main force which will make their opponents confused. In addition, it will be annoying to think where to defend. As for its weakness, everything will be dependent on the commander of each army….but Glatts is also good at selecting field commanders.」

「As expected of Uncle Glatts. So, what’s the plan?」

「The best strategy in attacks like this is gathering all scattered forces and concentrate on breaking off the three. After that, we will be unimpeded to attack the enemy headquarters, however….」

「You think Uncle Glatts is waiting for you to do that?」

「Yes. That’s why we’re going to make this a war of attrition. Time is on our side.」

「Understood. Our center, Uncle Beezel, will stay as it is. Tiselle is on the left and Alfred is on the right.」

「The enemy will surely provoke them. Just tell them not to let the enemy break through.」

「Leave it to me.」


「Uncle demon king, this is bad! Tiselle’s golem has been defeated!」


「It seems like the titans have attacked it in a group. They…toppled it.」

「Are they already charging here?」

「Ehto, it looks like they are going behind Uncle Beezel in the center. Uncle Beezel…..he should run away. He’ll get surrounded if it stays like this.」

「Send the forces of the headquarters, we’ll reverse siege those besieging from behind! How’s Alfred? 」

「He was upset when he was that Tiselle’s golem was defeated. He’s being pushed back. However, the two former four heavenly kings are supporting him. 」

「Good. As long as those two are still alive, we won’t have any problem on his side. Let’s go! 」


「There’s a flag signal from Uncle Beezel. “We, from, second, fort, never, surrender. Long live, demon king sama!” 」

「Kuh, Beezel….. 」

「Uncle demon king, what are we going to do?」

「I want to charge now but that would be unbecoming of a demon king. I can’t go. Depending on the situation, I might go down to the third fort. Tell Alfred to be ready.」


「Fuh. Don’t be so gloomy. We haven’t lost yet. The demon king will not give up and fight to the very end. And I should tell you that this demon king will have the last laugh.」

「Okay. I’m looking forward to it.」


In the open space south of the village, a grand snowball fight is taking place.

The rules are simple, the only thing you can use to attack an enemy is snow.

In other words, even if you were hit with snowballs, if you can still fight, you can still fight.

It’s a snowball fight where you must hit each other with snowballs until one party gives up.

I politely declined to participate.

And I realized how correct my decision was under the cold sky.

Though you can only attack with snowballs, magic isn’t prohibited.

In other words, it’s okay to use fire magic for defense.

Direct attacks by summoned golems are prohibited but it’s okay to have golems throw snowballs.

On the contrary, golem can be attacked with anything including snow.

It looks like golems are treated as magic.

When Tiselle’s gigantic golem was summoned, I thought it would turn into a one-sided battle but I was surprised when I saw the titans uniting and taking it down.

When the golem was defeated, Tiselle had no choice but to escape however…..she was defeated by the sky attack of Malbit and Reginleif.

I also thought that Beezel voluntarily sealed his teleportation magic but I guess not.

He teleported behind the enemy commander, Glatts, at the last minute to take care of him but failed.

It looks like he already anticipated Beezel’s move.

The place where Beezel teleported at is basically a pitfall.

And Beezel, who teleported directly on top of it, was buried just like that.

Is he okay?

Alfred is fighting side by side with the two former four heavenly kings.

The two former four heavenly kings are usually in Village Five but they were called by the demon king to participate in this snowball fight.

At first, they were dissatisfied but for some reason, when Alfred called them “grandpa”, they became immediately cooperative and are working hard too.

Ah, they’re amazing.

They used fire magic to block the snowball attacks of Ruincia and Raz Maria.

In addition, they counter-attacked the two with big snowballs.

This is a good match.


There’s a loud cheer.

When I checked out why, I found the phoenix chick Aegis flying while melting snow.

It’s destroying the snow forts of the demon king’s forces one after another.

A big snowball flies towards Aegis.

It seems like it is a snowball attack from the trebuchet at the end of the demon king’s army.

Yoru’s attack was fairly accurate but Aegis evaded it then retreated.

That time, Gol, Sil, and Bron run along the path Aegis had built.

They lunge attack with big chunks of snow.

Aren’t they cold?


By the way, this snowball fight.

There’s no prize for winning.

All you get is honor.

Anyway, I think Glatts is doing great but why is he so serious?

He’s commanding so seriously that I can even hear his command from a distance.

「Ah, that’s because I added a little situation.」

That was ancestor-san.

What situation?

「The demon king forcibly kidnapped his wife. With that situation, even if his opponent is the demon king, he won’t hold back….」

I see.

「Go! Advance! Attack! Absolutely slaughter the demon king!」

I finally know why Glatts is full of fighting spirit.


The snowball fight ended when the demon king was killed.

Though Ursa did great, she wasn’t able to do much.

Alfred was the only one left on the demon king’s side.


For the time being, your body should be cold so take a bath or go to the hot spring.

This snowball fight also has audiences like me.

Excuse me, ancestor-san, can you teleport everyone?

Tiselle’s already left when she lost.


What’s wrong, Ursa?

Pork soup?

Yeah, I was supposed to serve them to you after the battle but it lasted until sundown.

We’ll just serve it at dinner.

Ann’s group has also prepared several things so you just need to go to the hot spring.

It looks like Glatts’ way of warming up is reporting Ronana his victory.

Just go to the hot spring together.


Though there’s snow piled up, it was a lively day.

TN: Real title Chapter 593 – Caution: We’re Just Playing Snowball Fight


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