Chapter 649 – Shaved Ice

Shaved ice.

A simple sweet that can be made by just crushing ice and putting syrup on it.

In addition, ice can be easily produced with magic so it’s a well-known food in Big Tree Village.

Some people eat it in their warm rooms during winter but it can be said that shaved ice season is summer.

Therefore, I will do some maintenance on the ice shaving machine.


Before I managed to do it, the mountain elves already did some maintenance on it.

It seems like the ice-making machine was never left idle.

You just cleaned it?

I’m planning to ask Loo to make ice and use it….I understand.

Start the preparation.

I know.

I’ll let you taste the new flavor.


Loo ate shaved ice and was in agony because of headache.

She probably had a brain freeze.

If you eat cold things in a hurry, it seems like a phenomenon that your brain will make you feel pain in order to make you remember your mistake.

TN: Of course this is not true. When your body senses sudden, extreme cold in the mouth or throat, it tries to react and warm up. Blood vessels throughout the head expand to let extra blood into the area for warmth. That quick change in blood vessel size causes sudden pain.

There are individual differences. There are people who experience it and people who don’t. Of course, that’s only from a hearsay I heard from somewhere.

There seems to be a variety of methods to deal with it but I think the most effective is drinking warm tea.

Next to Loo who’s drinking warm tea, the fairy queen, who was invited to eat shaved ice, was enjoying her second cup without a problem.

「This is the first time I’ve tasted this green tea flavor but it’s not bad. It goes well with small mochi and bean paste.」

Thank you for your compliment.

Also, that small mochi is called shiratama.

Well, shiratama is also a kind of mochi so it is indeed a small mochi.


One of the kuros…..Kuroni?

Kuroni wants some shaved ice too?

This is unusual.

I don’t mind, but eat it slowly.

Oohh, there’s a chance that it will block your throat.

Don’t touch the shiratama…..


Why are you putting your leg on me?

You want to eat shiratama?

….got it.

I’ll cut it into small pieces.

However, it won’t be delicious if you only eat shiratama.

It’s not even sweet.

Eat it with sweet shaved ice.


And there’s Kuroni who’s in agony with a headache.

I even reminded him to eat slowly.

Ah, if you don’t eat quickly, the other kuros will certainly gather.

You don’t have to mind something like that.

Here, warm tea.

The fairy queen wants another serving.

Got it.

Loo wants another serving too?

Ah, another serving of tea.


And as expected, the kuros indeed have gathered and asked some.

Loo, please make more ice.


For the large number of kuros, I made shaved ice enough to fill a large tub.

Due to the weight of the shaved ice, the central part has become solid ice.


It was okay before I put in some green tea syrup.

Let’s just make shaved ice for each of them.

Shave ice, pour syrup, add fruits.

Red bean pastes and shiratama are popular toppings too.

And so does headache.

When the kuros are done eating, the next batches of shaved ice are for the spiderlings who helped me shave ice.

The mountain elves remodeled the ice shaving machine to a humanoid golem but the others won’t enjoy it if I didn’t make it myself.

Let’s have this golem work at a store or something.

Thus, I asked the spiderlings to help me.

By the way, we’re running out of shiratama.


I tried eating shaved ice myself.

My syrup is strawberry flavor.

Green tea syrup is already out of stock.

It is delicious.

I’ll eat more.

Strawberry flavor again.


The taste is a bit different.

Is this difference caused by different ice?

Actually, it seems like it is hard for Loo to make ice so I thought of helping her a bit.

The way Loo makes ice is to create it from nothing using magic and make it bigger.

Because of that, I thought it would be faster if I’ll just prepare water first and have her freeze it.

As a result, it was less labor-intensive and it was also much faster.

However, there’s a big difference in taste.

Ice made from pure magic tastes better.

I don’t know why but there’s a clear difference in taste.

Even I noticed it.

I guess taste is directly proportional to effort.

No, it might be the difference in how they freeze.

There should be a clear difference in taste between the ice from the refrigerator and ice from an ice factory.

Further study is required.

Ah, they are both made by Loo.

I’m sorry.

Please, try a little harder.

Look, the children, who have just finished studying, are looking at us.

Yeah, I’ll work a little harder too.


The next day.

There’s an improved version of the ice shaving golem.

The improved version was made even before the first version was used.

It seems to have improved in terms of performance.

But that’s not the reason why I didn’t use it yesterday……

For now, let’s check it out.


It looks really powerful but it has dropped the ice thrice already.

It’s because the ice slides?

Well, obviously.

The ice that fell to the ground….it’s a waste but we can only throw it in the reservoir.

I’m sorry for the Fenrir who made ice using magic.

And finally, after shaving several pieces of ice…..

Let’s get it.

One cup only.

As expected, this can’t be used.

Also, don’t make the face of the golem look sad.

I saw you doing something on its back.

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