Chapter 5.8 – New Skill

Recently, Kousuke has been working with Isunani to create a new divine tool but it’s not going well.

To put it bluntly, they don’t even have any idea what to do.

What they’re trying to make is something that has a chat function.

It all started when Isunani heard Kousuke murmurs it would be convenient if they can converse away from each other.

Originally, there is a magic called telepathy so they thought that if they devise it from there, they would manage to do something but it’s not useful to them at all.

They also tried to base it on the divine engraving machine but it was not helpful. They realized that they have to completely make it from scratch.

That time, the two of them concluded that creating a chat tool would be a long-term battle.

For this reason, they decided to stop creating the tool and slowly research about it first.


Because of that, Kousuke decided to check the function of the tower on the management floor.

Since he established crown and put demi-humans on several floors, he decided to review the tower’s function.

He found some interesting things to install so he decided to install them.

There are three of them namely the fragment of the sun, fragment of the moon, and fragment of the star.

There were other fragments too but he chose those three first because they are related to divine power.

As for why, he thought it is probably because they are related to the three great gods.

If he asked them something about the tower, they wouldn’t answer as he already tried to ask Sylvia to ask Eris.

The only answer Sylvia received was “Do as you please”.

Kousuke didn’t mind since there’s no problem in the first place.

Anyway, he installed those three.

There are various interesting things yet to be installed but considering the installation cost, he narrowed down the choices to those three.

The place he installed them is the fox’s floor which is the 8th floor.

He installed one for each base.

In addition, he also installed summoning circles at each base and decided to head to the 8th floor to start summoning.


—Scene Change—


Kousuke went to the 8th floor with Kouhi and Collete.

However, it has already been a day after he installed those three fragments and summoning circles.

He decided to delay going there since he thought there’s no way the effect will immediately come out right after the installation.

Well, he already expected that a day won’t be enough either.

He brought Collete to converse with Wanli of course.

He wondered if he was bothering her so much but since Collete seems to be looking forward to playing with Wanli, he stopped thinking too much.

They came to the 8th floor after a day of installation but whether there will be changes or not is unknown.

Wanli immediately greeted Kousuke’s party as soon as they arrived on the 8th floor via the teleportation gate. There’s a change in Wanli.

「Whoah, oi, hey, wait….!」

Wanli dashed and jumped to Kousuke in no time.

Kousuke, who wasn’t able to stop her, fell on his back but Wanli began to lick his face regardless of it.

「Mmmm, hey…it tickles…」

Even though he said that, Kousuke doesn’t want her to stop.

Kouhi and Collete, who looked at them while smiling, noticed Wanli’s change.

「Wa……wait……her tail has increased….!?」

Hearing Collete, Kousuke turns his gaze to Wanli’s tail.

「Ah, right….Wanli, did you grow a little?」


Wanli tilted her neck as a reply.

As expected, given that reaction, Collete doesn’t even need to interpret.

「Her tail increased and her body got bigger, right?」

「That’s right.」

Kouhi agreed with Kousuke’s confirmation.

Then, Collete conveyed that to the clueless Wanli through spirits.


When Collete conveyed to her what happened, Wanli looked surprised.

「….no, how can you not notice…..」

「From the time I woke up this morning, everyone was acting weird and I thought that’s weird.」

The everyone she’s referring to are the foxes at the base.

「Ah, is that so? Do you feel anything different?」

After hearing those from Collete, Kousuke checked Wanli’s status through his left eye.


Personal Name: Wanli

Race Name: Multi-Tailed Fox

Inherent Skill: Fox Fire LV6, Bite LV5, Evasion LV6, Detection LV6, Language Comprehension(Familiar) LV4, Divine Power Control LV5 Fairy Language Yang Fire LV1

Blessing Skill: Transform LV3, Telepathy LV4

Title: Kousuke’s Familiar, Sun God’s Blessed


Her overall LV has risen but more than that, the skill <Yang Fire> and the title <Sun God’s Blessed> were added.

Apparently, it seems to be the effect of the sun fragment.

Or perhaps is a kind of thanks for installing the <Fragment of the Sun>.

Either way, it is probably thanks to the fragment of the sun.


While thinking about that, Collete, who had finished her conversation with Wanli, came to speak with him.

「….it seems like her technique towards the power she used when she played with Nana before has become better.」

「Played before….? Ah, is she referring to the divine power ball?」

「I think so.」

「I see. Is leveling up the <Divine Power Control> the prerequisite?」

It may be good for the other foxes to do that too but unfortunately, there’s only one multi-tailed fox.

After playing with Wanli, he checked the other foxes of the base. There are only a few foxes that have <Divine Power Control> but they are increasing.

The foxes that were able to obtain it are the sky fox and earth fox but none of the spirit foxes were able to.

In any case, he told Wanli to teach those foxes that have <Divine Power Control> to play the divine power ball game.

Now, if they attain the same skill level as Wanli, he can confirm that divine power control is one of the prerequisites to be a multi-tailed fox.

By the way, he also visited the two newly made bases.

He built them with much effort so it will be a waste to not go there.

He used the summoning circles to summon spirit foxes and returned to the management floor.


—Scene Change—


「What do you plan to do with Nana and Wanli?」

As soon as they returned to the management floor, Collete asked him that.

「…..hnn? What are you talking about?」

「If you only plan to dote on them, you don’t need to make them strong, right?」

「Ah, so that’s what you mean.」

If he only wants to dote on them, he can just keep them on the management floor.

「That’s right….at first I only wanted them to be strong enough so they could survive….now that I know their race can change as they grow stronger, I feel greedy.」


「Yes. To put it simply, I want them to be able to defeat advanced monsters eventually.」

Collete was surprised by Kousuke’s answer and thought about it once again.

In the first place, you can’t find any sign of being a spirit fox while looking at the current Wanli.

Wanli, Nana, and the others change(evolution?) from wolves and foxes to this astonishing degree.

Thinking about it, she feels like she slightly understood Kousuke.

If they become able to defeat advanced monsters, that means they can live the way they want in the tower.

It is also true that it was not his original intention.

Even so, since they are growing, he has no choice but to support them.

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