Chapter 59 – Rock Dolls are Autonomous!….Attack from the Sky

Morning, the farming corps refused my help.


I even helped them water the crops yesterday evening.

I should be able to fine-tune my magic now.

It looks like I can only watch them from afar.


A small lake was dug near my house.

It seems like the one eyes, the farming corps, the chibi spiders, and chibi ants worked hard.

Fluffy is floating over it making a large amount of water with the help of magic.

It looks like Fluffy wants to expand this small lake.

I cut down the trees nearby in order to expand it.

Isn’t this a little too wide? It became a 25-meter pool with four lanes.

Maa, Fluffy is delighted so it’s okay.

The stumps suddenly came out from the ground.

I was startled until I saw Shuri showing up under it.

Boss-san is pulling the stump the Shuri was pushing from the ground.

Their collaboration is superb.

I think….this is enough.


I saw a spiderling and a transparent stone rock doll from the farming corps going to the forest.

It’s strange but I think the spiderling has a magic bag.

When they returned, they went to the 1st level basement.

It’s strong enough to carry the spiderling on its shoulder.

….when I checked them out, there were newly brought fruits and vegetables in the storage room.

The one eyes are making shelves while the three eyes are organizing them.



It asked the spiderling to move the content of the bag to the storage room but they were stopped.

Koa pointed at the cold room and the time stop room with her forefoot and was complaining about something.

….is she asking them to utilize those rooms….?

Ah, you want a cold room with time stop function….I see.

I remodeled the 1st basement and turned a big empty space into a big time stop cold room.

I imagine that time will stop after the ingredients there get cold.

After I made the room, three one eyes quickly made shelves in the room….they are fast.

They move the ingredients from the storage room and make the empty spaces rooms.

They have done that again and again and again until time stop cold room became 25. Time stop only rooms now are only 3 and only 2 rooms were left as cold rooms only.

All the spaces on the 1st basement are now filled with rooms.

The one eyes are making shelves for all of them before I knew it.



I watch how they make shelves.

Their assembly method is too professional and they are excellent, too excellent.

It looks like there’s no problem….speaking of problem, I’ve never seen them make any errors.

Is this okay?

It should be. Thank you anyway.


—Scene Change—


I went out to hunt with Koa and the others.

I want to have more meat stock.

It seems there are quite a few monsters inside the barrier.

And monsters run away just after seeing Koa.

Speaking of which, compared to when I came here the first time, the preys are no longer affected by the curse.



When we were chasing a monster, we arrived at the edge of the barrier.

It’s not wider than I thought if I run seriously.

I should expand the barrier.


Koa suddenly spewed fire into the sky.

When I look up, a giant bird-like monster is nose-diving towards us.

It evaded Koa’s fire skillfully and attacked me.

I already thought that it would attack and I’ve already imagined an attack magic.


If I want to kill an opponent with a single blow, beheading is the answer.

However, that was supposed to be used for monsters running on the ground so if its head suddenly flew out from its body while nose-diving….scary!

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