Chapter 5.3 – Working Behind the Scenes

The Defreyer Clan settled on the 77th floor.

The monsters on the floor are quite strong and they don’t have a base like the Vamilinear Castle like the vampires so their lives will be hard there. Kousuke tried to send them to a lower level but they said that they prefer that environment.

To raise their people’s power, they need strong monsters that they can train with, and being near the village is the best.

In addition, the Defreyer clan had a certain treasure.

It is this.

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Name: Familia’s Treasure

Installation Cost: Installed(External)

Description: The Defreyer Clan’s treasure. It can produce a barrier that can prevent monsters. The size and strength of the barrier can be set.


At the place where the Defreyer Clan decided to build their village on the 77th floor, someone from their clan set it up. As soon as it was set up, the display became available.

The Defreyer Clan brought this treasure but there’s no indication that it can be installed using the tower but it seems like it has now been registered.

Given what happened, it seems like it was possible to install things from outside.

Kousuke wanted to check what would happen step by step while that thing was being installed but he decided to do it some other time.


In the center of the 77th floor is an external teleportation gate and it is connected to the village where the clan was staying.

Soon after, the combat members of the clan came in and built several dwellings nearby immediately.

Originally, they planned to all enter at once and build everything on their own but Kousuke proposed to build it using the tower.

Currently, there is still surplus divine power so that much can be done without problem.

Thinking about the future, it is expected that he can recover them soon.

As for the blueprint of that place, it was built according to Peach’s opinion.

Those who came in from the teleportation gate are grateful and have no problem with it.

They still have clanmates who are in various places due to work so the teleportation gate is yet to be demolished and will only be removed once every one of them is there.

They said that everyone can get back in a month so there shouldn’t be any problem with the pursuers.

In case of emergency, the external teleportation gate will be destroyed and the other can go to the tower via the 5th floor.


On the 77th floor, the monsters around the teleportation gate and the houses of the clan have been expelled by the villagers.

As expected of the clan that brought up Peach, their battle power is more than enough for the monsters on the 77th floor.

And of course, it is inevitable for them to struggle when a high-level strong monster comes out.

After subjugating the surrounding monsters and setting up the barrier of the treasure, most of the people from their village moved to the 77th floor leaving only a few people at their village.

Because of how their clan has lived, the life of being chased, they don’t have much luggage so it went smoothly.

The population of their whole clan is around 300 people but there are currently around 100 who are outside doing missions so not all are at the village.

Leaving some of them, all others moved to the 77th floor at once. Those who stayed at the village will guard the village and wait for those who have yet to return.

Those who have moved to the 77th floor are also accustomed as expected and build a camp in no time.

In the future, the camp will be reduced little by little while permanent houses will increase.

Until now, they’ve only made simple dwellings since they are living the life of escapees but this time, they are all excited to build their permanent homes.


—Scene Change—


After the relocation of the village was completed, Kousuke visited the 77th floor with Peach and Kouhi.

Perhaps because he had visited the village several times when they were relocating, Kousuke has already been recognized by the villagers as the tower owner.

They are very grateful for being able to build their village there so every time he comes, they welcome him.

There is always someone who’s watching over the gate so that Kousuke can immediately speak with someone as soon as he comes in.

When he said he wanted to meet the chief, he was immediately guided to the village chief’s house.

By the way, the chief’s house is a large building that was built with the use of the function of the tower.

「You have come, welcome. So, what do you need?」

Since they are used to talking with each other, they have already omitted superfluous greetings and ask business immediately.

He understood that Kousuke doesn’t like that kind of thing and so does he.

「According to Peach, those who went out are gradually coming back so I came here as soon as I have free time.」

「I see… it time for that?」

The “that” he’s referring to is the plan to connect the 77th floor and the 5th floor.

It has already been planned that the Defreyer clan will work behind the scenes since their first meeting.

Their job is mainly information gathering in the cities connected to the four gates on the 5th floor of the tower.

They plan to gradually spread to the whole continent to gather information for the tower and for Crown.

Kousuke plans to leave everything on that aspect to the chief since he’s the expert.

「Yeah, that’s right. I heard that it would be good to connect as soon as possible. As for me, I’m not in a hurry but Peach recommended me to start soon.」

「Fumu. Well, she’s right. I am sure Peach’s intuition is correct. I have already received a report that those who have yet to return have all been gathered. Should we get started?」

「Yeah. I’ll install the gate right here. But before that, here—」

Kousuke said so and Looked at Kouhi.

Kouhi took out the divine engraving machine from her item box.

Of course, it is not the one on the 5th floor.

「….what’s that?」

Since he had not told him about it till now, the chief, who had never seen it, became confused.

As for the people of the village, they are going to be part of the management so he decided to teach them how to use it.


The chief, who saw the crown card, was impressed.

「….I see. So something like this exists.」

However, those in this village are those who work behind the scenes.

Kousuke told them that it would be troublesome if others know of their status like those adventurers and they can hide it from others.

And as expected of experts.

They immediately understood what Kousuke was trying to say.

「Certainly. If others know the skills of people like us, we will definitely be in trouble.」

「Yeah. You can choose to hide them individually so think of how you’ll use it.」

「I know.」

The chief agreed so Kousuke handed over fifty unused cards to him for the time being.

He can’t prepare more than that since the unused cards produced by the igrids are constantly being used on the 5th floor.

「My apologies if I can only prepare this much. Please think of who are going to use them until the next batch is available.」

「I understand. Since we are still in the process of clearing the monsters around, this much is enough.」

「Good. I’ll bring the next batch as soon as they are ready.」

A person with a crown card is someone who can go out.

Those who’ll receive their own cards will be decided by the chief.


「The rest is about the management of this floor.」

「Is there a problem?」

「No no. In the future, I won’t be managing this floor but Peach.」

Peach and not Kousuke. They are all surprised to hear that.

Kousuke has never said anything to Peach until now.

「I’ll manage it?」

「Yeah. Since they have settled down, I think it is okay to leave the management to you. What do you think? 」

「Are you sure~?」

「Maa, I think you’re qualified to do it since there’s no special skill needed, and if not you, I don’t know who else I can trust this floor to.」

「I see~」

Hearing those words, Peach was convinced.

「Is that alright?」

「Well, there shouldn’t be. To be honest, she’ll more work like a liaison officer between me and this village.」

Peach is indeed more likely to work as a liaison officer since she’s one of the Defreyers.

Kousuke won’t be able to show his face on the 77th floor frequently so he gave that job to Peach.

「I see. That’s right. She’s indeed qualified.」

Kousuke trusts Peach more than any other member of the clan.

Peach is also happy(?) that she’s now officially a manager.

In addition, since the Defreyer Clan has joined crown, they can not only work behind the scenes but even work as adventurers. 

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