Chapter 5.2 – New Residents

After Kousuke decided the future of the elves and the vampires, Peach speaks with him nervously.

「Ano~. I want to consult you about something, is it okay~?」

「Consult? About what?」

「Can the succubus also live on a floor in this tower?」

Hearing Peach’s sudden request, Kousuke was confused.


「Well~. The truth is, our race had contracted to work for a certain kingdom behind the scenes until a certain time.」

Given Peach’s exceptional physical ability, it is obvious that her race is something.

With that in mind, Kousuke feels like he grasped what happened.

「Ah…..and perhaps because you failed a certain mission, you’ve been expelled from that kingdom?」

「………….Areh~. How did you know?」

Kousuke can’t help but give her a wry smile.

Cause that’s the commonest setting, he thought.

「No, uh, maa….I just thought it was a common story so I asked.」

「I guess you’re right desu~. Currently, we’re living in a well-hidden place but we’re not going to be safe there forever so we made sure we can move anytime.」

They have already experienced being found by the kingdom so they made sure that they can immediately escape at a moment’s notice.

It is not easy to escape from a country.

She said that they are already in a desperate situation.

「I see. So you thought that it would be for the best of your race if you settle down in the tower?」

「Yes, that’s right desu~」

Kousuke crossed his arms and think.

He thought it won’t be bad for the tower.

Thinking about the future, it would be very convenient if he has people that can do things behind the scene.

Though he hasn’t seen them yet, hearing about them from Peach, he thought that even just the fighting capability of their race is already attractive.

As a disadvantage, there’s a possibility that they would be glared at by the kingdom.

However, there’s less chance that they’ll be noticed if they fled to the tower immediately so that won’t be a big disadvantage. Though that is only as long as Peach’s people won’t say anything to anyone.

「….I’m okay with that however, that isn’t something you can decide on yourself, right?」

「Right desu~. But I think they’ll agree once I discuss it with them.」

「Maa, I guess so.」

「Now desu~. Can I take someone to go to our village?」

Since Peach can’t use teleportation magic, they can’t instantly move to her village.

「Ah, then I’ll go with you.」

Mitsuki, who’s been listening to them, volunteered.

「Is it possible to use teleportation?」

「As long as someone who knows the teleportation destination, there won’t be a problem. Peach will take care of that part.」

When they first met Kousuke, none of them knew where a city is so they weren’t able to teleport.

This time, there’s no problem since Peach knows where the village is.

After that, they must have something that is related to the teleportation destination. And of course, since Peach is a resident of that village, that won’t be a problem.

Well, just a small thing that was made from the village would suffice.

After that, he sent Mitsuki and Peach out and wait for them to come back.

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It has been three days since Mitsuki and Peach left for the succubus village.

Even if Peach is with Mitsuki, it would still take some time because they couldn’t just suddenly appear in a secluded place.

It is too early for them to do that given the other party’s current relationship with the tower.

In addition, Mitsuki has no way to read Peach’s memory so she can barely teleport to the place in Peach’s mind.

That is the main reason why it took them some time to reach their destination. Teleportation was repeated a number of times even with the use of the catalyst.

It was only three days later that they arrived at the secret location.

After that, Mitsuke came back to the tower and once using teleportation and brought Kousuke and Kouhi to the village.


When Kousuke arrived in the village, Peach brought her to Giselle, the village chief.

By the way, though the succubus is long-lived, they are not comparable to elves but they have a much longer life span compared to humans.

The village chief that met Kousuke was a handsome young man in his late twenties.

Giselle greeted them with a smile.

Peach went next to Giselle.

「Greeting. I heard about it from peach. I heard that you are willing to accept our people to your tower.」

「Yeah. Well, I would be glad to, but are you…」

「I have no problem with that. Please accept us by all means.」

「….are you sure? It hasn’t been long since Peach arrived in your village.」

Given the time, they shouldn’t be able to talk to the villagers about it.

「Maa, to be honest, this village is already at its limit. Hostile forces would probably discover this place soon.」

In response, Kousuke looked at Giselle without expression.

「…..I would like us to speak with each other honestly.」

Giselle was surprised by his response.

「Oya, you didn’t hear it from Peach?」


「To be honest, we managed to escape before but that’s it. You can say that we’re on the verge of being caught.」

「….are you saying that being accepted in the tower is like a ship that would make your cross this ordeal?」

「That’s exactly what it is.」

Kousuke felt that the story has progressed conveniently too much. He can never be too sure.

Because of that, Kousuke decided to ask for help.

「Mitsuki, what do you think?」

「Right….even if they go to the tower, I think they would still continue to work behind the scenes. What do you think of that?」

「We have no problem with that. Rather, our race has nothing else aside from that.」

「Can you think of a way to prove that once we take you in, you won’t sell us to anyone?」

They met Peach because of their fortune-telling ability.

It is also possible that they are using that ability to dig into the tower.

「Maa, I know what you want to say but it is hard for us to prove that to you.」

That’s something similar to making him prove that devils exist.

「You’re right.」

「Ano….aren’t I enough?」

Peach has a blood contract with Kousuke so she will never betray Kousuke.

That contract is the reason why Kousuke approved Peach’s proposal in the first place.

「That’s because Peach can’t respond to things you don’t know. There are surely things you don’t know so asking you in place of him won’t prove anything.」

Hearing Mitsuki’s response, Peach can only shrug her shoulders.

However, Giselle was intrigued by their conversation.

「What do you mean?」

To Giselle’s question, Mitsuki talked about the blood contract. Giselle nodded and suggested:

「Is it possible to put us all under that contract?」

「If you’re only asking if it’s possible, it is. However, blood contract is not that convenient so it is something that cannot be often used.」

「….is that so?」

Hearing Mitsuki’s reply, Giselle can only shrug his shoulder.

However, on the contrary, Kousuke, who’s only listening to their conversation, made a decision.

「No, since you are even willing to do that, I’ll accept you to the tower.」

The sudden decision of Kousuke made Giselle surprised.

「….are you sure? To tell you the truth, I understand why you’re suspicious of us.」

「I don’t mind. However, there’s one thing I want you to do.」

「What is it?」

「If one of you will go out of your designated floor, that person should be under a contract.」

The contract Kousuke is referring to is just an ordinary contract and not a blood contract.

However, even if it is a normal contract, it can limit the contractee’s action depending on the content.

For example, if the person who goes out of the tower commits an act of betrayal to the tower, it will be his whole race that will be confined on the floor.

Even if it is not so radical, it is at least a good idea to tie someone with a contract.

Giselle nodded after hearing Kousuke’s condition.

「I understand. Our people values contract. If that’s Kousuke-dono’s condition, we will obey.」

They have to discuss the details after but the main point was already that.

Given the severity of the matter, one might feel that it has been decided easily but their discussion has reached the final stage.

As the final result, Peach’s clan (Defreyer Clan) became the newest residents of the tower.

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