Chapter 5.6 – Consultation and Plan

Mitsuki was consulted by Shrine but her response was very brief.

「You think too much.」

「……what? No, but……..」

Seeing the puzzled Shrine, Mitsuki was surprised.

「As you know, Kousuke-sama didn’t like it when you drink his blood before but other than that, he has already accepted you.」

「No, I know he is but, aren’t we talking about love…..?」

「Right? Then, tell me how do you know a person loves you?」

「His actions and words….eh?」

Shrine suddenly felt that her doubt was unfounded so she did not say it.

Thinking about it carefully, Kousuke indeed did not tell her in words but his actions towards her are obvious.

Shrine is deliberately getting close to Kousuke and he doesn’t reject her at all.

At first, he thought she’s only planning to suck his blood so he maintains a certain distance from her but now, that’s no longer the case.

And after thinking that far, Shrine suddenly thought.

「……..perhaps the way he treated me before was not just because he didn’t want me to suck his blood….?」

「…… just noticed?」

Seeing Mitsuki’s gaze towards her, the frustrated Shrine blushed.

Until now, she didn’t realize.

At first, she thought he was just like that because he doesn’t want his blood to be sucked. However, he was just being overly conscious towards her.

She never thought of it before because his first impression of her is so strong.

「……..somehow….I feel like I’ve been manipulated….」

There’s too much to think that Shrine falls into a little self-loathing.

Seeing Shrine like that, Mitsuki laughed.

「In addition, Kousuke-sama himself is not aware.」


Giggle….maa, anyway, I have a suggestion or perhaps it is better to call it an advice.」

Mitsuki is giggling while saying that to the depressed Shrine.

「Kousuke-sama, because of his character, will not try to make a move on you. Perhaps because he has me and Kouhi.」

Since Kousuke already has Kouhi and Mitsuki, he won’t try to lay his hands on any other woman.

Even if he’s a man who most likely wants a harem himself, he won’t do it.


Shrine, who realized it, was lost in thought.

There’s too much to think about after hearing Mitsuki’s words.

Shrine sighed and bowed her head to Mitsuki.

「…….haa, what is it….Mitsuki-dono, I wish to express my gratitude by the way.」

Mitsuki is in a position where it wouldn’t be strange if she decided to remove her to make sure there won’t be competition but it was surprising that she’s cooperating with her.

Rather than stopping her, she even feels like she wants to create a harem for Kousuke herself.

Seeing the bowing Shrine, Mitsuki waved her right hand.

「Fear not. I’m doing this because I have my reasons. At least I can assure you that I have nothing against you for now.」

Hearing Mitsuki trying to clarify things, Shrine can only reply with a wry smile.

「Maa, that’s great….anyway, I have to thank you for enlightening me so I’ll try a lot of things from now on.」

「Oh, then, I have a proposal for you, do you mind?」

「Fumu. Let’s hear it.」

Hearing Mitsuki’s proposal, Shrine became more and more interested and in the end, she said “Interesting. Let’s do it.”.


—Scene Change—


Sylvia was asked by Mitsuki and Shrine for a consultation and was taken to the Vamilinear Castle.

And now, she was caught up in various ways by the “consultation” she heard from the two.

Thinking about it, she already felt an ominous wind drifting since morning.

This morning, like usual, she’s in a room on the management floor. She was training with god’s pendant to communicate with Goddess Erisamir.

By the way, it was Sylvia who called it the god’s pendant. Kousuke said that she should be the one to name it and since then, Sylvia has called it god’s pendant.

Thanks to her training, although for a short time, she can now communicate with Goddess Erisamir alone.

However, if Goddess Erisamir is busy, there’s a possibility that it wouldn’t connect.

Most of the time, when it is connected it will end with a short conversation of “Please do your best to train with that tool”.

In the past, she thought that if the goddess was busy, she would stop training momentarily but on the contrary, Goddess Erisamir encouraged her to continue training and try to connect with her any time.

Because of that, it has become her usual routine. However, today is different. Before disconnecting, she was left with disturbing words.

『You will be presented with an important choice so choose properly. I hope you make a good choice for yourself.』

The goddess said that and left.

For Sylvia, that is obviously an oracle from Goddess Erisamir.

However, Sylvia at that time didn’t think much of it.

And then, the time to make a choice came.

She was forced to make a choice. And it came from Mitsuki and Shrine.

Since it is only a “consultation”, Sylvia thought that it shouldn’t be related to the oracle since Goddess Erisamir did not say the word “consultation”.

However, when the two asked her, she was certain that this “consultation” was what the oracle is referring to.

She doesn’t know whether it was right or wrong but she thought that she would never have this chance again for the rest of her life.

She’s also being covered with fear since she doesn’t know if the risk is worth it.

Well, Sylvia thought of that as a kind of “escapism”.

「……ehto, do I really have to answer now? I would like to think about it slowly if possible.」

「Don’t you think that momentum is important?」

Mitsuki agrees with Shrine.

It seems like she can’t reply at a later date.

However, there’s an oracle so she tried to earn time.

「B….but it’s too rushed. I can’t reply immediately.」

「Am I the only one who thinks you already have given an answer?」

Sylvia became silent when Mitsuki said that.

Mitsuki is exactly right.

When she heard the “consultation” of the two, she only felt embarrassed and bewildered. She didn’t reject it at all.

After realizing it, the other two stayed silent as Sylvia.

It was not that she had no time to think anything but she already had an answer to begin with.

「I understand. I will go with your proposal.」

In the end, like Shrine, Sylvia also wants to break the status quo.

Hearing Sylvia’s reply, Mitsuki and Shrine decided to proceed with their “plan”.

They decided to do the “plan” tonight.


—Scene Change—


At that time, Kousuke was relaxing in a bath on the management floor.

When he first made a bath, it could only be used by three people at the same time but since the members had increased, he installed it again but now its size can fit ten people at the same time.

That night, Mitsuki was doing something with Shrine and Sylvia so he’s all alone.

He doesn’t mind sharing the bath with someone else but he’s also fine using it alone since he can relax more.

While thinking of such a thing, the relaxing Kousuke heard the sound of someone coming into the bath.

At that time, he thought Kouhi and Mitsuki came in.

「Wh……wh-wha-what are you doing…..!?」

But it was Shrine and Sylvia who entered.

Moreover, they only have towels wrapped around their wonderful bodies.

「What do you mean what? We thought that we should take a bath together.」

「Don’t you want to?」

Shrine was somewhat in a slightly trembling state while Sylvia was completely red.

「No, I don’t mind. Rather, I’m glad…..what am I saying….!?」

Kousuke was also somewhat confused.

「No, but….are you sure?」

「Are you really saying that? You’re really dense. No, she already said that we should expect this….」

「As expected of Mitsuki-sama desu wa…..Kousuke-sama, we won’t do this if we don’t have the resolve.」

「Eh…..!? Are you fine with doing this?」

As expected, Kousuke understood the meaning behind Sylvia’s words.

Shrine replied for the two of them.

「That’s right. Originally, we wanted you to make a move first but we were told that it probably won’t happen.」

Kousuke immediately understood who told them that.

Moreover, he already has noticed the three of them doing things covertly since the whole day.

And Mitsuki’s prediction was indeed accurate.

「Is it really alright?」

Both nodded, which is the final confirmation for Kousuke.

He has no intention of rejecting the two who had done so far.

He doesn’t even feel like he’s dancing on Mitsuki’s palm. Instead, he’s thankful. In the end, Kousuke accepted the two.

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