Chapter 5.4 – Further Evolution

Upon accepting the Defreyer Clan to the tower, the tower became LV6.

The main reason is the Defreyer Clan’s Familia Treasure that was registered upon installation.

It seems like accepting things that are not originally in the tower was the condition to level up.

From now on, they will actively put things that are not included in the tower function in the tower.

Fortunately, the Defreyer Clan has become members of the tower so Kousuke thought that it would be good to ask them to look for samples they can install.

Or, he’ll just make a Crown Quest and make it a permanent collection request for the members.

The season setting has become functional since the tower leveled up to 5 so he thought it would be a good idea to bring plants that can only grow in a specific place.

There are many things he wants to do but for the time being, he put it behind and checked what has been added now that the tower is LV6.


Name: Moon Jewel

Installation Cost: 100000pt (Divine Power)

Description: A jewel with the power of the moon. Generates moon power to the surrounding. Stores power during the night and releases power during the day. Only one can be installed in the whole tower. It is possible to take and reinstall it to another floor.


Seeing that, Kousuke thought that the combination of moon and wolf was good. Though it is not only because of what Kousuke thinks, he also considered Nana’s blessing which is the Great God’s Shard(New Moon) so it is worth a try.

Fortunately, it can be placed in another place so there shouldn’t be a problem if it didn’t affect Nana’s skill.

Since the last time, the number of wolves on the 7th floor has increased and there are around 80 of them now.

Of course, Kousuke has listened to Nana’s opinion.

Thirty of them were transferred to the 9th floor.

On the 9th floor, everything that the base has was also installed there so he decided to install the moon jewel and see how it looks.

—Scene Change—

Kousuke took Collete to the 7th floor.

As soon as they found that Kousuke came in from the teleportation gate, the wolves gathered.

Nana is also one of those wolves.

By the way, here is the current status of Nana.


Personal Name: Nana

Race: White Wolf

Inherent Skills: Howl LV5, Tackle LV6, Bite LV6, Intimidate LV5, Group Action LV6, Language Comprehension(Familiar) LV5, Divine Power Control LV4, Fairy Language(No LV)

Blessing Skills: Command LV5, Great God’s Shard(New Moon)

Title: Kousuke’s Familiar, Great God’s Messenger


Perhaps because it is constantly defeating intermediate monsters that have appeared from the summoning circle, its skills broke through the walls of LV5.

Some of the other wolves also have LV6 skills.

In addition, some, including Hih who was one of his first summons, had grown in a different way compared to Nana.


Personal Name: Hih

Race: Black Wolf

Inherent Skills: Howl LV5, Tackle LV6, Bite LV6, Intimidate LV4, Group Action LV6, Long Distance Movement LV4, Hide LV3, Perception LV3, Take Down LV3

Blessing Skills: Command LV6

Title: Kousuke’s Familiar


There are several black wolves in addition to Hih.

Among them, there were those who could use fairy language so even if Nana’s not here, it is possible for them to speak with Kousuke with the help of Collete.

However, perhaps because of the low level of Language Comprehension(Familiar), it is difficult for them to convey their words to Kousuke directly so they are still far compared to Nana.

For now, Kousuke told Nana his future plan and told Hih and the others, who will stay on the 7th floor, to work hard in learning fairy language.

They are still fine since Nana is there but from now on, the wolves of the 7th floor will need to say what they need on their own.

Or is it better to leave the wolves how they want to communicate?

While thinking of such a thing, Kousuke headed to the 9th floor with Nana and 30 other wolves.


The things installed on the 9th floor were the same as the 7th floor with the exception of the “Moon Jewel”.

When Kousuke asked Nana through Collete if there’s anything else missing, she said she wanted to increase the number of wolves.

Kousuke returned to the management floor and installed <Gray Wolf Summoning Circle (10)> on the 7th and 9th floor respectively to increase the number of wolves.

Since there are a lot of them, he found it difficult to name them all.

By the way, Kousuke tried to change their names before and he managed to do so.

He thought that those that he changed names would be confused but nothing weird happened which means he didn’t need to worry about it.

If you call them by their new names, they will come close.

This might be the effect of the familiar title.

The wolves summoned by the circles on both floors will be 60 each.

Kousuke made sure to tell the wolves of the 9th floor to not damage the moon jewel with the fangs or claws through Nana just in case.

At the same time, it is also protected from monsters since the base is protected by a barrier. The only thing that can damage the jewel is the wolves.


By the way, Kousuke has previously set up summoning circles of monsters Rank C and D other than the “Nero Rabbits” but the wolves managed to subjugate them without any particular problem.

Kousuke divided the power of the two floors and summoned weak gray wolves so it will be better for them to hold it down a little but he’s not worried that much.

Not all wolves are doing subjugation work to begin with.

The wolves also thought it hard themselves whether it was their turn to subjugate.

Kousuke also prefers if they subjugate intermediate monsters because the amount of divine power acquired from them is the biggest yet. He plans to increase the number of floors with wolves.

However, he has foxes too so he’s not in a hurry to increase them.

Another reason is that there are terrains in the tower that are not suitable for wolves and foxes after all.

—Scene Change—

After leaving another wolf floor, Kousuke decided to see the foxes on the 8th floor.

「…..areh? Aren’t there new fox species?」

Collete, who was watching the foxes, asked with a confused expression.

「So, you noticed. The new species are sky fox and earth fox.」

「……sky fox and earth fox, could it be….!?」

「Eh? Why are you so surprised?」

Kousuke himself was surprised with the new species but Collete seems to be surprised in a different way.

「Sky fox and earth fox are rare and they can use holy and magic power and are considered as legendary creatures. At least, that’s what I heard from a tamer.」

Collete, who has traveled all over before coming to the Central Continent has met such a tamer.

「….ah, it’s true. They can use magic….」

Checking the status of the sky fox and earth fox, he found out that they have at least one magic.

The best example is <Fire Magic LV1>.

It seems like unlike the wolves, foxes don’t attack in groups and they are the type that hunts alone.

As far as Kousuke has seen, he has never seen more than three of them attack a monster.

On top of that, when Kousuke spoke with Wanli (via Collete), she said there’s no need to divide them yet so he decided to leave them be.

Though different from wolves, he decided to increase the number of intermediate monsters since the foxes’ strength has risen.

He also installed <Demon Fox Summoning Circle 10>.

With that, the number of foxes increased to fifty.


After seeing the wolves and foxes, Kousuke went back to the management floor and decided to add other things.

He decided that on each floor, there should be another base aside from the main one.

He installed a pair of new bases with two buildings and a small pond.

Using those bases, he thought that the fox and wolves would be able to dominate their respective floors more.

Time can only tell the effect of those newly installed buildings.


7th floor – gray wolf pack, (small pond(divine water) and barn) X3, God stone, black wolf(all wolves 40)

8th floor – fox pack, (small pond(divine water), barn, shrine(small)) X3, God stone, Multi tailed fox, several sky fox, several earth fox(all foxes 50)

9th floor – gray wolf pack, (small pond(divine water) and barn) X3, God stone, Moon Jewel, white wolf(all wolves 40)

Note: Each floor is regularly set up with slime summoning circles for food.

Intermediate summoning circle is set up once a week.

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