Chapter 682 – Newcomer

In my territory, there is no existence that can be considered as a threat.

However, I never let my guard down.

In the forest where I live, there are many strong enemies like grappler bears, bloody vipers, and demon spiders.

I’m just lucky that they can’t be found on my territory.

I have no name.

I’m just your ordinary inferno wolf.



It seems like it was a bad idea to pursue a prey deep in the forest.

I got lost.

Where’s my territory?

Inferno wolves have good sense of direction but there’s a limit.

I look at the mountains in the distance to check my current location.


The mountains are usually big but they look small now.

In other words, I’m in the middle of the forest.

This is bad.

The closer you get to the center of the forest, the more powerful you are.

I have to leave immediately.

Ah, it’s too late.

There’s a presence of a giant bear….grappler bear.

Is it still far?

Can I escape?


What’s that?

What’s wrong with that grappler bear?



Don’t be interested.

I have to reprimand myself.

Having poor curiosity will make me live longer.

It’s because I keep that in mind that I survived this long.

The only thing I can do now is to escape fast.

That’s my judgment that I immediately enacted.

However, the world was not so sweet.

The grappler bear moved with all its might to block my path.


Why are you targeting me this much?

I was wrong.

The grappler bear seemed to be fighting something.

No, it is more appropriate to say that it is running away from something.

And the one chasing it is…..

An inferno wolf like me?

Seeing that inferno wolf, I shivered.

That’s not an inferno wolf.

Or at least not an ordinary inferno wolf.

I feel the power of a god.

The inferno wolf caught up with the grappler bear and attacked…..

It didn’t hit?

It suddenly stopped just before its claws and fangs hit the grappler bear.

Is this some sort of special ability of the grappler bear?

That’s not it.

It looks like the grappler bear is prepared to die every time it is attacked.

If it has that kind of special ability, it won’t act that way.

That means the inferno wolf is deliberately stopping its attack.


Is it practicing?

Against a grappler bear?

Ignoring my amazement, the grappler bear and the divine inferno wolf passed by.

I’m sure they noticed me.

However, as soon as the grappler bear’s eyes met the eyes of the divine inferno wolf, it started running away.

It was driven by fear.


I don’t remember how much or when I ran.

Before I knew it, I’m already in a strange place.

The familiar mountain range is nearby but I’m looking at it from the other side.

It seems like I have crossed the mountain range.

My mother who raised me once said.

Don’t cross the mountain range.

The dragon will kill you.


It’s easy to get back to the forest.

This place beyond the mountain range is a forest too.

At least that’s what I can see.

However, my body’s not listening.

I can still remember the grappler bear’s eyes which are full of madness.

I remember the eyes of that divine inferno wolf too.


That divine inferno wolf looks hungry, isn’t it?

And it looks lonely.

Was it suffering from loneliness because it’s too strong?


I can’t imagine.

I decided to sleep in this place.

Will the dragon kill me?

It’s okay, I’ve already accepted my fate.


A strange person has come.

He’s strong.

I knew it the moment I saw him.

Maybe he’s even stronger than me.

Is he the dragon?

No, he’s not.

Then, I guess it’s good.

If he wants to fight, I’ll take him on.

If I run away from here, I have nowhere else to go.

I attacked the strange person with my full physical power.

It was an attack that can be avoided but I hit him directly.


And he was blown away quite far.

I wonder if he died.

I regretted it a little but the strange person did not come back.

What was that?


Another strange person came.

It is a strange person but different from the previous one.

He’s even weak.

Yeah, definitely weaker than me.

Why would such a weak man approach me?

Is it a fool?

Hey, stay away from me.

I’ll kill you.

That strange person did not react in any way to the bloodlust I released.


I jumped.

Given this distance, chance.

I would surely kill him.

Or so I thought but the strange person has taken another step forward.

And he now had a long stick in his hand.

I didn’t have time to wonder where it came from.

Because I’m already lying on my back.

And my belly is being groped by the weakling.

Wai, hey, stop!

I tried to raise my body and bite and kill this weakling but I can’t move an inch.

My body is already enamored with the hand movement of this weakling.


I will not give in just because of this.

Ei, why is my mouth letting out a sweet voice?

And I’m not scared.


I don’t need friends.

When I was younger, I decided to live alone after being chased by a female.

I don’t need…..

Ah, what’s this?


That’s right, there…..ah… body feels so relaxed.


I think it is necessary for me to get swept away with the world’s master plan.


Maa, if I stay with this weak person, I won’t be bored.

This weak person is weak.

It won’t be bad for me to protect you.

Until the dragon comes.


Areh, this weak person.

Next to the first strange person who came to me is a dragon, right?

Am I going to be killed here?

Weak person?

Are you going to protect me?

Ah, okay, I’ll behave.

A weak person might not be truly weak.


That dragon person was concerned about how I crossed the mountain range.

「There is a barrier but it’s already too old. There should be a hole.」

I knew that there was a big hole in the barrier around here since a long time ago. It seems like it has not been examined.

「I’ll fix the barrier in this place and return. Village chief can return first.」

The name of the weak person is village chief?

I’ll remember that.


I followed village chief to move to somewhere using magic.

Where are we going?


It was the forest I used to live in.

Moreover, given the size of the surrounding mountains, this should be the center.

I see.

Ehto, am I going to die here?

I’ll be okay, right?


Can I trust you?

I feel the presence of a lot of inferno wolves around but there is also the presence of demon spiders.


I’m being surrounded by countless spiderlings!

What should I do? What are they going to do?

Welcome dance?

What’s that?


I’m an ordinary inferno wolf.

The bath feels great.

And the fish is delicious.

Unlike the fish in the river, it doesn’t smell like mud.

Grilling it made it even more delicious.

Eating it here means I’ll be able to live a new life.


There are four inferno wolves looking at me.

Don’t look.  


Village Chief: It’s a newcomer. Let him join the pack.

Kuro: (Village chief, the pack is yours. You don’t need permission from anyone….)

Newcomer: (Areh? Isn’t that the divine inferno wolf from that time? Eh? The leader of the pack is village chief?)

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AN: In the previous chapter, Doraim went with them but didn’t come back together. It was my fault that it was not mentioned by village chief so I’m sorry. It is a light part of the story and I think that tempo will deteriorate with this explanation. However, it is also true that it feels like village chief ignored Doraim.

I apologize for any inconvenience. 

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