Chapter 27 – Fighting Against the Elf Village I

So, the next day—

With Ouroboros staying at home, me, Arisa, Sonja, and Maria were heading to a corner of the forest where the elves are living.

We brought carrots, garlic, petit tomatoes, bean sprouts, and soybeans as presents.

The elves especially love tomatoes and according to Arisa “If you let them eat that, it’s a done deal!”.

「Stroll desu♪」

「Are the carrots still there desu?」

「Commander, we found a wild boar, do you want to hunt it?」

Sonja replied with a smile.

「I’m off to hunt desu yo.」

The hand-riding rabbits are still the same, making it peaceful with only a little noise.

After a while, we arrived at the elf village…..

「What the….amazing」

It is surrounded with a wooden fence with thorns… is also surrounded with a moat full of bamboo stakes that will surely skewer you once you fall.

Rather than a village, it is more like an elf fortress.

I guess this kind of fence is surrounding them since I can’t see the end.

「Maa, the elves are a fighting race in addition to being smart.」

Oi oi, this is the first time I’m hearing that.

Then, from the place that looks like the entrance of the village, there is a blonde female elf guard—

「E-e-e-enemy attack! The hand-riding rabbits are attacking in groups! Hide them! Hide them! Hide the carrots! Prepare to intercept at the same time!」

The elf, who looks like the guard, ran into the village.

Huh? What is happening?

「Ufufu. You’re exaggerating, we won’t steal your carrots anymore desu yo. Tatsuya’s carrots are more delicious desu♪」

「Ehto….wait a minute, Sonja-san.」

「What is it desu?」

「You guys….in the past…..have you done something to the elves?」

「Elf carrots are delicious desu yo? That’s why the coming of age ceremony of the little rabbit-chans are risking their lives to go to the elf village desu.」

「Ehto…..can you elaborate it?」

「The elves are calling us the forest’s little children gang desu yo.」

I freeze for a moment—-

「That means, the elves are not exaggerating?」

「No, if you were stealing from them, it is normal to be treated like this, right?」

I’m sorry but….

I failed to consider how the sweet-looking hand-riding rabbits are to others because they have been friendly with me from the start.

They are usually happy go lucky but they are also called gluttonous slaughterers.

Anyway, it seems that there’s no doubt that they won’t choose any means if it is related to carrot.

「I mean, seriously.」

The entrance gate of the village is tightly closed and there are hundreds of elves armed with bows making noises from beyond the fence.

「Maria, what’s that?」

The direction I pointed at is a watchtower-like place built next to the gate.

Dozens of elves wearing robes are lined up there and they are all pointing their wants toward a certain formation.

「Those are elf mages desu—-they are casting a ritual attack magic!」


I don’t know what it is but I think the name fire ball suits it well….a huge ball of flame with a radius of about 10 meters has flown to us.

In addition, the elves on the other side of the fence poured us rain of arrows.

—-damn it! What should I do?

For the time being, I took out my hoe…

Whack smash crash bang!

I hit all the arrows coming to me with the hoe at a tremendous speed.

Until now, I’ve been fighting monsters and been hitting them once but this time, it feels completely different.

I feel like my body is moving on its own…no, that’s not it.

My body is certainly moving as I want it but I know how to move and my body is as light as an idiot.

Sonja and Maria are also basically overpowered so they evade arrows with simple movements or even catching them. They were never hit.

As for the hand riding rabbits, their body is small and they can move fast and precise.

Them hunting high-level monsters is not just for show.

In addition….I smiled wryly.

「Have you always been strong?」

「Even though a stripper’s best skill is running away, I have a certain level of combat ability….or else, do you think I would dare to enter this forest? This looks like a normal forest but the moment you step into it, you’ll notice that it’s an extreme dungeon.」

Arisa is holding her dagger and using it to defend herself. She can use it well as she cuts off all arrows going to her.

「The biggest problem is that…..」

Of course, the fire ball that was casted earlier is flying towards us.

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