Chapter 22 – I Don’t Dislike Maid-san Of Course

「See you later! I’ll have curry again when I return!」

「Aren’t you going to get bored with curry like that?」

「I wouldn’t mind eating curry as my three meals!」

「Oi oi…’re seriously going to get sick of it.」

「No way! Absolutely no way!」

「Then, instead of eating the same curry again and again, I’ll make you a curry hot pot. Though I can’t cook it if I don’t have cabbage and leek.」

「Hou? Curry hot pot!?」

Dusk, after Cornelia left—-

When Ouroboros was cleaning the hut, a cyclops arrived.

The cyclops can’t talk but according to the letter it brought, it seems to be Cornelia’s messenger.

A package was also given to me along with that letter. The cyclops bowed after I received it and left.

—so, it’s a package but….there was a maid’s clothes in it.

「Is that from Cornelia-sama?」

「Ah, yes but it’s a maid’s clothes.」

As if understanding Cornelia’s intention, Ouroboros took the package and disappeared into the warehouse.

Then, Ouroboros, who changed into maid’s clothes, came back to the hut.

「What do you think of my clothes…..master-sama?」

「Maa, you don’t have to address me with “sama”.」

Perhaps because she changed her clothes, she no longer gives off the behind the scene organization atmosphere.

Or rather, she now falls to a normal beauty you can fall in love with.

Then, Ouroboros picks the hem of her clothes with both of her hands and raises it slightly.

「Please take care of me from now on, master. If there is anything that inconveniences you, please let me know.」

Ouroboros bows.

Ah, she’s so maid-like.

「If you don’t like it, you don’t have to do that.」

「Cornelia-sama ordered…..I’ve been taking care of the demon king’s residence as Cornelia-sama’s close aide. From here on, I’ll stay here.」

「Maa, if you don’t want to be here, you can leave anytime….」

Ouroboros blushed slightly and asked.

「I usually look like that but…..」

What look? Ah, she means that high exposure clothes of her.

「—actually, I’m inexperience.」


What are you talking about?

And I tilted my neck a little.

「I mean, we have to share the bed tonight so….it would be inconvenient if you don’t know that.」

「…..what do you mean?」

Ouroboros’s face turned red.

「I have already prepared myself and have enough resolve.」

Oi oi, seriously….

「…..Cornelia didn’t order you that much, right?」

「No」Ouroboros shook her head to the left and right.

「I’m also a woman so even if Cornelia-sama orders me….I won’t do it.」

「What are you saying?」

「Master is a man who Cornelia-sama deemed an important ally….I didn’t notice it earlier but master has tremendous power. As my second lord, I thought that you deserve to receive everything I have….」

「No, but…..」

Ouroboros turned her teary puppy eyes to me as if begging.

—–whooow, so sexy.

Though a different type compared to the cute Sonja and sexy dynamite like Maria.

Her slightly flat chest gives off some kind of excitement…..I’ve never met someone as bewitching as her.

「—-you don’t like me….?」

Thus, I said my honest feelings.

「I don’t dislike you at all.」

And, well, in such a way, another person—-a new housemate joined our hut.

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