Chapter 55 – Fluffy’s Special Skill?….Let’s Make Something for Now

I want soy sauce.

However, soy sauce can’t be made without soybeans.


Then, is there any kind of seasoning I can make with what I presently have?


There’s a lake. There should be fish there, right?

If I have fish, I should be able to make fish sauce.

From what I watched on TV, to make some, I should mix fish and salt and ferment it….

That should be smelly but it’s worth a try.

For now, let’s go to the lake.

—Scene Change—

I came to the lake and it’s very wide.

I can’t see any curses and it’s something refreshing to see.

So, are there fishes in this lake?


….I can’t see any from the bank.

What should I do?

How about using a fishing rod?

How do I make one?


The rod can be made of wood and as for the thread, I’ll ask three eyes.

The rest are hook and bait….

Hook….this is quite a problem.


Hio and Kurou came with me and they are watching over the place.



Fluffy looks the same today.

For some reason, Fluffy has been flying around restlessly since morning.

What’s wrong?


Fluffy, fluffy, fluffy.

Ehto, it’s kind of disturbing to fly around before me.

Are you trying to tell me something?

It’s harder to read its movement. Harder than boss-san and Shuri.

「Fluffy, I want to catch some fish.」

Hearing what I said, it turned away from me and moved its wings for some reason.

Ah, this is the first time I see its wings moving.

Then, it flies towards the distant part of the lake.


And jumped in.

Is it okay?


The lake glowed blue and something was thrown out of the lake.

It looks like it will land in front of me.


I see. Fluffy is good at catching fish.

I thought it was just a small fish.

When it arrived in front of me, I saw a 5m long fish splashing.

This is the thing that Fluffy catches for me.

「Haha, thanks. You helped me a lot?」

I caught a fish!

Let’s grill it.

—Scene Change—

I caught the big fish with my hand and….cut its head on the spot since I don’t know how I should deal with it.

The internal organs are unnecessary too so I obliterated them.

I cool it with magic and use time stop.

I move it by floating in the air.


All thanks to magic.


I cut the big fish and washed it cleanly.

Since this is a trial product, I’ll use 1/6 of the fish first.


I don’t know how much salt to use too.

It should be quite a lot so how about 20% of the fish?


But, how should I measure the amount of salt?

Imagination imagination.


That’s too rash.


Let’s just do our best using eye measurement.

I made a container using silver ore and cleaned it.

When I cut the fish, blood gushed out.

Because of that, I drained it using magic.

It’s great that I’ve already made a lot of salt.


I put it in the container and added some salt.

I close the lid. Now, all I have to do is wait a year or two.

I can only force time to go in the container for three months at a time using magic.

I use it repeatedly until the 4th time.

It should have fermented already.


I open the lid….ah, the unique smell.

I was surprised because this is only my first try.

I filtered it using a cloth.

It became a clear brown liquid.


I think it’s a little salty but it is still acceptable.

I grilled meat and put a little on it. It’s good.

Koa and the others are eating like there’s no tomorrow.

There was even a conflict between her and Shuri and the battle terrified the antlings.


The fish is seasoned with salt and grilled.

 I’ve finally eaten fish after a long time. There’s no peculiar smell of a river fish and it’s quite delicious.

I want rice.

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