Chapter 56 – The Basics of Cultivating Vegetables….Chibi Ants, Chibi Spiders

I noticed something after I planted the potatoes.

Are there four seasons in this world too?

If there are four seasons, that means there are seasons where I can or can’t plant vegetables….


It’s getting hot little by little since I came to this world.

I think we should be heading to summer now if there’s summer in this world.

Perhaps it is already summer.

….what a headache.


There is also the problem of how to cultivate vegetables.

Before, I had the strength of my father and the pocket money he gave to buy organic fertilizer.

However, I have never planted vegetables before.


What are the things I need to consider?

Watering, pest control, and fertilizing only?

Let’s make rock dolls for those.

There’s no way I can handle everything on my own given the size of this field.


After going home, I thought that I should not only use rock but also monster stone.

I have found during my experiment that light blue and blue are water,  and green is healing.

Currently, I have 3 light blue, 3 blue, 2 green, and 2 transparent.

I still don’t know what’s the effect of the transparent ones but let’s try to use it.


I made rock dolls and put the monster stones on their foreheads.

I poured a lot of magical power so that each doll can use magic.

After that, I imagine farm work and some key things for pest control.

I made sure I imagined it clearly. If you see pests, attack and destroy them.


I tried greeting them.

Why is everyone saluting?

Maa, I guess I succeeded since they moved. By the way, I named them the farming corps.

It’s the name of a whole group but that doesn’t really matter.


Please take care of me from now on.


—Scene Change—


The farming corps is amazing.

The dolls with light blue and blue stones were watering the whole field with drizzle.

Though I’m still unsure if this can be called success.

As for the green stones dolls….wind? Healing wind?

They are making the field windy.

I don’t even know why.

The transparent stone dolls seemed to be on the side of giving instructions.

They requested me to increase their number to three times.

As expected, the field is still too big for the few of them.


… I imagining things or are there new ridges?


Boss-san and Shuri brought white balls to me.

The one that boss-san brought is as big as three basketballs.

As for Shuri, it’s as big as two.


They brought them in front of me.

I’m sandwiched by boss-san and Shuri’s white balls.

….what are those?

Also, what do you want me to do with them?


Boss-san puts its foreleg on the white ball…ah, are you pouring magic power to it?

It stopped and pushed the white ball in front of me.

Shuri did the same.


You want me to pour magic power on them?

Maa, okay.

I put my hands on each white ball and pour magic power to them.

The white balls seem to be able to accumulate magical power.

There’s not even an overflow.


Eh? How much should I pour?

I’ve been pouring magic power to them for tens of minutes.





I was surprised when I heard a crack….but what happened next made me panic.


Tons of chibi spiders and chibi ants came out.

They are as big as a little finger, about the size when I first met the spiders.

I never expected them to be eggs.


I had a nightmare that night. I dreamed of being devoured by countless little creatures. I was really scared. 

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