Chapter 60 – Phoenix Karen

-Karen’s POV, mistaken for a normal bird-

I returned to his lordship’s side after a few days.

It seems like I’m really long-sighted.

I just saw the hell’s guard who drags creatures into the holes on the ground.

Not only that, Anferfurmi is now even friends with Chuarenier.

His lordship is truly a mysterious being.

He gathered two hostile forces to one place.

Speaking of that, I and Fenrir are also…..maa, as expected of his lordship.


However, did the golems increase again?

The power of his lordship is bottomless but this number is truly frightening.


The golems inside the house have also been increasing.

There are now 15 golems that process wood.

There are now 5 golems that make his lordships clothes and cloth.

There are now 6 golems that are processing monster skin.

There are 30 new golems outside the house.


The golems of his lordship can think on their own.

They move without being ordered and it seems like they are even consulting each other.

The golems should have no ego but with the power of his lordship, common sense is no more.

As expected of his lordship.


Golems are originally made for one reason, battle.

When his lordship first created golems, I was anxious of their power.

Every golem can easily crush the rock of this place.

The rocks of this place are famous for being extremely hard.

They are perfect guards for the house.


When I look closely, the newly made golems have been taught to use magic.

Only creatures with magical power can use magic which means they were blessed with magic.

They can be called a horrible existence and it is good that they are our allies.


I stared at the newly made golems.

They have magic stones on their foreheads.

And they are not normal magic stones but evolved ones.

When you accumulate high purity magical power in a magic stone, the magic stone will evolve.

The value of a magic stone can be derived from their transparency but all of his lordship’s magic stones are of the highest rank.

To make 1 highest rank magic stone, it is said that 30 mages are needed.

To use it on golems is….

In addition, there are golems with universal stones which are rare among magic stones.

Perhaps it was for securing the outside of the house.


…..his lordship is making magic stones evolve while walking. As expected of his lordship.

That’s white.

A magic stone that can heal anyone even if they are already one step to dying.


When he saw me staring at it, he gave me the magic stone.

I never thought I could ever obtain a stone like this.

I will use it carefully.


—Scene Change—


I heard that his lordship went hunting with Koa-dono’s group so I chased them.

When I found his lordship’s party, a wyvern attacked his lordship!

The wyvern who tried to attack his lordship suddenly got decapitated.

I froze in the air due to seeing too many things to understand.

Wyverns are magic users and that wyvern has been using magic for years.

To successfully land a hit on it, you have to destroy its protective barrier first.

His lordship tore its barrier with his attack and decapitated it with the same attack.

His lordship is mighty.

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