Chapter 2.14 – Locking On an Unknown Territory

「This is not for sale yet. The other day, Eseria said “This is a prototype.”.」

Magdalena casually said that while tilting her head slightly. The concubines became suspicious.


「Queen-sama, who is this “Eseria”?」

To that question, she answered with a smile.

「She’s Eseria van Sjogren, the second daughter of Duke Sjogren. She’s my niece. A very cute and creative girl.」

When they heard that, they suddenly remembered that Duchess Sjogren is the queen’s little sister.

「Come to think of it, at the birthday parties of the children of Duke Sjogren, I heard that rare things have been shown.」

「I also heard that. They have introduced innovative toys that are also effective for learning.」

「I heard from my elder sister that Miss Eseria created those and Wallace Company is responsible for manufacturing and selling them. Is that true?」

In response to Renate’s remarks, all other concubines turned their gaze to Magdalena, who nodded happily.

「Yes, that’s true. Eseria also started writing things called “novels” and it seems like it has been very popular lately. I heard it’s a series called Crystal Labyrinth. 」

Suddenly, Juris forgot about etiquette and raised her voice.

「EH!? I have two books of the series which are “Crown Prince of Dawn” and “Faith of the Holy Knight”! Are you saying that author Maru Hana-sama’s true identity is Miss Eseria?? 」

「Y-yeah…..She’s willing to write her real name but she’s taking manuscript fee from the Wallace Company so Miredia persuaded her to use an alias by saying “We can’t tell everyone that a very young duke’s daughter is making money herself. It will be bad for our image so use an alias.”. 」

The people around all agreed.

「Certainly. That must never be heard by an outsider. 」

「I agree with Duchess Sjogren. 」

「Thus, only the people of Duke Sjogren and Wallace Company know that the author Maru Hana is Eseria. Don’t tell this to anyone, okay? 」

Magdalena gave her order and smiled but the excited Juris raised her voice.

「Eehhh! That can’t be!? I want to tell my parents.」


However, Magdalena glared at her. She immediately became conscious and lowered her head.

「….I’m sorry for getting overboard. I will keep it a secret.」

「Please do so. In order to compensate you, I’ll lend you Eseria’s latest release before they go on sale. How about it? I think the “Suffering Apostle of God” hasn’t circulated in the market yet.」

As soon as Magdalena suggested it, Juris threw away her high class lady aura and happily agreed with shining eyes.

「Please, lend it to me!!」

「Then, I’ll lend it to you when you return to your room.」

「Okay! Thank you very much!」

The other concubines were stunned seeing Juris threw away her reservedness like that. Ericia suddenly remembered something and asked the queen.

「Speaking of novels….I heard rumors that the Wallace Company has started selling books on a large scale. Does queen-sama heard anything about it from Miss Eseria?」

「Yes, the wife of the president of the Wallace Company will establish a publishing department and will sell books in a dedicated store in the near future.」

Magdalena answered gracefully and those around her asked questions without hiding their surprise.

「What? You mean they’ll only handle books?」

「There has never been as store like that.」

「Is that even feasible?」

「From what Eseria said, she wrote “Can you write a story of your own?” on her books and people started bringing manuscripts to the Wallace Company. It seems like there has been quite a lot recently. The president’s wife will carefully select books and publish them.」

Hearing the situation, the concubines were both stunned and impressed.

「It has already developed to such extent….」

「This is something I’ve never heard of desu wa.」

「It seems like the range of novels that will be sold these days will expand considerably. Eseria will choose some and deliver them here. If anyone wishes to, you can read them….Laila?」

「Yes, they are here. Juris-sama, this is the book you wanted.」

Magdalena turned her gaze to a maid who was waiting a little away and called her out. She arranged several books on the table beside her and pointed one. When Juris sees it, her excitement rises again.

「Thank you!!」

「I’ll borrow one.」

「I’ll read one too.」

「I look forward in reading one.」

The other concubines can only go with the flow with a wry smile. The tea party successfully ended compared to the heavy atmosphere when it started. The concubines borrowed several books and returned to their respective rooms.

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「Mother, how was the tea party in the queen’s chamber?」

When she returned to her room, Gradict, her son, asked her. Dione sat on the couch expressionlessly.

「It was so….」

「Was it that unpleasant?」

Seeing that she’s unnaturally talking, Gradict became reluctant. She looked at the maid who accompanied her putting the book she borrowed on the table beside her. She finally smiled and answered properly.

「Yes, it was unpleasant but….it’s also kind of fun.」

「Huh? What do you mean?」

Gradict became doubtful so she began to think but she didn’t answer his question.

「Even so….given her words and gestures, the girl called Eseria is certainly liked by the queen」


「If I were to succeed, in addition to the Sjogren’s and the queen, we can also get the support of the Carried Duchy with is the parent house of the queen and her little sister.」

「Ano….is something wrong with you?」

「I have to examine your elder brother’s details immediately to make sure they won’t make a move. If things go as planned, this will give you a step or two advantage against Aaron.」

Gradict spoke anxiously to her mother who was mumbling and talking to herself. Then, she suddenly declared something.

「The next king of this kingdom will be Gradict! I will do whatever it takes to make that happen! Just watch, Renate! I will never lose to you!!」

Then, Gradict continued to watch her mother who’s continuously laughing “ohohohohoho” for a while. In the end, he gave up watching her along with the maid.

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