Chapter 18 –

—-at that time, the aroma of the curry I was cooking permeated.

「What in the world? This smell, is this….」

「Oh? Are you familiar with this smell?」

「Not just familiar……」

The demon king’s expression softened as she breathed deeply along with a surge of emotion.

「It’s a nostalgic smell……」

「That’s our food for today, katsu curry.」

Hearing what I said, Cornelia opened her eyes wide.

「Ka…..katsu curry!?」


It looks like something inside her snapped.

And her stomach’s grumble echoed at the hut.

「Maa, do you want to eat first?」

「Curry is delicious! Very delicious!」

With a smile on her face, Cornelia taps my shoulder.

What’s with this girl….why is she suddenly friendly?

「To think you’re a Japanese that can cook curry! Why didn’t you say that first? We almost got into a fight!」

And the way she addresses me has changed, from lord of this place to simple you…..

You wouldn’t even see a slight aggressiveness which she is full of when she comes here.

「Yeah….well, in short, you have eaten curry before and it is from a transmigrator like me?」

「Yeah. Since then—-my favourite food has been katsu curry!」

Maa, wherever world it is, curry will continue to be justice.

In this world, where civilization level is low….if you eat something like curry, you will be shocked.

「So, how much do you like katsu curry?」

Cornelia thought for a moment—and nodded.

「Well, if it is for katsu curry….I’m willing to fight against the world!」

「Oi oi, that’s too much like….」

Anyway, I feel her extraordinary passion for katsu curry.

And I also found that Cornelia put all the carrots on the edge of her plate.

「Do you hate carrots?」

「No, I don’t like all vegetables.」

「…..are you a kid?」

「No, I’m….are you asking me that because I look like one?」

You’re a kid, aren’t you? It is difficult to continue asking while you’re tilting your neck cutely like that.

「Maa, anyway, you and I are now allies!」

The demon king smiles and asked for a handshake/

You have curry on your cheeks and you look so cute.

However, why do I need to feed everyone around me?

I can only sigh.


Evening that day—

「I’ll be back to eat curry soon! Eat with me that time, okay?」

「Ah, I don’t mind.」

Cornelia smiles while holding a katsu curry bento as a souvenir.

「Make sure—-you’ll cook curry again, okay?」

「Yeah, of course. By the way, where do you live?」

「Just over there!」

She pointed at a mountain range on the west—-looking at it closely, there’s a huge mansion-like thing there.

「You live in a pretty big house. 」

「Well, I’m a demon king! I can’t live in a shabby house! 」

Maa, you’re right.

And like that, Cornelia said “See you later.” and leave.

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