Chapter 15 – Dragon Steak nano desu, Everyone is Very Satisfied

So, on our way back home.

While walking in the forest, Maria said something while smiling.

「–now, that fox ear….that cheater Arisa, how are we going to kill her?」

「No no, please spare me from killing anyone.」

Maria looks like she’ll go berserk any moment.

No, she’s smiling sweetly but you can feel bloodlust rather than sweetness.

「I don’t care about money. As long as she doesn’t cheat us of carrots.」

Maa, you’re not interested in anything else other than carrots.

「That said, she must be punished.」


Maa, it is confirmed that she’s only giving me half of the original price.

That doesn’t deserve death penalty but I also agree that she must be punished.

「Let’s wait for her next move first.」

「Wait….is it?」

「Maria knows the selling price of the monsters we hunted, right?」

「Yeah, I’ve been an adventurer for a long time after all.」

「Then, next transaction, when she hands over the money for the monsters that the hand riding rabbits hunted, we’ll punish her if she still rips us off. However, if she gives us a reasonable amount….I guess there’s no reason for us to punish her but we still need to ask her why she rips us off before.」

「Okay…..maa, I understand.」


Now, dragon meat.

I don’t want to hide it from anyone but….I’m about to cook the dragon meat now.

That’s right.

My long-awaited dragon meat.

I seriously stared at the dragon meat that had been chopped by the dismantling shop.

Yeah, it has its own beauty.

I cut a small piece lightly and eat it…..

  「Ah, tastes like special wagyu beef.」

A5 is the highest grade of wagyu beef but this is obviously tastier than any wagyu beef I’ve ever eaten.

I mean it. Seriously, I’m not exaggerating.

Now…..and so, I went into contemplation.

If I use yakiniku sauce, it will waste the real taste of this meat since it will influence the taste too much.

Then, what should I do with this highest grade ingredient….?

—-that evening.

  「Tasty desu♪」

  「Right desu yo!」

  「Super delicious desu♪」

  「I can’t stop eating desu♪」

  「Half cooked desu?」

The hand-riding rabbits ate the dragon meat faster than the speed of light.

  「Tatsuya-sama, what kind of seasoning taste like this?」

Maria asked that while tears were flowing out of her eyes.

  「Ah, that’s wasabi soy sauce.」

I judged that the seasoning must be as simple as possible to preserve the ingredient’s taste. Thus, I used wasabi soy sauce and cooked it in a medium-rare steak.

I put the dragon meat in my mouth and chewed it.

My mouth is immediately filled with juice full of sweetness and umami from its fat.

And the wasabi counteracts its greasiness—-


I clapped my hand and groaned instinctively.

At first, I thought of using salt and pepper but that would be quite greasy.

In that sense, wasabi would be most useful.

By the way, today, we don’t only have meat….we also have red wine.

I removed the remaining fat in my mouth by pouring red wine over it—-


When I drank all the wine in my cup, Maria poured some more into it.

Again….I throw dragon meat in my mouth and drink red wine again.

I can’t….stop.

I can’t stop eating meat and drinking wine.

I threw another piece of meat in my mouth.

And chew.

I smile.

And—red wine again.

—endless loop. Scary.

I can’t stop taking in meat and wine.

They’re delicious. No, too delicious.

Sonja and Maria are the same. They are silently putting meat and wine on their mouths.

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