Chapter 29 – This Time, the Opponent is an Honorable Elf

Maa, there is also something that I’m convinced of since I’m seeing it now.

Is this the reason why they are called forest’s little children gang? Also, how did they suddenly speak kansai dialect…..or, should I really tsukomi?

「Vegetable war….is that what’s happening?」

A war without humanity and justice. Just robbing each other’s vegetables.

That’s kind of….

「That’s not it, Tatsuya-sama?」

「What do you mean, Maria?」

「Sonja and the other are, but the elves are not idiots.」

「Yeah, Sonja and the others are definitely acting like idiot children. 」

「Yeah, the elves on the other hand are sensitive when it comes to stored food. That might be the reason why they stormed at the burrow of the hand-riding rabbits. It is like a military action against bandits.」

Maa, these guys….are a carrot-eating race.

Since they steal all the time, they should have accumulated a lot of carrots.

Then, the queen of the elves stopped at a place 10 meters before me.

「Fumu….hand riding rabbits and their queen. Noble of the demon world….a mysterious man who uses farming tool.」

With a bow on her left hand and arrow on her right, the elf queen stared at me.

「Mysterious man over there. I can feel wave of insane power comparable to the demon king Cornelia from you.」

Speaking of which, Cornelia also said that she doesn’t know if she could win against me.

I don’t really know why but it seems like I really got a mysterious cheat skill when I transmigrated.

Then, the woman made an expression of resignation and smiled in self-deprecation.

「The hand-riding rabbits and their queen should be as powerful as our village and it could be said that we are equal. However, with that demon noble over there and you….there’s no way we can win.」

For now, in terms of power rankings…..Cornelia and I are equal.

With the description of the elf queen, Sonja and the elf queen should be equal.

Maria and Ouroboros should be equal and getting down from there, the hand riding rabbits and the elves…..getting down a whole lot more, there should be Arisa.

「Then, what are you planning?」

「Since I’m going to die, I want to at least die as a warrior, therefore…..I challenge you to use your full power! If you are a warrior, you should understand what I’m saying!」

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