Chapter 687 – Cultural Bomb Production

Samael, one of the kittens, was sleeping on my lap. She woke up, went down to the floor, and stretched.

That means the demon king has come.

The moment I thought so, the demon king and Beezel came in from the door leading to the courtyard.

Samael runs to the demon king.

The other kittens seem to be a little late.

Yeah, this is a usual scene.

I’m envious.

My lap is now lonely.

Ah, Sougetsu rushed to the demon king too and the demon king was blown away.

Is he okay?

It looks like he’s okay.

I think Miel and the other anenekos asked him to rush but they should have moved a little slower.

AH, don’t mind me. Play with the demon king if you want.

I need to speak with Beezel.


Today, the demon king and Beezel came to shoot a scene where they reconcile with an inferno wolf.

I’m already aware of it from Tiselle’s letter and Irre’s shooting team even sent a formal shooting request. The village has no problem with it too.

The crew stayed in the village since a few days ago and started preparing for the scenes…..

And it seems that there are problems with the shooting location.

「There are too many things that shouldn’t be seen here….」

What do you mean?

To answer my question, a trial video was shown to me.


It looks like an ordinary village if only Dors and Girar in their dragon forms are not there.

Do they want to act too?

「I tried to ask them earlier but it seems like they don’t have that intention.」

Is that so?

Then, why are they there?

I think you should prepare a plan to shoot something with Dors and Girar as the main characters.

I feel like that will fit in.

「I’ll consider. However, there are still other things that shouldn’t be seen….」

For example?

「Village Four, the Sun Castle.」


Definitely not.

The world tree too.

If you don’t know about it, you would probably think that it’s only an ordinary tree but if you know, you’ll definitely be restless.

They definitely should never be included in any scenes.

「There are giant silkworms too so even people who don’t recognize it won’t think that it’s an ordinary tree. That tree also has a unique look.」


「But the biggest problem is the field itself….」

The field?

What’s wrong with the field?

What’s the problem with the field of this village?

「Sense of season….」

…… that you mention it.

Irre, the director, decided that the shooting location should be the forest near Village Five.

Currently, the shooting team is selecting a place where they can shoot in Village Five.

I told Beezel about that.


The inferno wolf that will participate in the shooting is the newcomer that encountered the demon king earlier.

We got the permission of the demon king so I brought it to the forest near Village Five.

The newcomer will surely not rampage but I still accompanied it.

I’m like its trainer.

We will be moving via Beezel’s teleportation magic so there shouldn’t be any problem.

When I tried to brush the newcomer while watching the shooting team, I was stopped by the former civil servant girl who’s now part of the shooting team.

She doesn’t want to remove the “wild inferno wolf” look so it shouldn’t be brushed.

I see, got it.

I’ll talk to the newcomer until his scene then.

How’s your life in the village?

Do you get along with your partners?


Those four are good wives?

You used to think they’re scary when they were chasing you?

I see.

Even so, four….

If anything happens, tell me right away.

The “still okay” is a sign of danger.

It’s okay to rely on the people around you.


We are having that conversation when the newcomer’s turn arrives.

Do your best.


The shooting went smoothly.

There was no problem with the newcomer and the scene was shot properly.

I wonder if it was due to the enthusiasm of the crew but that evening, a preview was held.

The contents are…..the demon king working hard on internal affairs, the demon king working hard on his training, the demon king who fixes trouble, and everything else that can uplift the demon king’s figure.

It is only a short film, around 30 minutes, but it is full of content.

Full of content…..

But there’s something I’m worried about.

It’s not about the content but the quality of the video.

About the scene where he deals with troubles. It was brought out as an agenda in the meeting and then made a solution and policy against it.

For the demon king who’s dealing with domestic affairs or training, there was too little movement in those scenes which is strange.

The only time he moved out quickly was when a report about an inferno wolf came out.

There might not be a story but I feel like it’s totally out of place.

Maa, perhaps I’m only being too particular.

「No, it’s just as village chief says. I also tried to direct the scene in the meeting room but it seems like that’s how they actually do it….」

Isn’t it good to make it a little flashy?

It would be better to show him moving around while dealing with domestic affairs or how powerful he is during training, right?


That’s how you spend most of your time?


You’re the demon king after all.

I feel like I’ve understood why you want to be healed by the cats in the village.

Maa, let’s leave it behind and look at it in a good way.

Since the next scene is an example of dealing with trouble…..


The demon king walks in a luxurious corridor fast.

Six subordinates are walking with him at the same speed.

「This is an emergency. Droir, gather your troops.」

「As you wish.」

Count Droir responded, stopped walking, lowered his head, and walked in the opposite direction to the demon king.

「Glitch, take control of the troops at the east gate. Make sure nothing will happen.」


Like Count Droir, Count Glitch stopped walking, lowered his head, and began walking in the opposite direction to the demon king.

「Pugyaru, how’s that matter?」

「Everything’s as planned.」

「Good. There is no change in the plan. Proceed as it is.」

「Leave it to me.」

Count Pugyaru stops and lowers his head.

「General, the enemy might move by taking advantage of the problem.」

「Yes. The west side.」

「If you need to move, don’t hold back. Don’t worry about cleaning up after.」

「I hear and obey.」

Glatts stopped and saluted.

「Dresden, the kingdom is starting to be chaotic.」

「Right. We have already completed the arrangement. Should we start suppressing it?」

「You have my blessing. Do it.」

「As you wish」

Count Dresden stopped, slowly bowed, and left.

Only one subordinate left.

「What shall I do?」

It was Beezel.

「The hardest part.」

「In short, I’m to accompany demon king-sama?」

「That’s what it is. I’ll leave my back to you.」

「Understood. Then, let’s end this quickly.」


That’s the scene where the demon king is responding to the trouble.

The concept is “the demon king gives instructions while walking”.

That gave me the feeling of tension.

Irre and the shooting team’s excellent reputation is well deserved.

The demon king and Beezel are not bad and it looks like they’re satisfied with it.

By the way, when Count Droir appeared, his daughter had a slightly complicated expression….

「Kuh, father’s so cool that I didn’t think it was him.」

「My father looks cool too.」

「……my father’s not included.」

As a whole, most people think that video is good.

Irre declared the completion of the video.

By the way, in shooting that scene, they had an ugly personal dispute first but the content was removed by Irre’s team.


Ronana: Glatts is so cool.

Glatts: N-not that much.

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Dors: I would like to hire you to make a movie like that with me as the main character.

Girar: Me too.

Irre: ……

Village Chief: Don’t look at me.

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