Chapter 16 – It was Supposed to be a Punishment but It Became Something Else, I Don’t Dislike it Of Course

And then—

「Oh? You’re drinking? Then, I’ll join you.」

「Oh, Arisa. How can you get here at dusk? Also, you’re not supposed to come here today, right?」

「My stripping job was close by. I thought maybe you got some rare materials so I’m here…..I’m also thinking of eating for free. The food here has always been delicious after all.」

Maria sends a cold gaze to Arisa.

Maa, I also think the same as Maria….

「I’m sorry but I don’t have material today.」

The guild already bought them.

「That’s a shame. Then, can I at least join you for dinner?」

Feel at home — Maria said that loudly as she agreed immediately with Arisa’s request.

「I will present Arisa-san a special menu.」

「Special menu?」

「Dragon meat. Would that fit your appetite?」

「D-dr-dragon? Eat! I’ll eat it! I’ll eat it no matter what!」

Maria nodded slightly and left for the kitchen with the frying pan.

Wait, you can cook?

Maa, I heard you lived as an adventurer for many years so I guess there’s nothing she can’t do.

After 10 minutes or so, she brought a dragon liver steak.

「Ooohhh! That’s a dragon liver! You can only eat that at a super luxurious restaurant in the capital!」

「Right. Please eat without reserve.」

Chew chew chew…..Arisa ate the dragon liver as if there’s no tomorrow.

Then, Maria served red wine to Arisa and smiled.


I noticed that something’s going on.

Why is Maria serving Arisa?

She wanted to clean her up until a while ago…..

「Hnn…..? I feel weird.」

Arisa, who had eaten dragon’s liver, is blushing.

「What’s wrong?」

「Something’s… body on fire……」

Her fox tail is shaking and even her fox ears are moving.

Arisa gave out a sexy sigh as she’s patting her face with her hands.

「Nothing’s wrong desu yo.」

「What do you mean, Sonja?」

「An arc dragon’s liver is different from a normal dragon. It’s like a magic item.」


「If a beastkin eat it, that beastkin will enter its “mating season” desu yo♪」

Then, Maria grinned.

「Tatsuya-sama…….Your body is so terrible that the two of us are struggling to serve you. So, I have to think about something…..think of it as the punishment of this foxears!」

「Ufufufu. Arisa will join us tonight desu♪」

「Tatsuya-sama, show her your ferocity….I mean how powerful your love is!」

And Arisa sent me a lustrous gaze.

「This is hopeless! I’ve already entered my mating season….it can’t be helped!」

「No, but….」

「You don’t like me….?」

And so, I said my honest feelings.

「No, I don’t dislike you at all.」

Maa, that night, it was a hard night.

And the next morning, an eye-bagged Arisa returns to the city after saying “Bro Tatsuya…’re a beast.”

And so, that’s the end of the ripping off incident—

—after that day, Arisa no longer ripped me off but instead, she began asking for dragon liver steak every time she visited.

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