Chapter 5.9 – Transformation Skill

It was about three days after they confirmed Wanli’s change.

In addition to developing a communication device, they are also doing other research.

It is summoning circle development.

Kousuke has always been worried about how Kouhi and Mitsuki’s summoning method is different from the tower’s installed summoning circles.

Kouhi and the other’s summoning circle can only summon one being per circle but the summoning circle of the tower can summon multiple beings in one circle.

By referring to both summoning circles, he thought something new could be done.

He has been working on it even before thinking of making a communication device but since it was unlikely to move on, he has continued his research and is now even going to try it.

The place where he plans to summon is the 46th floor.

If the summoning goes well, he will be able to summon a new beast. Before going to the 46th floor, he decided to go to the floors where Nana and Wanli are.

It was because he thought that if they watch the summoning with them, the summoned being should not recognize them as enemies upon being summoned.

That’s what Kousuke planned so he took Wanli and Nana with him but he never thought that everyone else would be going too.


—Scene Change—


First, they headed to the 9th floor where Nana is.


As soon as Kousuke passed through the teleportation gate of the 9th floor, a big furry charged at him.

It was unusual that Kouhi and Mitsuki did not stop that creature from charging.

…….Kousuke thought that the two let their guard down since how could they even miss such a big beast.

However, he was surprised when he looked at it closely.

「…..Eh!? You are, Nana?」

That big furry was Nana.

Kousuke observed it half-believing as it was licking him.

Originally, Nana was only as big as a medium-size dog but now she has become one size bigger than a large dog.

「No, changing this much should be expected…..」

The stunned Kousuke is still being licked by Nana on his face.

The other members of the group, except for Kouhi and Mitsuki, were also as stunned as Kousuke.

By the way, Kouhi and Mitsuki are not surprised because they came here while Kousuke was doing research.

Since she’s that big, licking his face looks like he’s being attacked.

Kousuke tried to calm Nana down and check her status.


Personal Name: Nana

Race: White Wolf

Inherent Skills: Howl LV6, Tackle LV7, Bite LV7, Intimidate LV7, Group Action LV6, Language Comprehension(Familiar) LV6, Divine Power Control LV6, Fairy Language Wind Magic LV5, Moonlight LV5

Blessing Skills: Command LV5, Great God’s Shard(Half Moon), Size Change

Title: Kousuke’s Familiar, Great God’s Messenger


She’s now able to use magic.

All her skills including her blessings have increased.

In addition, the <Great God’s Shard> of the blessing skills changed from (New Moon) to (Half Moon).

Thanks to that skill, Kousuke finally understood what happened.

He’s now wondering what kind of change it will bring once it turns to (Full Moon).

Anyway, she now has a <Size Change> skill.

He already has an idea of what it is but still asks Collete as usual.

It seems like it makes her able to change her body size.

Then, in front of everyone, Nana changed her size.


It was a chorus.

According to Nana, it is better to fight against monsters if she’s big so she’s like that.

Given everyone’s reaction upon seeing her, it was decided that Nana should return to her original size.

As for Kousuke, it doesn’t matter how big she is, however, it will be hard for him to pet her if she’s that big. He told her that if she wants him to pet her, she should be small.

When Nana heard Kousuke’s conclusion, Nana was a little disappointed.


—Scene Change—


After taking the small Nana with them, they headed to the 8th floor where Wanli is.

Nana was not at the original base of the 8th floor so Kousuke asked Nana to find Wanli by her smell.

For some reason, Nana was showing that she lost her but when they found Wanli, they immediately knew why.

「…..what can I say? As expected….」

「…..I’m not even surprised. This is definitely Kousuke’s doing….」

「…..Incredible desu wa….」

「…..Surprising desu~」

That was everyone’s reaction when they saw her.

They wanted to put all the blame on Kousuke but Kousuke did not do anything directly.

………However, Kousuke can’t afford to care about that for now.

The reason for their reaction was Nana playing with Wanli(?).

「Yaaahh, Nana-chan, it tickles~」

……in the form of a girl.


Naturally, or rather, Wanli is now in the form of a girl so she doesn’t have any clothes. In short, she’s naked.

Mitsuki gives her some clothes that she had put in her item box in case of emergency and lets her wear them.

The clothes were oversize but no one objected since they prioritized hiding her naked body to Kousuke.

By the way, Kousuke was forced to shut her eyes until she put on her clothes.

To be precise, Sylvia covered his eyes from behind.

After that, they asked Wanli what happened. She said she went to each base as told by Kousuke but when she spent the night there, the number of her tails increased.

The base where she is has the <Star Fragment>. When she woke up after spending a night at this base, she became humanoid.

It seems like she can’t hunt in that unfamiliar form but she can return to her fox form anytime she wants.

By the way, Kousuke’s party immediately understood that her smell changed when she became humanoid.

When Nana was following Wanli’s smell, she’s kind of lost because she became humanoid.

The humanoid Wanli looks like a 10-year-old human and she gives off the feeling that she’s a little older than Esena, the fairy of the world tree.

Wanli approaches Kousuke(she was forbidden to do so when she’s not wearing clothes) and had him pat her head.

It seems like that thing did not change whether she’s on her fox form or human form.


Personal Name: Wanli

Race Name: Multi-Tailed Fox(Humanoid)

Inherent Skill: Fox Fire LV6, Bite LV6, Evasion LV7, Detection LV7, Language Comprehension(Familiar) LV7, Divine Power Control LV7, Fairy Language Yang Fire LV5, Moonlight LV4, Dark Star LV2

Blessing Skill: Transform LV6, Telepathy LV5

Title: Kousuke’s Familiar, Sun God’s Blessed, Moon God’s Blessed, Star God’s Blessed


There is humanoid in her status.

There are () in it so it means a skill is being used.

Just in case, he also checked her status when she returned to her fox form.


Personal Name: Wanli

Race Name: Multi-Tailed Fox(Five Tails)

Inherent Skill: Fox Fire LV6, Bite LV6, Evasion LV7, Detection LV7, Language Comprehension(Familiar) LV7, Divine Power Control LV7, Fairy Language Yang Fire LV5, Moonlight LV4, Dark Star LV2

Blessing Skill: Transform LV6(Humanoid), Telepathy LV5

Title: Kousuke’s Familiar, Sun God’s Blessed, Moon God’s Blessed, Star God’s Blessed


Her skills aside, her titles are amazing.

Kousuke thought that it’s okay to be given with blessing but he never thought that the gods would actually make her into their blessed.

By the way, when he asked Eris about it through Sylvia, she said that it’s normal as long as one meets their condition.

Of course, it is not something that only Wanli has. They’ll be able to find another one as long as they try to search.


While unplanned things happen, they proceed to their original plan. With the addition of Nana and Wanli, their party headed for the 46th floor.

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