Chapter 685 – Rananon’s Fire

At the reservoir, the pond turtles are doing synchronized swimming.

One row, two rows, three rows, then change. I won’t get tired of watching them.

And I think.

I think they have increased.

There are a hundred of them.

Maa, it’s okay.

If you feel like the reservoir is too narrow, just say it.

I’ll make it bigger or dig a new one.

We don’t need to look after the pond turtles that much so that’s the least I can do.

Ah, it looks like a youngster was trapped in a narrow waterway and is asking for help.


The pegasuses are flying in line. Are they competing with the pond turtles?


They’re not flying in a straight line so I can’t praise them.

Maa, flying might be more difficult since up down, left and right needs to be controlled properly.

By the way, when did their numbers increase?

Weren’t they six last year?

No, I should have known if they had given birth.

How did they suddenly turn to thirteen?

Don’t tell me those six gave birth to seven?

It shouldn’t be, right?

Only two were born.

Those two are still young and can’t fly so they are watching them fly with me.

The seven newcomers came to me.

When and where did you come from?

You arrived in the village yesterday?

Originally, you were being bred in a village near the capital but monsters and demon beasts came out of nowhere and it became dangerous to stay there so you were released?

Is that reason enough to release you?

No, however, for the village, it will be more dangerous to keep the pegasuses there since they can basically lure monsters and demon beasts nearby.

Even for the pegasuses, it is safer to be released than to be surrounded by monsters and demon beasts.

So you flew from there to here?


Dragons taught you of this place?

Who are they?


The three impure dragons of the royal capital?

Their names are Ojess, Haifrigta, and Kihatroy.

So, you encountered the three of them when they were exterminating monsters and demon beasts and they taught you this place?

I see.

You have flown a lot, haven’t you?

I heard that the surrounding mountains are high and the forest is dangerous….


You moved to Village Five using the short-range teleportation gates and from there, you came here using the teleportation gate?

Those three impure dragons taught you that much?


The three impure dragons introduced you to Tiselle and she was the one that arrange your transport.

I see.

If I return to my mansion, I should have received a letter from Tiselle explaining the details.


That means we’ll only keep you temporarily.

You want to come back to that village once it is safe, right?

You’re going to settle here because Tiselle bought you?

Then, I don’t mind…..

Just don’t fight with the first six, okay?

Also, when you get used to living here, practice flying.

Your synchronized flying looks awful.

Maa, if you like running better than flying…just do what you want.

I turned my gaze to the horses and unicorns.

You have many running rivals.


The new pegasuses look motivated so I guess they should be fine.

However, why didn’t I receive a report when they arrived yesterday?

The kuros and the spiderlings usually….

When I was thinking so, one of the kuros reported to me.

They fell asleep as soon as they arrived?

Perhaps the change in environment is too much for them.

You thought that you should report them to me when they woke up but I found them too soon.

I see, got it.

I’m not angry.

And don’t apologize.

I would only be troubled if you had reported them to me yesterday.


In Tiselle’s letter, there’s a simple report that she bought some pegasuses and sent them to the village.

She didn’t write where she bought them. Perhaps she doesn’t want to worry me.

After that, there’s a list of new ingredients that Tiselle wanted for Earth’s café….

It seems like she’s interested in the special miso I gave Glatts.

She’s asking for detail.

Glatts probably bragged it to her.

I’ll send some to Tiselle once we produce some.


The shooting of the movie where the demon king is the main character is progressing.

It looks like Irre’s team is working hard.



They want to shoot in the village because there’s a scene where he’ll reconcile with an inferno wolf.

If they are asking me to make an appearance, I’ll be troubled but I’ll support them if they just want to cooperate with the filming.

Irre won’t act rashly.

I’ll write a reply to make sure they won’t do anything strange.


Doraim is back.

Was the barrier hole fixed?

「First aid only. It seems that the hole has been there for a long time so it is impossible to repair it. Rather than fixing it, it would be better to make a new barrier.」

Are you going to do that?

「To do that, I have to speak with father first but….」

I saw Dors walking nearby.

He’s not alone. Kukulkan, me and Rasuti’s son, is in his arms. He shook his head as if he just heard something troublesome.

「Let’s put that thing on hold.」

Doraim said so and headed to Dors.

He probably wants to rob Kukulkan.

If you have a fight for Kukulkan, I’ll get angry.

Before I managed to warn them, Rananon suddenly appeared.

Yeah, Rananon has been growing steadily.

Rananon can’t transform into a dragon yet but she herself doesn’t seem to mind.

Maa, Rasuti and Raimeiren also said that dragons normally transform when they are ten years old so there’s no need to rush.

Take your time.

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Dors and Doraim noticed Rananon and they suddenly turned silent.


Rananon spewed fire.

Not a figure of speech but literally.

From her mouth.

Rananon said “Excuse me” and took Kukulkan from Dors. After that, she bowed to Dors and Doraim and left.


She’s growing fast.

I talked about raising children with Dors and Doraim while drinking tea.

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    I hope girar don’t see Rananon spewed fire there
    Because in the past old dragon (Rananon granma garfalun “wife doraim” if i not wrong) his back and look like he a bit trauma. 🤣🤣🤣

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