Chapter 58 – Knight of a Certain Country 3

-Emperors Kingdom’s 1st Knight’s Commander’s POV-

25 mages, the 2nd Knight Order will be their guards.

The 5th knight order will be responsible for monster subjugation.

I look at them.

The 2nd knight order seems to be a little nervous.

As for their commander, not that much.

The 5th knight order is a combat group that has been strengthened by the magic stone.

Hunting is their specialty.

「They will be burning the forest.」

A friend stands next to me.

It is rare that no one was blamed for a failed mission but even the king himself is shocked.

The power of the magic stone that should have been absolute was broken.


It has been a few days since the 4th knight order returned.

The inside of the castle was strangely quiet.

Then, mages were gathered and even the 5th knight order was called.

The king seems to have decided to destroy the forest.


It is said that there is a powerful magical power in the forest now.

It is unknown if that is true since no one has gone inside to examine it.

There are still too many things we don’t know about the forest.

Is it even okay to burn the forest?

「You seemed uneasy. If the cause was erased, won’t the problem be solved?」

My friend seemed to have noticed my doubt.

Since the problem is at the center of the forest, just burn the forest and everything will be solved.

That sounds like it makes sense but it is actually a very terrible decision.

How many of those who are gathered here understand that?

「If the cause of the problem is a king of the forest, it may be a little effective.」

「It has already been declared earlier but, the power of the mages gathered is considerable.」

Yes, the mages gathered now can even boast that they are the most powerful mages in the kingdom.

They have records that back up their confidence of not failing and even the king is confident with their ability.

「They are certainly powerful.」

In the human world, their magical power is so great that it can be called a nightmare.

I heard that they will join forces to burn the forest once and for all.

This is probably the most powerful force gathered in human history.

However, like I said, in human history.

「Can humans even do something to an existence higher than the king?」


From the time I heard that they were going to burn the forest, I was struck with extreme anxiety.

I’ve stayed quiet but something will surely happen.

「Commander, the sky is….」

I heard my vice commander’s voice from behind.

I look out of the window and check the sky out.


It is sunny.

We also trained earlier.


「What is….that cloud….」

Black clouds suddenly patch a part of the sky.


Boom boom boom boom….boom


The whole castle shook with that loud sound.

Screams can be heard all over the castle.


That loud sound echoed many times.

And each time, the castle shakes.

The knights are also unable to cope.


All the window panes at the king’s audience hall broke and scattered.


Something passed through the window….. a bolt of lightning.

In an instant, the hall became hell.


Perhaps a minute or two.

I’m not sure but it is only for a short time.

Fire came out from all over the castle and people around were running to extinguish the fire.


A bolt of lightning entered the audience hall just after the window panes broke, there’s no way that’s a normal phenomenon.

I started at where the king is.

And I shifted my gaze to the king’s feet.

The floor was black, an evidence of where the lightning fell.

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