Chapter 61 – Giant Bird?….A Door!

We were attacked but we were all unharmed.

No problem!

Karen is flying in the air for some reason….

Did something happen at home?



For now, let’s check out that fallen giant bird. We found it immediately since it was big.

However, it looks more like a lizard with wings than a bird.

Giant lizard.

「Cooling, time stop」

I did what I could to keep it fresh. The next step is to process them in the first basement as soon as possible.

But let’s do that once I get home.


Let’s ask Koa and the others first.

Is this winged lizard edible?

Looks like it. Let’s go home at once.


I look at the bag I brought as it floats in the air.

It’s a bag that the three eyes made for me.

Of course, it’s a space magic bag.

I usually put things in the bag manually but I wonder if I can teleport things to it.

I imagined the inside of the back as a large space.

「Winged lizard to bag」

Alright, let’s hunt a little more before going home.


—Scene Change—


I took out today’s preys in front of the little onis.

Winged lizard, giant boar, and giant cow-like animal.

These animals….are big.

There’s too much for everyone.

And the magic bag is so useful.


And it’s dismantling time as usual.

The skins are already cut out by the little onis. Thank you very much.

The way they dismantle them is very fast.

When I was watching the little onis, I heard a rattling sound in the back.


When I look back….

There’s a wood deck on a spacious area made by the one eyes.

And for some reason, everyone’s gathering there.

The spiderlings even brought fish sauce.

When I checked around, there I saw the antlings preparing the barbeque set.

It looks like they are looking forward to the winged lizard….let’s do our best to grill it.


It was delicious. It can fly but it doesn’t taste like chicken.

The boar tastes a little like pork.

I want meat that tastes like chicken.


I made a sauce by mixing sweet fruit in fish sauce.

I want white rice!


—Scene Change—


Something stopped me from entering my house.

There’s a door at the entrance….a real door!

Not a push and pull door but a sliding door.

Until now, I used cloth as a door so it’s great that we have a proper door now.


I slid the door and entered.

What awaits me are the one eyes.

What is it?


They brought me to the 2nd basement and brought out silver ores.


We went back to the ground floor and they pointed to the door, the window on the door.

I see. There’s a window for light on the door so they want me to process the silver ores for it.

Got it.


A door with window for light was completed.

It looks good as an entrance door.

This door also moves very smoothly.

The toilet, the bath, and each room have their own doors.

I was surprised that there was a room dedicated to Chai and the others on the 3rd floor.

They are okay with it so I guess there’s no problem.


I was impressed with the home makeover by the one eyes.

It seems like my work is not over yet. I have to process silver ores from the 2nd basement.

I need to process many pieces of glass that the one eyes requested.

10 pieces for 10 large sliding doors were prepared and each time I finish one, the one eyes will insert them to the doors.

Again, the one eyes brought me to the ground floor living room.

They want me to process the rock so that I can go from the living room directly to the wood deck…I see.

The living room becomes brighter than ever because of the doors.

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 The wood deck is made of equally spaced pillars and has a wooden frame roof.

Cloth made by the three eyes is installed on them to prevent sunlight, perfect.

There are benches, tables, and chairs for me to sit on there.

It looks like the one eyes are proud of this wood deck.

The one eyes look cute as they brag a little but…maa, they did well after all.

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