Chapter 20 – Certified Treasure of the Demon King-sama

「Hey, Ouroboros? Raise your head. What the heck is this about?」

「Well, it is about the mysterious farmer that I mention in my report to Cornelia-sama a few days ago…..I’m trying to make them stop their selfish behavior in Cornelia-sama’s garden…」

「Okay? However, didn’t I send you a letter yesterday? I’m sure I indicated that the lord of this house is my ally so utmost respect is necessary. Did you not receive that letter?」

「I may have…..misplaced it.」

That moment, the carefree expression of Cornelia disappeared, replaced by extreme anger.


「What is it, Cornelia-sama?」

「Taxation, is it? Want to destroy his property? What are you planning with my precious ally? It is fully your fault that you have not seen the letter. Isn’t everything happening now your fault?」

If you want to express what’s happening to a manga scene, there should be a bolt of lightning in the background.

Cornelia’s eyes are glowing and it feels like everything around is trembling.

I’m sure the mangaka will write “tremble tremble tremble” in the background too.

The way Cornelia stared at Ouroboros is terrifying after all.

「I………I…….I’m very sorry, Cornelia-sama!」

Ouroboros prostrated on the ground and headbutted the ground again and again and again.

「I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I’m very sorry! I didn’t know he was Cornelia-sama’s precious ally!」

I can even feel the tremor of the ground as she bangs her head on the ground.

Oi oi, you don’t have to go that far….that’s dangerous.

Moreover, rather than half crying, she’s weeping to the point that I don’t want to look at her.

Cornelia thought of something and spoke.

「Raise your head, Ouroboros.」

Ouroboros didn’t dare raise her head and keep her forehead on the ground.

「……..I’m sorry..」

「I said raise your head. Besides, I’m not the one you should be apologizing to, right?」

Ouroboros raises her head.

Then, while prostrating and with tears in her eyes, she sends a gaze of asking for mercy towards me.

「I did not know…..please forgive me.」

Then, Cornelia bowed to me.

「The misbehavior of the subordinate is the misbehavior of the boss. I did not make sure that my instruction was properly transmitted…..I have no excuse. I apologize for the rudeness of Ouroboros. I’m sorry.」

That moment, Maria opened her eyes wide and gasped.

「……..Cornelia-sama….a demon king…..lowered her head….?」

Not only Maria but Ouroboros looks extremely surprised too.

Given the reaction of these two, I guess the race called demon king won’t bow to anyone.

No, well, they’re the demon king after all.

「So, can you forgive me?」

If I didn’t say anything here, I’d be the one who’s being childish.

「I really don’t mind. Maa, I was surprised when she said she’ll break my hut and field though.」

Hearing what I said, Ouroboros prostrated again.

「I’m sorry!」

「Haha. I’m not saying that I hate you to the bones. Maa, since you’ve apologized that much, I think that’s enough. Raise your head.」

If she prostrates more than this, I’ll look like the bad guy.

「However, this is a problem….」

「What is?」

「You are my important ally. From now on, I can no longer afford to cause you trouble because of stupid things like lack of thorough instruction.」

「Well, that’s right.」

「Mou…..what should I do?」

Cornelia thought for a moment then nodded.

「Ouroboros, bring my favorite staff…the Evil Dragon Rod here.」

Hearing that, Ouroboros was stunned and asked Cornelia with fear….

「Cornelia-sama? Are you going to do that? I’m not sure if that is the right thing to do……」

「Of course. Isn’t he the human who can make katsu curry? He’s a very valuable human resource that is as important as a part of my body. It’s worth doing that.」

「Oi, what is that?」

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