Chapter 21 – A Maid Came to My House

「Maa, watch.」

Cornelia concentrated on the spot. A storm blew around and a gigantic magic circle appeared on the ground.

The brilliant geometric patterns extend rapidly not only to the whole field but even to the depths of the forest.

Then Maria gasped and said “Ah”.

「This is…..dragon emperor’s divine protection….」

「Yes! That’s right!」

「However, I can’t believe it! To use it and target the land….something like this has never been heard of!」

Maria said so with an expression of astonishment.

As for me, I’m looking at the shining geometric patterns on the ground, stupefied.

「By the way, what do you mean by dragon emperor’s divine protection?」

「Do you know that dragons collect treasures?」

Maa, that’s a classic setting in a fantasy world.

There are many stories saying you’ll get treasures after defeating a dragon.

「Yes, I’m aware of that.」

「This hut and even the land around have been certified as a treasure house of a dragon.」

「Treasure house?」

「Yes, Tatsuya-sama was even…’ve been certified as Cornelia-sama’s treasure. If you stay within this barrier, it will be an absolute barrier against monsters.」

Cornelia nodded.

「There is no mistake in Maria’s explanation. Maa, let me explain it in my own way too. You can consider this divine protection as my marking.」


「Yeah. This mark of mine is like saying to everyone that my treasure is in this place. If you cause any trouble within this barrier….it means you are looking for a fight with me. Any monster or demon beast will be afraid of my magical power and won’t dare approach this place. Demons that can converse will realize what this barrier means upon entering. No one would want to anger me unless it’s a fool. 」

「So that’s what all of this is about? To stop any kind of trouble in this place?」

「It is as you say. Maa, it won’t work for humans though. However, a high-ranking magic-user might get vigilant.」

「Maa, that already saved us a lot of trouble. Thank you.」

Then, the stunned Maria speaks.

「This can’t be taken lightly. A simple “thank you” is not enough, Tatsuya-sama.」

「What do you mean?」

「There can only be one dragon treasure house with a barrier desu. In other words, Cornelia-sama disposed of the divine protection on her own treasury to set up the barrier in this place…」

Oi oi, how much is she planning on taking care of me?

While thinking so, I stared at Cornelia.

「Do I deserved to receive your divine protection?」

「Of course! You are my important ally! Do I need to hold back on my generosity towards my own ally? In addition, you can also think of this as compensation for the misbehavior of my subordinate.」

The demon king-sama, who looks like a twelve-year-old girl, is smiling at me.

A very cute smile.

I guess I have to buy curry roux later….

Also, I don’t feel bad being liked by a beautiful little girl.

「Have I already said that I want a morning curry?」

「Ah, as thanks for the dragon emperor’s divine protection….I’ll give my all to cook you some!」

「Great! Fufu, you’re really a good guy!」

Cornelia jumped up with both hands in the sky.

She looks very happy.

「Now then, Ouroboros.」

「What is it, Cornelia-sama?」

「About your punishment…..」

Hearing that, Ouroboros was terrified and knelt on the ground again.

「I’ll accept whatever punishment you’ll give.」

「No no, didn’t she already apologized to me?」

「No, it’s about taking responsibility. Taking responsibility is important. That is non-negotiable.」

Then, Ouroboros asked Cornelia fearfully with her head down….

「What should I do?」

「From now on, you’ll be a maid of this house and you should help with all the housework.」

「…..I understand.」

「Cool your head for a while and after that… your best to serve this man with all your heart, okay?」

「Leave it to me, Cornelia-sama.」

Oi oi, don’t just decide that on your own.

Maa, it looks like they won’t listen no matter what I’ll say….

For now, let’s start making curry.

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