Chapter 2.15 – Rude Visitor

「Milan, here it is. Have the Wallace Company commercialize it. If there is something unclear, just ask me.」

「Let me check.」

Nearly a year after Eseria’s partnership with Wallace started, Milan continued to visit Duke Sjogren’s residence. He is already known by the servants of the duke and even occasionally got orders or consulted by them.

Furthermore, his admiration for Eseria is constantly growing.

「Eseria-sama is truly versatile. You started with toys and books but now, you have recently introduced some groundbreaking ideas for household goods.」

While receiving detailed explanation, Milan checks out the plan she just gave him. Hearing his compliment, Eseria responds with a slightly shy and puzzled expression.

「Well, it’s not like I thought of them from scratch. There’s no patent here which makes everything easier for me.」

「What? Patent?」

「It’s nothing. By the way, how’s the company?」

As Milan reacted to her accidental mutter, Eseria casually asked a question to change the topic. Milan then responded with a slightly tired expression.

「Of course, it’s thriving. In particular, my mother is enthusiastically managing the new store that puts pressure on our whole family. Even at dinner, she’s reading manuscripts non-stop. My father and elder brothers were drawn this morning.」

When she heard that, she smiled and presented a big envelope to Milan.

「That’s exactly what I wanted to see. So, this is the new manuscript.」

「….now I think it is impossible for us to eat dinner.」

When she saw how Milan received the envelope, her smile deepened. Suddenly, Cartas, the chief butler, knocks on the door.

「Eseria-sama, Milan-dono, please excuse me for bothering your talk.」

「What is it, Cartas?」

「Ojou-sama, a guest has come desu. What should we do?」

「Eh? Who is it?」

「She’s Sabine-sama who claimed to be Count Rear’s daughter. Now that the duke and madam and even Cornelia-sama’s not here, we can only leave the judgment to Eseria-sama.」

When she heard it, she became more and more confused.

「…….you don’t know her?」

「Yes. The person herself said that she’s not acquainted with anyone from the household including Eseria-sama.」


When Eseria heard Cartas, she was dumbfounded and fell silent. Even Milan, who has nothing to do with it, became dubious.

「Ano……..Eseria-sama, my apologies but I want to ask this one question. I don’t know much about noble etiquette but, isn’t it a violation of etiquette to just rush into a house where you don’t know anyone without informing that you’ll be coming?」

When Eseria heard his question, she sighed and nodded.

「As you say, this is obviously a violation of etiquette. What kind of person is she? Is she going wild or something?」

Cartas answers her question seriously.

「She looked well mannered. She’s presently sitting quietly on the couch.」

「I see. Then, I’ll go meet her. It’s not too late to kick her out later. I don’t remember anyone having a grudge against me but. Milan, excuse me but can you wait here for a minute?」

While saying so, Eseria stood up but Milan stood up at the same time as her.

「Can I go with you?」


「What if something happens, Eseria-sama? If the other party has malicious intent, this might be a noble battle. As the only commoner here, if something like a battle breaks in, I’m the only one who can take the blame.」

Eseria saw his complete seriousness so she accepted his proposal with a smile.

「I’m kind of worried, do you mind if you follow me?」

「It is my honor.」

「Then, Cartas, Misty, let’s go.」

「By your will.」

Led by Cartas, Eseria moved to the guest receiving room with Misty and Milan.

「Thank you for waiting, Sabine-sama. I am the second daughter of my family, Eseria. Nice meeting you.」

「I’m so sorry!」


As soon as she said her standard greeting, she was surprised to see the girl, who’s the same age as her, vigorously standing up and bowing.

「I came here without contacting in advance, moreover, you are someone with higher social status. I wouldn’t even dare blame you if you immediately kicked me out! Just thinking of what I’ve done, I can only say that I’m too reckless but I have no choice but to come here!」

「Okay okay, let’s sit down! Let’s talk calmly with each other.」

「……right. I’m sorry.」

Eseria raised her voice and said that. Sabine is continuously apologizing but quietly sits down after she hears her.

(Is she okay?)

She thought that she’s bipolar. Milan, who’s observing what’s happening near the wall, wipes his anxiety. Eseria then prompted Sabine to say the reason for her visit.

「Then, I would like to ask why you are here.」

「Ano….actually, it seems like I’m not compatible with vagrant life.」


She said that full of seriousness but Eseria and even Milan can only be confused on what she means. Sabine then talks about the details.

「Recently, vagrant life has been very popular around so every time I’m called to a tea party, we’ll play it.」

「Is that so….」

「However, my present record is nine total defeats….」

As Sabine continued to explain, she gradually created a muddy atmosphere. Eseria looks somewhat troubled.

「Isn’t it just nine total defeats….so, the problem is you can’t get first place, right? If there are many participants, I think it is very difficult to be first place.」

「All nine battles, I’m the only one who remained. Dead last.」

「That…..I don’t even know how is that possible. Thinking about it differently, isn’t that a talent?」

Upon hearing Eseria, Milan instinctively facepalmed. Meanwhile, Sabine’s grieving continues.

「I’ve only been losing so people around look at me with pity. Just by participating, I can make any tea parties’ atmosphere awkward….」

「That…..I think you can overcome it with a strong heart….」

「There’s even a rumor now that I’m a woman with bad luck, they said that I was made to play nails by society, and I’ll have no choice but be a second wife of someone in my late 20s or even 30s!! I can’t accept thattt!! I heard from an acquaintance that the inventor of that thing was Eseria-sama!! Please, teach me the way!!」

「A-ano!! Wait a minute! Calm down!」

Looking at the crying Sabine who suddenly held on to Eseria, Milan involuntarily looked at a distance.

(As expected of Eseria-sama, she’s not shaken…..Yeah, she’s quite the weirdo after all.)

While Milan was standing still and concluded that there’s no danger, Eseria, who had received Sabine’s appeal, returned to the story.

「Sabine-sama, I understand where you are coming. Knowing that it is a violation of etiquette, you were forced to come here since you can’t take it anymore, right?」

「Yes, that’s right. I can only bet my honor.」

Being asked for Confirmation, Sabine nodded. Eseria, who saw her, breathed out a deep sigh.

「It was good that my parents were out today. If they had been here, they will definitely turn you away for not following the noble’s etiquette….I now know what you’ve been going through so I’ll give you tips that can make you win vagrant life brilliantly.」

Hearing that, Milan’s eyebrow was raised. Sabine on the other hand is joyful.

「Really!? Eseria-sama, thank you very much!!」

「We have to get ready so wait a moment….Misty!! Go to aniisama’s room. We need to borrow something from him.」

After giving Misty instructions, Eseria realized that Milan had been silent. So, she left Sabine and walked up to him. Then, Milan asks in a whisper.

「Eseria-sama, what are you thinking? There’s no tip that can make her win in vagrant life, right?」

Eseria tilted her head a little and replied.

「That’s right but as long as we can convince her somehow, that’s enough. I think I can do something.」

「What are you planning to do?」

「Just watch and you’ll know.」

When Eseria said that and smiled, Milan could only feel anxiety.

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