Chapter 65 – Lots of Seeds….I Remembered!

A large amount of seeds are in front of me.

I don’t even know what will happen but I picked them in large quantities.

If I fail….it would be painful.


Maa, it’s also important to try everything.

Oil… do you extract oil?

Let’s try squeezing it.

Crush the seeds finely then squeeze.

Now, let’s do it.


Wash thoroughly and remove any kind of dirt.

Crush the seeds finely….powder if possible….very hard to do.


And I powdered them in an instant.

How to squeeze…I wrap the crushed seeds with a cloth and try to squeeze it.

I managed to wrinkle the cloth….that’s it.

Is my squeezing power too weak?


I processed the gold ore.

I made a cylindrical hollow tube and a solid tube that fits in the cylindrical tube. I also attached a mesh in the cylindrical tube using magic.

I made sure that the solid tube perfectly fits the hollow tube.

I put seeds wrapped in cloth on the cylindrical bed and push the solid tube that perfectly fits the hollow tube from above.

After that, I applied pressure gradually with magic.

I can see the seed being squeezed little by little.


Perhaps because it is made of magic, the mesh was destroyed on the way.

It looks like I put too much pressure on it.

Maa, my machine broke but it managed to squeeze the seeds to some extent.


The color is light pink.

Very unfamiliar.

It has a faint sweet smell but I have no problem with that.

Next, tasting it….ah, it’s oily.

It’s more refreshing than the oil I know but it is similar.


Is this okay?

Then, how do I check it out?

I want a frying pan.


I heat a rock and let the oily thing on it.

I tried to lick it again.

The taste did not change so there shouldn’t be any problem.


I heat the oily thing to a high temperature.

Some types of oil fire up even at low temperatures.

Looks like it’s okay.

It will not suddenly catch fire when I’m cooking.


Shion came next to me and asked me if she could taste it too.

It looks like she doesn’t understand what’s the use of this.

For the time being, oil making is a success…let’s improve the squeezing machine and turn all the harvested seeds into oil.


I broke four squeezing machines before finishing the oiling.

I succeeded in squeezing a fairly large amount.

And there’s still room for improvement for my squeezing machine.


I fried the eggplant like fruit.

Put fish sauce on it and ….hmmm…delicious.

I was worried about the sweet smell but there doesn’t seem to be a problem at all.


Chai and the others seem to like deep-fried pumpkin-like vegetables.

Boss-san was struggling with stir-fried eggplant-like vegetables.

It’s hot after all.


After leaving the oil for a day, it was separated into 2 layers.

When I lick the part above, I feel like it becomes more oily.

I took the layer above and put it in another container.

I guess my work yesterday can be further improved.


—Scene Change—


I checked the baggage I have when I flew into this world.

I found the thing I was looking for in the bag!

What I was looking for was a magnet.

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Ever since I made oil, I’ve wanted an iron frying pan.

I thought of a lot of things on how I will be able to get one.

Iron came from iron ore which is attracted to magnets.

Starting tomorrow, I will try to attach this magnet to every rock or stone I could find.

I’m sure I’ll find some…..

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    When I like the part above, I feel like it is more oily.”

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