Chapter 28 – Forest’s Little Children Gang

「Tatsuya-sama! That is a ritual magic that dozens of elf mages cooperated to activate! If I and Sonja will hit by that, we will be severely injured….」

「No, it’s okay.」

I can’t say that I’m absolutely sure but I feel like that’s what my farming tool handling is telling.

I feel like it should be almost certain. I stepped forward to protect everyone and faced the fireball.

The distance between me and the fireball is around 5 meters.

3 meters.

1 meter.


I held the hoe up and shook it into the giant fireball.

After the “shushin” sound, the fireball disappears.

「oi oi….it’s really gone.」

I mean, the farming tool handling skill is not bad.

Given that this is only a mere hoe.

Before I noticed it, the rain of arrow had stopped falling too. I turned my gaze to the elves on the other side of the fence.


「This is….not happening….right?」

「That’s the full power of a ritual spell that combines the magical power of 18 elf mages… could a weapon without any attribute do that….?」

They looked terribly surprised but they should really be.

—-me myself is surprised too.

I only draw a hoe and hit it….I see.

So that’s why the adventurer king I met in the guild and the demon king Cornelia had me draw my hoe.

「As expected of Tatsuya-sama. I was also trying to strategize a defensive posture….however, even if I succeed, I wouldn’t be able to let everyone unscathed.」

Maria is happily smiling.

Yeah, she’s normally a sexy beauty but she’s a little charming when she smiles.

「Amazing desu! Tatsuya is amazing desu!」

Sonja came towards me hopping. She hug dived me.

「Advent of god desu♪」

「God of war desu♪」

「Hou, that means he’s not just a carrot man♪」

「I’ll follow you all my life, aniki!」

The hand riding rabbits are also praising me while hopping happily while saying “amazing amazing”.

「No, everything happened because of you.」

I smacked Sonja’s head.

「Ugh….it hurts.」

By the way, the mages in robes who were in the watchtower-like place near the gate all have pale faces.

「What should we do?」

When I asked Arisa, the tightly closed gate opened.

A woman appeared from the gate of the village. She’s beautiful and has a very good style.

She has long limbs, blonde hair, and blue eyes. She looks like a twenty-year-old human.

A very picturesque elf.

No one’s following her as she walks towards us. She’s only equipped with a bow and arrows.

I mean….though not as much as Cornelia, this beauty somehow gives off a sense of intimidation.

「Akan….the elf queen has come out.」

After seeing her, Arisa suddenly became pale.

Maria’s sweating coldly too….doesn’t that mean we are in danger?

And there—–

「This is bad desu.」

「The elf princess desu」

「Real bad desu- We can’t do anything against her desu」

「Commander! Permission to escape!」

Sonja turned her gaze to the hand-riding rabbits.

「Ufufufu. Little rabbit-chans?」

She laughs and makes a bottomless smile.

「I will give you permission. However….it is permission to struggle.」

At the same time she said those words, the hand-riding rabbits began to make a fuss as if they arrived at hell and turned their gazes to Sonja with condemnation.

「Oni desu」

「This is impossible desu」

「An oni has descended desu」

「Impossible impossible」

That said, it seems like the hand-riding rabbits can’t go against their queen’s order.

Everyone turned their gaze to the elf queen while being frightened.

No….I don’t think so.

They are checking her back and preparing to run away.

「Why tell them to struggle? As long as it’s not related to carrots, you guys are basically gentle, right?」

Sonja nodded.

「That elf is a carrot maniac too desu yo.」

「Carrot maniac?」

「Elves are vegetarians so they value vegetables very much desu.」

I understand.

Then….they are dangerous to rabbits who steal their food.

「Once upon a time….the carrots we had stored near our burrow have been stolen. The one who stole it is an elf corps led by that elf queen while we were away.」

「No, you stole it from them in the first place, didn’t you?」

「Half was stolen from the elf village but the other half was from the warehouse of a demon noble desu yo」

What in the, these guys are stealing everywhere.

No, is that how the hand-riding rabbit race acquired powerful fighting abilities in the process of evolution?

And so, the hand riding rabbits—began to buzz.

Their ears suddenly stood up straight on their heads and their blue eyes suddenly turned red.

「I remember! That was two years ago, our carrots suddenly disappeared! At that time….. I was struck with despair!」

「Right, that bitch….stole our carrots!」

「Argh! To do something like that—-unforgivable!」

「To lay her hands on our carrots….the only thing she can trade for that is her life!」

「So what if we can’t win against her! Since I’m going to die, I’ll bite her carotid artery and go together with her in the afterlife!」

「You dare do that to us, prepare to die! I’ll cut you into pieces!」

「Anee anee-san, permission to fight!」

「Let me do it! I’ll destroy her!」

Ah, it looks like a switch was pressed.

How important are carrots?

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