Chapter 51 – Are Ants Carnivorous….Karen?

Reclamation of the forest has progressed faster than expected.

I never thought that Shuri could easily take away the tree stumps.

What have I’ve been doing before?

I look at Shuri who’s going in and out of holes on the ground.

Should I go in too?

I’m kind of curious so let’s check….it doesn’t look like I’m going to fall if I enter.

After entering a hole, I feel a little cold. Is it just my imagination?

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Koa and the others hunted today too.

There are too many and I’m the one dismantling them.

If I can’t use magic, things would have been terrible.

Skinning the ogres alone would have been….


Now, there’s only the last prey to dismantle.


I’m sure there should have been 1 more.

It looks like it has been dragged to somewhere. I found a trail and it was….going to Shuri’s hole.

Are ants carnivorous?

When I peeked at the hole, I saw a bloody scene.

…it’s too surreal.


I quietly shift my gaze.

The tree stumps are gone now.

With this, I should think about what I should do with this place from now on.

While thinking of that, the ants came out of the hole and dive into the soil.


When I was thinking about what they were doing, they moved in the soil.


I continue to watch them.

I see, so they are plowing the soil.

Thank you.


Now that it is plowed, what should I do next?

If I were in Japan, farmers would have started planting vegetables now but I don’t have anything here.

By the way, I’ve never seen root crops like potatoes here.

Maa, the soil suddenly….Shuri?

「Do you know any vegetables we can plant here?」

I’m thinking of potatoes, sweet potatoes, radish, etc.

If there are seeds, that would be great too.

If the vegetables of my former world exist here, perhaps I could find them in the wild.

There should be some in the forest.

Shuri tilted her neck….I guess that’s a no.

She went out with her antlings.

Areh? Are the spiders going too?

Don’t overdo it.


Karen came back.

These 3 days, I was uneasy because it did not come back but….

It seemed to have grown while it was away.

But this kind of growth is strange!

Why is it 3 times larger than it used to be?

Three days ago, it was still a small bird.

As expected, it is also getting bigger like what’s happening to boss-san.

Boss-san is growing little by little everyday and now she’s as big as Koa.

Thinking of how big it will grow, I’m already scared.

And it looks like the spiderlings are secretly getting bigger too.

Darn, don’t tell me Shuri will get bigger too?

I’m uneasy.


Karen brought something round with wings….it’s a mysterious creature.

This mysterious winged creature is currently curled like a yarn ball.

This fluffy-looking thing is floating even though it’s not using its wings.

What’s the use of its wings then?

However, since I feel the power of curse in it, I used purification.

The dark yarn ball became deep blue.

So, what is this?

I don’t know what kind of creature this is but it’s “Fluffy” desu.

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