Chapter 26 – To the Elf Village II

「Oh? Arisa? My apologies but we have no materials to sell you today.」

「No no, that’s not what I’m talking about. I feel like your money-making scheme is more profitable than that.」

「How much do you think this carrot will sell for?」

「Though that is my specialty, I can’t give you the exact price….but the answer is definitely positive. I can even say that all vegetables that Tatsuya-nii planted are the same.」

「What do you mean?」

「Let’s talk about something you made me eat before….like the prototype petit tomato. It’s sweeter than apple.」

That’s when I raised the sugar content to the maximum using the skill seed creation.

「Given how rare it is, if you sell it to novel gourmet, after the negotiation, it won’t be surprising to sell them at the same price as their weight in gold.」

I see.

It seems like the vegetables I made are terrific.

「Then, how about I have you sell our surplus vegetables in the human city next time?」

「No, we can’t do that.」


「Why do you think I only take materials like skin, fangs, and bones and never the meat of monsters and demon beasts? And why do you think I have a custom made special knapsack to carry them?」

「Ah, right. This forest is treated as a high-difficulty dungeon.」

「That’s right. There is no way I can travel in this pathless place while pulling a cart. If I hire some high-level adventurers to guard me, I might be able to do so….but that comes with an outrageous request fee. No matter how much Tatsuya-nii makes, it will only be paid to expenses.」

「Hearing it from a rip-off expert, it is very convincing.」

「I promised I won’t do it again….」

Arisa turned silent as her fox ears drooped down.

I heard that she only did that because her mother was sick.

She needed a huge amount of money immediately so she couldn’t help but rip us off…..

Maa, if she only talked to me properly, I would have cooperated with her.

By the way, she returned the gold coins she ripped us off.

I mean, these days, Arisa has hardly deducted any fee. It seems like she only deducted the necessary expenses. I’ve checked it out with Maria so it’s definitely true.

Maa, it even balances everything out.

No, well, I’m not charging her for eating at my home though.

「Then, does this mean that we can only sell them to the demon world using Cornelia’s connection?」

「However, doing that means we already lost more than half of them.」

Yeah….Arisa and I began thinking about how to solve the trouble.

Then, Maria suddenly hit her own palm.

「How about selling them to elves?」

Then, Arisa gasped.

「That’s it! They’re vegans! If we sell them Tatsuya-nii’s vegetables, they’ll buy them at a high price like idiots! The magical products they made can be sold highly to the humans so this will definitely make us a lot of money!」

Hearing her saying that, Ouroboros tilted her neck a little.

「Elves are a reclusive race. They even call themselves sages of the forest and avoid unnecessary interference with both Cornelia-sama and the humans….. Will they even trade with us?」

「I’ll take care of the negotiation. I think it can be solved by making them taste the vegetables.」

「Oi oi, what do you mean you’ll take care of it….you’re the one who’s going to negotiate?」

「Of course! Your group is composed of a naïve hand-riding rabbit and demon nobles, right? Only someone with a commoner’s sense can do that.」

Well, what she said is reasonable.

Maria and Ouroboros are nobles of the demon world and Sonja is not interested in anything but carrots.

And I’m not even an original resident of this world.

「Ah, I understand. You talk to them.」

Arisa made a full smile.

「However—-I want some commission!」

「You never learn, are you?」

I smiled wryly and Arisa hit her chest.

「You already know that I’m a rip-off expert! You only need to ride the ship with me!」

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