Chapter 24 – Shampoo Treatment Makes Girls Happy After All

「A-a-a-a-amazing desu!」

Sonja has just finished taking a bath. After she finished drying her hair with wind magic, she shouted in a super loud volume.

「Wha? Is it that amazing?」

「Yes! Yes! Super desu!?」

Sonja said so while touching her hair. She has a very ecstatic expression.

「Smootthhhh! Very smooothhhhhhh desu!」

Maa, in this world, bathing is basically getting wet with water and wiping yourself with a towel. Hot water in a bucket is enough for that.

Of course, they have never used shampoo, conditioner, or any treatment.

If you give them a weapon of mass destruction called hair treatment, it will naturally smoothen their hair like Sonja—-

Maa, the only thing missing on her smooth hair is an angel ring.

「What is it desu? What do you call it desu?」

Even if she’s a rabbit, she’s still a woman.

She’s naturally obsessed with beauty….no, it shouldn’t be that much.

Maa, she’s just surprised because her hair suddenly becomes smooth, soft to touch, and bouncy.

「It is called treatment.」


「I don’t get it but….」Sonja suddenly hugged me.

「Thank you desu! This is the first time I’m like this desu! Super smooth desu! My hair is super smooth desu! I’m super happy desu!」

「Ah, well, you’re welcome.」

The sweet smell of body soap and shampoo.

The smell of a woman after bath is a crime….I had to control myself or—-

—-I feel….sharp gazes behind me.



Maria and Ouroboros are enviously looking at Sonja.

「That tori-to-mento….please let me use it too.」

「But why?」

「—-aren’t I a woman too?」

Ah, of course.

That’s right.

Then, Ouroboros came to me and looked up at me with puppy eyes.

「Master, have mercy on this Ouroboros. That tori-to-men-to….please let me use it.」

「Maa, I really don’t mind but can you tell me why?」

「–There is a battle where I can’t be defeated. I can’t let them monopolize.」

What are they going to monopolize….ah….me?

And so, like that, they took the shampoo, conditioner, and body soap from Sonja and headed for the bath.

After taking a bath, the two of them immediately dried their hair with wind magic.

And for some time, they play with their hair in front of the mirror with sparkling eyes.

Ouroboros and Maria’s eyes met—they grinned.

After that, they stared at Sonja too and in the end, the three of them stared at me.




I can see them—the sparks in their eyes.

It looks like they want me to comment.

It can’t be helped—-

「You are all stunning.」

Their cheeks were dyed red as if they’re shy.

And, well, that night….

—-my body was dyed with the sweet scent of shampoo.

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