Chapter 23 – The Bath is Ready

The bath is ready.

It’s only a primitive type where I hollowed out a huge piece of timber.

I semi-buried it on the ground making it an open-air bath.

It can be used by five people of everyone’s standing but probably can only accommodate one if the user is sitting.

I think this is more of a goemon bath that I used in my grandmother’s house in the countryside.

Of course, pouring warm water is a pain.

I had to boil water several times in a big pot used at ramen stores I ordered in the offering box. I also have to prepare the proper ratio of hot and cold water.

Maa, honestly, it obviously needs tremendous effort.

I have to improve it in the future—


I said that with a sigh.

When I came here, the only way to clean myself was by using the river.

Naturally, I go there every day but there’s no way a man like me who was born and raised in the modern world would be satisfied.

After all, only a bath can heal my tired body.

Maa, even though I said I’m tired, it’s not about farm work. It’s because of the three partners.

As expected, even if I have the skill king of the night, I’ll get tired after being attacked alternately.

—-mainly because of my sleep time.

In addition, the special foxkin guest also joins once a week.

Moreover, when the foxkin comes, Sonja eats the archdragon’s liver with her….turning her into a berserker rabbit.

To be honest, that’s a situation where I feel I almost can’t take it anymore.

It appears that it contains a mysterious substance that activates beastkin’s mating season.

After taking on Sonja like that, the remaining two will say it’s their turn….as if that’s the normalest thing to happen.

Maa, it’s okay since I don’t hate it at all.

I look up at the sky while thinking about it—-

「Ah, there are two moons.」

I know of the red moon but today, there’s also a normal moon.

Perhaps the normal color moon can only be seen occasionally due to the rotation of the planet or something.

「I have never looked up at the night sky like this…..」

At first, my life depended on catching snakes and then a woman came, then I was ripped off….in the end, I met a demon king.

Maa, anyway, my life here has been on track.

I don’t have any food problems and if I ask Arisa, I’ll be able to procure things from the city.

If I want seasonings, the offering box has every kind.

Yeah, I think I can live steadily in this world from now on.

And more than anything else, they are all so cute…….really cuteeeee!!!

After thinking all of those, I climbed out of the bath and entered the hut. Sonja rushed up.

「Bath time desu♪ I’ll be going next desu♪」

She seems to be in a very good mood. She’s even hopping.

I mean, I heard that there’s no habit of taking a bath in this world and I was shocked culturally when I heard that.

「This is my very first bath desu♪」

Then, Sonja takes off her clothes and tries to run to the open-air bath without even wearing a towel.

She looks like a first-year high schooler or a third-year middle schooler and she’s naked. I thought of various things.

However, her skin quality is also like that whether you touch or look.

「Hey, wait a minute.」

「What is it desu?」

Then, I handed some modern goods I got from the offering box to Sonja.

「My present.」

Present, is it?」

I nodded while Sonja tilted her neck as she received it.

「….ah, perhaps….that will surprise you.」

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