Chapter 658 – The “Just a Box” is Looking at Us

After contacting the village about the mysterious box I discovered, I took a leisure break in a place a little away from the box.

The more I look at that box, the more I want to open it.

I cut a tree and turned it into a chair I can sit on.

And of course, Kuro and Yuki naturally occupied the closest place to me.

Kuroichi, Alice, Kuroni, Iris, Uno, Kurosan, Kuroyon, and Eris took the next place that is closest to me.

I’m not telling them to give way to young ones but I figured out that they must have a hierarchy to follow.

I won’t go against it.


When I was killing time with the kuros, the oni maids, who might be the first batch of supports that came from the village, came with several kuro escorts.

The oni maids brought food and cooking utensils.

Is it time for lunch?

The kuros are also wagging their tails and are full of expectations.

The kuros were not eating lunch before but they also began eating lunch now.


Is this the reason why Kuro got fat?

No, the only one who got fat was Kuro.

Kuroichi and the others are not fat.

Perhaps it’s his lifestyle.


While enjoying lunch, Loo and the others arrived.

And I told them the information I know about the box.

No, I only explained how we discovered it. However, isn’t it faster to check out that box with your own eyes?

It’s right over there.

Is it dangerous?

No, I mean, there is certainly a possibility of it being a trap but….that’s not what you mean?

It could be far more dangerous?

First of all, it has not rusted even though it should be very old since it was already entangled with tree roots.

That alone is already a piece of evidence that it is something magical.

Second, why is it here?

It is inferred from several documents from four thousand years ago that the forest of death already existed.

And since ancient times, the forest of death is already the forest of death.

The forest of death has seen history.

And there’s a box here.

Loo explained that it reeks of danger.

「Although this is a little far from the village, it will be trouble if we think of the worst scenario.」

The worst scenario that Loo thinks of is that something like an ancient devil or a dragon is sealed in that box.

There are many legends of evil devils and dragons being sealed in the forest of death.

「But most of them are just made up.」

On behalf of the dragons, Hakuren said so.

In whatever legend it is, the super-powerful enemy will be sealed in the forest of death at the end of the story.

I see.

So that’s the reason why people are scared of the forest of death more than necessary.

I was relieved after hearing Hakuren but Loo’s not.

「…..most of them are just made up. That means some are real, right? He discovered it, given our previous experience, what do you think?」

What do you mean, Loo?

You mean like the demon king’s luck in draw lots?

And what happened, everyone?

Why are you all looking at me?

Donovan, don’t just lose hope and say “Ah, it’s village chief after all”.

I would be uneasy.

Why don’t we just bury that box again?

I’m curious about what’s inside that box but I won’t open it since everyone’s anxious.


I have noticed the existence of the box so leaving it alone is the worst move?

The best thing we could do now is to deal with it in this place… it?


And that’s it.

For now, we’re talking about how to open the box.

Anticipating Loo’s worst scenario, everyone thought of calling Dors, Girar, Guronde, and Rasuti.

By the way, Loo’s best scenario, it is only a monster called mimic.

 It seems to be a hard to deal with monster but we can just defeat it on the spot.

Then, is there a problem if we just defeat the ancient devil or dragon on the spot too?

It seems like there is.

We have to avoid that problem.

By the way, there’s a keyhole in the box. Can anyone try to pick its lock?


No one can.

It looks like we have no choice but to go to the adventurers guild of Village Five and get someone to pick its lock for us.

Sorry Gulf, can you go?

「Ehto….village chief, lock picking is not something you can request the adventurers guild to do.」



I’m sure adventurers unlock doors, right?

「It is a crime to pick up something without the owner’s permission. No adventurer will accept that quest.」


Is that so?


Then, what do adventurers do when they find a locked treasure chest in one of their adventures?

「They’ll break the treasure chest to open it.」


I see.

「Let’s get back to the topic….if you want to pick a lock, we should ask the locksmith guild.」

Locksmith guild?

That exist?

「Yes. However, if you are going to ask them to, we have to bring it to them. Given the possibility of what’s inside, I don’t think we should bring it there.」

You mean?

「The best way to deal with it is to break it like the adventurers.」

I see.

So, is that the reason why Hakuren is holding a stone?


A stone was thrown to the box.

Since Hakuren is not holding back, it will be blown to smithereens if hit.

Ah, she missed.

You’d like a rounder stone?

I carved a big stone with the AFT and gave it to Hakuren.


The box evaded?

「Great! It’s only a mimic!」

Loo is delighted.

So that’s a treasure box monster?


Ah, the box can evade so you want to get closer to it to make sure it can’t evade.

D-do your best.

Hakuren seems to be annoyed because she can’t hit it.


When Hakuren was about to throw, the box opened by itself.

「Loo, what’s happening?」

「It surrendered?」

「I see. Wait, Hakuren. Stop, stop! It already surrendered! Don’t throw a stone!」

I immediately stopped Hakuren.


Is the box looking at us?

No, it doesn’t have eyes.

So, Loo.

Is this a mimic?

「It doesn’t look like it. It doesn’t have a digestive system so it’s not. It’s just a box.」

Can a box evade a stone or open itself?

「It is like Quentan though it’s not an intelligence sword but an intelligence box. It’s not a mimic so it is a normal box inside.」

Loo took out a large book with elaborate design from the box.

It is a magic book so Loo is jumping happily.

Check it first if it is safe to look at.

And this box.

Can an intelligence box talk?

Can you?

Can you communicate with us?

Ah, how about answering yes or no by opening or closing your lid?

I closed the lid of the box and asked.

「Do you want to speak with us? If yes, open your upper lid. If no, keep it close.」

The lid opened slowly.



Adventurers Guild: We have people that can pick a lock but if they publicize it, they’ll be treated as thieves.

Locksmith Guild: We don’t do business trips since we don’t want to be treated as thieves.

Thieves Guild: Our business trips are top secret.

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