Chapter 63 – We Don’t Need It….I Made You Worry

I showed the fruit to the spiderlings and antlings and asked them to guide me to the tree that bears that fruit.

I ran through the forest with Sasa, Shion, and Kurou.

We move as fast as the wind.

However, I must be careful of stumbling.

I hate the roots of the trees.


There are dense trees that bear the fruit I want.

However, most of them are outside the barrier.

Why should they be in a cursed location?

What should I do now?


When I tried to expand the barrier before, Koa and the others stopped me.

I don’t know why.

We haven’t been able to communicate that much.

However, given how they shook their heads and the atmosphere they gave off, they are strongly against it.

But, what I want is already in front of me.

I’ll apologize later.


One deep breath.

I close my eyes and feel the barrier with my whole body.

I imagined seeing the barrier from above and executed it with magic.

It went well.


From there, I imagine the barrier expanding.

How far should I expand it?

About twice….should be a little more. Let’s expand it three times….ah!

I found a vegetation that caught my attention from above.

It’s hard to see anything because of the curse which is worrying.

Let’s expand the barrier five times.


I imagine a temporary barrier with “purification” effect.

I also strengthened it twice and added “return”.

It is best to return what you don’t need to the owner.


The barrier gradually expands its territory.

I expanded the barrier as much as the first barrier

And cast “purification”

Then “return”.


The “barrier” is expanding earnestly and while that’s happening, I add “strengthen” to it.

I can see that it reached the river and lake from the top.

I used “absorb” and “return” to the curse in the water.


I removed the barrier that has been protecting this place until now and added another layer of purification to the new barrier.

It cleaned the trees from their roots to the tip of their leaves.

Finally, “return”.


Great satisfaction!

Now, all I can see from above is a forest full of lush trees.

There’s not even a shadow of the curse.

I’m delighted at this level of purification.


When I look at Shion, Kurou, and Sasa, they are looking around.

Now, let’s harvest the fruits I need and go back.


 On the way home, a prey came out but Shion intimidated it while Sasa killed it. It ended quickly.

I feel like my new dog companions are also very strong.

They are reliable so I wonder if I should even train.


—Scene Change—


When I got home, everyone gathered for some reason.

That got me a little anxious but, what happened?

I looked around but nothing changed.

It seems like this place was not attacked.

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Koa gets closer to me.

I pat her head and she stares at me. After a while, she started wagging her tail.

The tension disappeared.

Were you angry because I expanded the barrier?

「Sorry for making you worry. It’s okay, the barrier expansion went well.」

Did I worry her because of that?

However, forgive me since it is necessary.

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