Chapter 57 – Exploring the Forest….Chai’s Friends

The field has become more amazing than I ever expected.

The farming corps, chibi ants, and chibi spiders are the ones responsible for it.

When I process a tree to plant support sticks, I only have to leave it there and someone will put them on the field for me.

More specifically, the chibi ants and chibi spiders.

I don’t get near them not because I’m scared or anything but I just don’t want to accidentally step on one.

Thank you for your supervision, one eye.


The farming corps has also evolved from their day-to-day works.

They are doing their jobs more and more efficiently as the day goes by.

That’s kind of strange. I mean, how can they learn?

It’s a mystery.


The oni-sans that are processing fur are doing their job perfectly.

Compared to when they were just starting, the fur they process now feels amazing.

I don’t even know how they do it.

They are simply amazing.


The clothes that the three eyes are making have also leveled up.

They finally were able to make a shirt.

I was surprised with the cargo pants style they made too.

When I wake up in the morning, my clothes for the day have already been prepared.

But I kind of find it a little scary.


—Scene Change—


The forest exploration is ongoing.

It was a treasure trove of ingredients and the number of storage warehouses has increased.

Aside from the two, 3 new refrigerated rooms are now added and there are now 5 active time stop rooms.

That’s basically 5 rooms for each type.

I’m still thinking of whether to increase them a little more because of winter.

It was good that my rock house is big.


Today, we are still searching around.

My companions are Chai and Koa.

On top of Chai is a fist-size spiderling. It has grown that much.

…..Is that alright?


However, if you look up, you can see spiderlings bigger than fist jumping between trees.

Recently, the spiderlings have grown individually.

Some of them became big.

It’s strange.

「A cave」

A new cave was discovered.

The first cave was Koa’s, the 2nd one was Shuri’s, what about this one?

I’m worried since it is dark but I still tried to enter the cave.


And I was attacked the moment I entered.

I have strengthened my barrier so I’m not injured.



In front are, hnn?

There are 7 dogs that look like Chai.

Chai is barking towards them but they are not reacting.

The spiderlings are making menacing sounds and they are still not reacting.


They don’t have the black pattern like Shuri but they gave off the same atmosphere.

Are they possessed?

I want to exorcise them immediately but it is difficult to move around.


It can’t be helped.


I’m kind of uneasy with just imagining them being bound with a rope so I imagined them being confined in a cage.

I succeeded in stopping their movement.

Looking closely at the 7 animals, they are strangely thin and injured.

「Binding curse cancellation」

A circle of light surrounded each of the 7 animals.

A wall of light covered and light poured to them.


When the light went out, all seven animals fell.

Some of them even vomited blood.


I did it in a hurry since I don’t want them to die.

They did well in surviving until now.

Were they waiting for me?


Their breath calmed down and even Chai calmed down.

I’m still shocked when I saw them vomiting blood.

I’m really glad they didn’t die.


When the dogs regained consciousness, they became really scared.

Chai tried to speak with them and they gradually calmed down and checked the surroundings.



Now that I’m relieved, I feel angry.

I imagine lightning falling towards the one who made this curse.

「Divine Punishment」

Since I have not made a solid image, it shouldn’t be casted.

Maa, it’s a matter of feelings and I feel a little refreshed.

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