Chapter 689 – Survey Corps Advance Party

The survey of the ruined city requested by Miyo will be carried out immediately.

「Permission to leave」

Rigune, who was appointed as the captain of the survey corps advance party, saluted to me.

「Permission to leave」

And the three impure dragons, Ojess, Haifrigta, and Kihatroy, who are Rigune’s teammates, saluted to me too.

Go on, and I saluted back.

Yeah, I’ll be staying home.

Undertaking the investigation of the ruined city doesn’t mean that I should be the first to go there.

I know.

So, is this how Miyo convinced my wives?

However, do you really need to call those four in the capital for this….

Won’t Alfred’s group be crippled without them?


They brought Alfred’s letter?

Why didn’t you say so earlier?


What’s written in Alfred’s letter is how they are doing and how nice Rigune is to them.

It looks like they are doing well which is great.

Ursa has been playing with E3.

Those two robbed a casino in the capital?

What were they thinking?

What happened to their adult caretakers? Let’s write in my reply that they should never approach any place related to gambling or any other dangerous place.

Tiselle has joined the Dalfon Company?

I hope she’s not causing any trouble…..

I’ll ask Asa and Earth to follow her.

Metora is concentrating on taking care of Alfred at the school.


While I was reading the letter, Rigune’s team had left.

It seems like they’ll move to Village Five using the teleportation gate and head to the location from there.

I wonder if Rigune and the three impure dragons will be enough.

The purpose of an advance team is scouting. They will be in a more difficult position if there are too many of them.

I see.

They’re not planning on going on a rampage, right?

That’s a little reassuring.

If there’s danger, I hope they’ll prioritize withdrawing immediately.


For now, I can only wait for Rigune’s team’s survey result.

However, that doesn’t mean that I’ll just stay put.

Let’s play with the kids.


They are still studying under Guronde?

I shouldn’t get in the way.

It can’t be helped.

In this case, let’s just make some kind of sweets for them.

I thought so and went to the kitchen only to find the fairy queen waiting with a “leave the taste testing to me” face.

Maa, it’s fine.

Now, what should I make?

Summer harvest is over but it’s still hot.

Ice cream.

No, I can’t make ice cream.

I’m not confident in making flavored ice cream by the end of the children’s study.

Then, parfait.

How about fruit parfait?

Earth is selling it in the capital as “fruit-filled ice cream” so I’m reluctant to call it parfait. Anyway, let’s just make a parfait from what I imagined.

There are plenty of frozen fruits.



I hand over the completed parfait to the fairy queen.

She seemed to be delighted.


However, there’s no suitable glass for parfait so I used a mithril glass….

It doesn’t look good.

No, I mean, mithril glasses are beautiful but they are not transparent.

Glass is necessary for parfait after all.

Should I have a glassmaker make parfait glass for me?

Ah, that would be a problem.

There are glassmakers in Shashaato City and Village Five but in fact, the shapes they can make have already been decided.

It’s not like those glassmakers are lacking in skills to do it….it’s more of a territorial dispute.

Glassmakers are divided into three factions: vessel glass, plate glass, and art glass. They have already decided what each other can make.

I think that is nothing but a hindrance to the development of technology but there’s also the aspect of protecting the business of the glassmakers.

I can’t say that it’s an evil practice.

If I ask them something that they can mass produce, they’ll do anything to meet my demand.

However, if I ask them something new, that will be the start of trouble.

The glassmakers of Village Five might give in to my request but they’ll be troubled by their factions.

That means…..I have no choice but to make my own.

No, I’m not confident in making glass.

Let’s put the parfait glass making on hold.

By the way, fairy queen.

I know that you’re done eating parfait but don’t eat the fruits soaked in sugar syrup. They are for the children.

They are not added to add sweetness but to ensure that the fruits won’t deteriorate.

Yeah, if you want to eat them, you better eat them with yogurt.

You can also add jam.

Ah, before that, what do you think of the parfait?




While handing out fruit parfait to the children who have just finished studying, one of the high elves rushed in.

She’s someone who’s helping Youko in Village Five.

What is it?

An explosion in Village Five?


Make up your mind.

It seems like there was a big explosion in Shato City where Rigune and the others went.

The explosion was big enough to be seen from Shashaato City and Village Five which are already far from that place.

I thought that it had nothing to do with them but the three impure dragons flew in their dragon forms which means that they were involved in that explosion.

How about Rigune?

She’s with the flying dragons.

She’s riding one of them.

In other words, she’s safe, right?

That’s great.

Now then.

What caused the explosion?

Is Rigune’s group involved in it?

My question will not be answered until Rigune’s team returns.


Gucci was bowing his head in front of me.

It seems like he’s the cause of the explosion.

To be precise, that explosion was caused by hidden explosives.

For many years, Shato City has been a place where he stores dangerous goods.

Since it is a ruin, no one will be endangered.

He made a barrier to make sure no one will approach that place to ensure its safety but he’s not sure if the magic is no longer working or whether the adventurers broke that barrier but the city has been discovered.

If the investigation was heard by Gucci, he could have stopped us in advance but Gucci was busy doing various things in Village Five.

I won’t ask why you are busy.

Ah, you don’t have to apologize.

The root cause of the explosion is you but you mean no harm.

Rigune’s team, after arriving in Shato City, encountered a monster. They used fire magic to exterminate it that ignited the explosives.

The explosion was an accident.

Maa, Rigune’s team was in danger….

Rigune’s team was not hurt and they’re not going to blame Gucci for the explosion. End of the matter.

No, they accidentally detonated it so we should compensate for detonating them.

When I asked Gucci how we should compensate him, he refused saying those are waste products.


I’ll think about it myself then.

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By the way, how did Rigune and the others avoid that explosion uninjured?

You were in the center of the explosion, right?

「If you run faster than the explosion, of course, you’ll be fine.」


M-maa, is that even possible?

「The result of near-death training.」

「By being one with the wind.」

「That weak explosion can’t even burn my scales.」

The tree impure dragons answered with their chest up.


「Ojess is a flame dragon so she’s naturally resistant to flame. We used her as a shield.」

Kihatroy, who could not stand my eyes full of doubts, confessed so.

I applaud honesty.

And I’m glad that you are safe.

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