Chapter 2.11 – Talking with the Queen

Miredia, who had taken her children to the royal palace according to the schedule, got inside without a hitch and stepped into the queen’s private chamber.

「It’s been a while, aneesama.」

Her elder sister, Magdalena, smiles affectionately at Miredia who’s bowing respectfully as courtesy.

「Truly. Various restless things have been happening recently….are you looking forward to meeting me? Do you know how excited I am to meet your treasured daughter?」

「Maa….I’m a little scared at how Eseria was described to aneesama desu wa.」

Miredia smiled wryly after hearing her elder sister who’s smiling happily. She then looked back at her children who were lining up behind her and urged them to start their greetings.

「Everyone, say hello.」

After that, Cornelia steps forward and bows.

「Queen-sama, I’m glad to see you again. I brought an embroidered handkerchief with the design taken from the book I had before. Please, use it as you wish.」

After saying so, Magdalene walked up and received the small gift presented to her. She immediately took out the content and raised a voice of admiration.

「Maa, impressive embroidery! I’m going to use it with care.」

Cornelia smiled and returned to her original position. Then, it was Najek’s turn.

「It’s been a while, queen-sama. I’m very grateful for the horse you gave me. It’s a big horse so it saved me from looking for a horse that big.」

「You’ve been practicing, right?」

「Of course!」

While seeing those happy conversations, Eseria became more and more nervous.

(As expected of aneesama and aniisama, they are used to this kind of event. I’m nervous. What if I say something strange?)

Then, Miredia, who was suspiciously looking at Eseria, who had been silent, spoke modestly since Najek’s greeting was already over.


「Ah, ye, yes!」

Eseria returned to reality, bowed carefully, and introduced herself.

「It’s my honor to meet you, queen-sama. I’m Eseria van Sjogren. Please take care of me from now on.」

Magdalena, who noticed her tenseness, suddenly burst into laughter.

「Maa maa, you’re very similar to Miredia, you cute little thing. I heard that she’s a smart girl with astounding talent so I expect her to be more like Digress and not to be this adorable.」

After hearing that, Miredia became a little sulky.

「Aneesama, so, you’re saying that if she’s like Digress, she won’t be cute?」

「Because she’ll be the serious type and straitlaced too, right?」

「….I can’t deny that.」

The two laughed and that made Eseria’s mood eased up.

(Unlike the very formal conversation earlier, this seems to be the more normal conversation of the queen and my mother….they are really sisters.)

When she was thinking and smiling like that, her mother, Miredia remembered something.

「Ah, we’ve been caught up too much with our conversation. You were still speaking with Eseria. Eseria, don’t you brought something for aneesama? Where is it desu?」

「Ara, what is it?」

「Did you know that Eseria has been working with Wallace since last year to develop and sell various toys and books?」

「Yes, of course. The Wallace Company doesn’t advertise it in a grand way but it is well known to those who attended the parties in Duke Sjogren’s mansion. To think I have a niece like that, I can put my nose high.」

Eseria, who was praised like that with joy, offered what she brought with a smile.

「Thank you for your praise. Today, I brought a new toy just for the queen!」

「Maa, a new one?」

「Yes. This is a prototype product that hasn’t been sold to the public yet. I want to enjoy it today with your majesty the queen. Of course, even if it is a toy, even if it is a toy, it can be enjoyed by both adults and children at the same time.」

Magdalena, who heard that explanation, seemed to get interested and asked more about it.

「Sounds interesting. Can we try it now?」

「Yes, let’s do it! So, may I use that round table? Also, I want to put chairs around it for the participants desu.」

「You can, I don’t mind. Carla, Lisbel, please.」

「By your will.」

When Magdalena instructed her maids, who were waiting a little away, the two began to move briskly but one of them asked Eseria a question.

「Eseria-sama, how many chairs should we put in?」

「Eh? Everyone should have one. This game is more fun the more the participants.」

Hearing that, Magdalena was surprised.

「The more the participants, the more fun it is?」

「Yes! It is an exciting game that will make your hands sweat!」

「Is that so? Then, do you mind if I want Kara and Lisbel to join?」

「Of course, they’re welcome desu!」

「Then, you two will be participating too. I want to enjoy it as much as I can.」

「Yes….as you wish desu….」

「I hear and obey.」

Magdalena, who heard Eseria’s claim, smiled and urged her maids. The maids looked uneasy but they still arranged the number of chairs needed around the table including theirs.

(Ehto, then, there will be seven participants. Yeah, this is good. It’s great that I brought eight pieces.)

And when they all got to their seats, Eseria brought out a large sheet of paper and spread it out in front of them. She also took some items and placed them on the paper before she began her explanation.

「Now, let me explain to you the rules of Easy Win Life. First of all, there are eight pieces here with different colors so please choose your favourite color and put it on the square that has “departure” written in it.」

When Eseria pointed out the pieces that are as big as her thumb, Miredia urged Magdalena to choose first.

「Aneesama, please.」

「Then….I’ll take this red one. Miredia, choose next.」

「Okay….then, I’ll take light blue.」

After that, the children selected each by order of age and lastly the two maids of Magdalena. They all placed their pieces in the start square.

「Now that everyone’s pieces have been decided, this will be the next one!」

Eseria showed something on her hand. Everyone’s confused aside from Cornelia who she had shown in advance.

「Ara? That’s some strange shape and pattern.」

「Yes. This is an item that relies on the luck given by heaven, korokoro desu!」

TN: Korokoro is the sfx of something rolling.


It’s a cube with numbers 1 to 6 on each side. It is made of cork and the people who don’t understand how it works became increasingly suspicious. When Eseria saw their reaction, she tossed it on the paper.

「As its name suggests, you’ll have to let the korokoro roll like this and leave the “departure” square depending on the number that came out on top. The goal is to reach the “arrival” square first.」

「I see. But Eseria, why are there many things written in this paper….」

Miredia asked her that and Eseria continued her explanation with confidence.

「When you stop at that square, you have to follow whatever instruction is written there. It might make you take a break from your turn, go a few more squares in advance, and even go back to a certain square. In addition, there are two branches which you can choose to go to and of course, only with the help of the korokoro.」

When Magdalena heard it, she was a little worried but she immediately urged the people around her with a bright smile.

「I don’t get it all but it sounds interesting. Let’s start right away.」

「That’s right. Then, let’s go with the sitting order like when we choose our pieces. Queen-sama, please.」

「Oh, is it fine?」

「Yes, of course.」

「Well then…I wonder what will it be?」

Magdalena, who received the korokoro from Eseria, tosses it fearlessly. Then it stops moving at number 6.

「Aneesama got 6. Eseria, that means she’s going to move 6 squares forward, right?」

When Miredia asked her, Eseria replied with a smile.

「Yes, that’s right. 6 is the highest number. To get that at the start, as expected of queen-sama!」

「Maa, isn’t that just a coincidence?」

「But being lucky is a talent too!」

「Ara ara, Eseria has a good tongue. I didn’t expect that from the taciturn Digress’ daughter.」

Upon seeing Magdalena advance her piece in a good mood, Eseria smiled satisfactorily.

(Fufufu, I’ll do what I can to make the queen continue to enjoy it like this. Everyone’s probably thinking the same. Easy win is indeed an easy win.)

Since the game started, Eseria was holding herself back but as the game progressed, she never expected a giant pitfall waiting for her.

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