Chapter 659 – Intelligence Box

The upper lid of the box opens and closes in response to my question.


I’m a little impressed.


However, I still calmly checked the people around me.

None of them is doing something like pushing a switch, right?

If they are making fun of me, no, it looks like no one’s doing anything…..

Yeah, I guess what’s happening is true.

However, does a box even need an ego? What’s the point of doing that?

If I ask the box, it can only answer with yes or no so I ask Loo.

「A box with ego, an intelligence box, has two advantages.」

According to Loo, one of the advantages is crime prevention.

By making a box recognize its master, it can be made into a box that no one else but the master can open.

I see.

Another advantage is organization.

「Even if you just throw things however you like in the box, the box will organize it.」


「In addition, if the box is experienced enough, it will place the items that its master needs at the most appropriate place so he can get it easily.」

It can do that?

That’s convenient.

「Yeah, that’s why an intelligence box is valuable and expensive. Moreover, given its size, it can be used in various ways. Also, the magic book inside is not damaged at all which means this box may have function for it.」

Loo is smiling.

Then, can it also organize medicinal herbs?


Let’s think more.

「Loo, how does this box organize things?」

「Ehto, I know that they can arrange items inside neatly. If you put a book, it will arrange it where you can easily pick it up or if you have a lot, it will arrange them where you can see their spines. Ah, it won’t arrange things when the box is open. You have to properly close its lid first before it organizes the things inside.」

「Even if you just throw things, it will organize them once you close the lid?」

「That’s right?」

「Can it sort out everything? For example, ingredients? 」

「It should be.」

Loo looks at the box as she answers.

The box opens its lid.

It’s a yes.

I see.


I made sure there was nothing in the box.

I shaved some firewood using the AFT and put the shaved firewood in the box.

Loo looks confused with what I’m doing but I only told her to wait a moment.

It’s embarrassing if I fail.

I closed the lid of the box and asked a question.

「Can we talk?」

The lid of the box opened and the shaved firewoods were arranged into letters.

“Of course, master.”

Ah, I’ve succeeded.

This will make us able to communicate.

I tried to brag to Loo but she looked depressed and pulled me.

Ah, is it because you haven’t thought of it?

……Loo shook her head.

That doesn’t seem to be the reason.

Then, why?

Loo ignored my question and showed me the magic book she had taken out from the box.

She opened the cover page.

「How to Make Flying Carpet」


This book is about making a flying carpet?

Loo turns the page and shows it to me.


The book has around 200 pages but only the first 10 pages are about making flying carpets. The rest is like a training diary or rather, a training method for flying carpet.

Maa, I might be wrong since I didn’t read it carefully.

When I said that, Loo was almost crying.

「When we get back home, please help me translate this from the first page.」



Loo can’t read this magic book!

The characters displayed by the box too!

I only found out now that the characters of the book are the same as the characters the box used to communicate with us.


“They are the Devil Empire characters and I think it should be pretty popular desu. Ah, perhaps you can’t read the magic book because it is basically encrypted desu.”

The box wrote those but Loo doesn’t seem to be consoled.

But the box did not bother.

“Flying carpets are also called intelligence carpets so you can call them my colleagues desu.”


“I was also transported using….Ah! I remember!”

What is it?

“The flying carpet that was carrying me began to rampage over this forest and dropped me!”

That was tough.

Are you injured?

“Don’t worry desu. I’m confident with my sturdiness and if it is only a small dent, I can repair it myself.”


You’re good.

“Thank you for your praise. And from what I remember, I’m not the only box it was carrying.”


“Including me, 15 boxes fell.”



All of you are intelligence boxes?

“That’s right desu. Master, will you please find my relatives? I don’t know how long it has been since we fell but we have to find them before it’s too late.”

What do you mean by too late?

“We, intelligence tools, have ego but if we stop thinking for a long time, we will lose our ego and become ordinary tools desu. I also slept for a long time until I was shocked earlier. If I did not meet master, I would end up as an ordinary box.”

I understand.

Then, we’ll have to find them as soon as possible.

I told those around me to start looking for boxes.


Fifteen boxes.

One is in front of me so there should be fourteen more.

It will be difficult to find all of them in this forest but I want to at least find as much as possible.

Or so I thought but we were able to discover the remaining fourteen boxes easier than I thought.

The kuros found them in inconspicuous places and I just dug them up using the AFT.

The boxes seemed to be happy to be reunited given how they open and close their lids.

Yeah, none of those boxes lost ego and became an ordinary box.

That’s good news.

The rest is… are we going to bring these boxes which are big enough for a person to hide in?

Since I’ve already been involved, I can’t just leave them alone.

This forest is also kind of dangerous.

All right, let’s ask the dragons.

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