Chapter 62 – Let’s Decide Their Names….Crushing Seeds

Chai’s seven friends seem to be doing well.

I was really worried about how feeble they looked when we first met them.

They can run around the pond now.

Pond….I didn’t imagine it well so I had to clean it using magic once a day.

By the way, the area around the pond is changing every day. Are the farming corps doing something?


Before I knew it, there’s already fish in the pond.

There are also other strange creatures that look like lobsters.

I decided not to mind them.


Since they have gotten better, it is time to name them.

The seven are three males and four females.

Most of them look like Chai but one of the males is white with brown spots.

One of the females has red spots and even her eyes are red.

The males are Chaya, Chata, and the white with brown spots is Charu.

The females are Sau, Sasa, Sami, and the one with red spots is Kisa.

I named them based on Chai’s “茶” character.

TN: All of them have 茶 character on their names.

My degree of satisfaction is 100 percent desu.

I’m sure they like their names too….maybe.


Chai and Koa were a little shy at the beginning but they have been always with me recently.

There’s no difference even when I hunt.

I thought it would change because we found Chai’s friends but it seems like the arrangement won’t change.

Whenever I go out, Koa and Chai will come with me.

I was worried since they are two different species but they seem to be okay with each other. Peace of mind.


Speaking of something strange, I’m always accompanied by two wolves and a dog.

Are they supposed to be my guards?


There are also 2 chibi spiders, 2 chibi ants, and two spiderlings.

Perhaps I’m too weak for needing too many guards.

Anyway, let’s do our best together.


—Scene Change—


One day, I remembered something.

According to a certain program that develops an island, you can get oil from squeezing camellia seeds.

There should be seeds where I can extract oil in this world.

If there’s oil, I can eat fried food.

There are fruits that look like eggplant and pumpkin here.

I acknowledge them as vegetables and not fruits though.

I want to deep fry these vegetables and eat them after dipping them in some fish sauce.

I’m sure it will be delicious.


Even so, there are many kinds of seeds.

I need to check the seeds first.

Day 1, I gathered dozens of types of seeds and crushed them but failed to find anything.

Day 2, I gathered dozens of types of seeds and crushed them but failed to find anything.

Day 3, I woke up to find over 100 kinds of seeds on the table.

It seems like the spiderlings and the antlings gathered them for me.



On that day, for the whole day, I did nothing but crush seeds….I did it using magic so I’m not tired but I feel tired.

Oh, when I crush a seed, I feel something uncomfortable at my fingertips.

When I looked at my fingertips, I found them shiny….

It came from a big fruit that’s about as big as my head.

Inside it is hard but sweet-smelling fruit. The seeds are packed tightly in the center.

Come to think of it….what kind of seeds can be oiled?

I don’t know in the first place.

I tried eating the fruit and…..regret it.

Sasa, who’s watching me, was surprised.

Maybe she knew that it was bitter.

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For the time being, everything is a challenge.

Let’s take the seeds out from this big fruit.

Before that, let’s harvest a little more of this fruit.

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